Bigg Boss 10 25th November 2016 Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 25th November 2016 written update, Bigg Boss 10 25 November 2016 telly update, written episode 25th November 2016, Bigg Boss 10 25th November 2016 Written Update Review, Bigg Boss 10 25 November 2016 Written Story.

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Bigg Boss 10 25th November 2016 Written Update

Day 40
The contestants wake up to the ‘Appy Fizz theme song – Chal Ud Zara’. Swami dances with Mona, Rahul laughs.

Rohan’s renewed captaincy earns him some powers. Bigg Boss asks him to select 4 of the weakest contestants from the luxury budget task, if inmate doesnt agree with Rohan then they can talk him out but Rohan’s decision will be final. Rohan says i thought two names but four names? Manu, Mona and Manver laughs and says i am so happy, Manu says Rohan must have prepared script to send us to jail but now he has to take two more names, Manveer he would i am not playing anymore, all laugh. Without skipping a beat, Rohan immediately takes Om Swami’s name and says you dont listen to captain, Swami says you are captain because of me, Rohan says i am captain because of Bigg bos, not because of you, Swami says i did everything to make you captain, i was ill but worked for you, this unfair and injustice wont work, i will leave food, even Bigg boss wont be able to handle his house, Rohan says you are scared of nominations, you are mad man, he sits away from Swami. Swami says just be saved from punishment and being called disappointment, i took pills to work in task, i didnt disappoint. Gaurav says sick man can shout like you, Swami says i am forced to yell. Manu asks what other names? Rohan says other name was Niti, Swami says he will take this side names only. rohan says Niti didnt work first day, Niti says Swami was not coming out, you didnt let me work, Rohan says you denied working. Rohan says Mona did less work, Manu says she was working in kitchen. Swami says he is unfair with commoners, Rohan says Mona is from celebs team, Rohan says you are mad man, Swami says if you were in outside world, you would be shivering being scared of me, Gaurav says dont play politics, Swami says this is Mahabharat, PRECAP(backbite),, Gaurav says yes i backbite but you dont it. Swami says you backbited even today.

Lopa says to Rohan that if i take your name for punishment then will you feel bad? she says yes and dont show me your face later, you became captain as i gave up secret task, Rohan says you couldnt complete it, Lopa says i could have stood around safe and i would have thrown safe away from you too, Rohan says you couldnt do it, Lopa says it was my secret task, nothing to do with you.

Bigg boss asks Rohan who had disappointed in gold mine task? Rohan zeroes in on Om Swami and says he worked a lot but took so much time there and didnt come out, he takes Niti’s name and says she was sleeping and she tried to throw safe too, he takes Mona’s name and says she did houseold work but didnt take much part in task, he takes Lopa’s name and says she told everyone about secret task, Lopa says i didnt. Bigg boss says Nitibha, Mona and Lopa have to receive the punishment. Niti acts like crying, Lopa angrily leaves from there.

Gaurav asks Bani what she discovered at night? Bani says two inmates were in their beds but one man was sitting doggie style and jerking towards other person, acting like pushing towards that person, i am not joking, i entered there and i was shocked seeing it. Rahul asks where it was happening? she says in bedroom and i had to leave because it felt awkward. Guess who they were if Manu was outside, Lopa and Rohan was not in bedroom too. Gaurav says Manveer and Mona, Rahul says it cant be. Bani says i saw them, i am not lying, Rahul says they are like brother and sister. Bani says Mona was sitting on four limbs and going towards Manveer. Gaurav says they dont behave like brother and sister at all.

bigg boss says Swami, Niti, Lopa and Mona are chosen for punishment. Swami says just because of revenge. it’s time for the punishment task wherein the 4 nominated contestants have to sit inside cubicles created in the garden area. Rohan is asked to stand on the podium placed behind the cubicles. Rohan becomes the puppet-master with the ability to administer punishment to any contestant he deems fit basis the options presented by Bigg Boss. The first compartment has two slabs of butter which one contestant needs to consume as a part of their punishment. Swami says he will punish me as i made him captain, he is ungrateful person. Rohan picks Swami. Swami says you became captain because of me and doing this. Swami, Swami says i made him captain but he is giving me punishment, you shameless, dont know what kind of father her has that gave him this upbringing, Lopa says Swami be in your limits, Swami says i am not talking about you, Lopa says dont talk about someone’s father, Swami says he is ungrateful, Mona says just take punishment Swami, Swami says i wont, i will eat when i want, Mona says you like to eat so eat butter, bigg boss asks Swami to complete his punishment, Swami says i can listen to bigg boss anytime, Rohan says this punishment was given by me, eat fast Swami, Swami says to hell with your punishment, Swami says your DNA is dirty s cant expect anything from you, Gaurav says dont talk about his family, Swami says i will, what can you do? he is ungrateful, Manveer asks Swami to stop saying all this. Bigg boss asks to open second drawer, they opens it and placard shows stretcher, Bigg boss says the one who will get this punishment, and that person will remain seated on stretcher till next orders from bigg boss, Rohan gives stretcher punishment to Swami, Swami says i am ready to go out, i am patriot, he wants to give all punishments to me, he is sleeper cell. Bigg boss says Swami gets another punishment, Swami says i will raise my hands on him and i wont care to leave house. Bigg boss asks to open third drawer, they open it and punishment is jail, Bigg boss says since Swami has got stretcher punishment, so he has to choose from other three, that person will remain in jail till next orders. Rohan chooses Niti. Bigg boss says Niti will go to jail now, he asks him to bring stretcher. Swami says i dont care about going out of here after beating him but its about my image outside. Rohan brings stretcher, Swami says i can do this. Rohan reads instructions that Swami has to keep sitting on stretcher and if he wants to get moved then inmates will move stretcher from one place to other, Swami will used jail washroom and he will eat on stretcher only. Swami says i thought i will be stretched, i am ready for this punishment. Bigg boss says Rohan have to make sure that they complete punishments. Bani asks Swami to give her butter plate, she will put it inside, he says i have hands. Swami says my free servants, make me roam on stretcher. Swami sits on stretcher, Bani says i will move you. She says leave him in corner. Swami says if you try to throw me from stretcher then i will kick you. Rohan and Bani puts his stretcher near jail, Swami says good work my free servants. niti says Jail is not clean, i wont go, clean it first Rohan, Rohan says you go inside, i dont have anyone to clean it rightnow, Niti says you are captain, why did you put me in jail? Niti says you are taking out personal vendetta, Rohan says you were weak in task, Niti says i told about secret task of Lopa, i wont go in jail till its not cleaned.

Swami says i want to go to washroom. Manveer comes to help him but Swami says i want to go with that dirty blood Rohan. Manveer says dont say it, its about your respect.
Rohan says i controlled, Swami was saying rubbish, Rahul says dont be angry, dont show anger to him, dont go when he wants to go to washroom. Swami shouts servant, come, i want to go to washroom. Manveer says stop saying all this, Swami says i dont care about sitting on stretcher, Manveer says we are attached with you. Swami says my mistake was i helped this ungrateful Rohan, i am in fighting mode, Manveer says dont do it, Swami shouts srvant Rohan come and take me to washroom, i will set him right in washroom.
Gaurav says to Mona that he has no end to threat us, its difficult to live with such negative person. Mona says he said that i said ill words about you so you can get footage, can you imagine? when he said those words about me, think what my family had to go through listening it? they must have cried, Gaurav is disgusted and says sorry.
Swami says Rohan you will come out of this house and then we will see.
Gaurav says to Mona that we should boycott him. Mona says when i said it nobody listened but now he said abour Rohan so all are feeling bad?
Mona says to Bani that he is saying rubbish, Bani says to Manveer that dont listen to him, you cant make him understand him, you have tried a lot, how more can you listen him?

Manveer shouts Swami to listen to him now, just take punishment silently, or get down from it but you will remain silent, i can come to save you but i can stop you too, dont talk about blood and all. Swami says send my servant Rohan.
Bani says to Rohan that we will come to your support, let Swami shout, he has gone mad.
Mona asks Swami to stop all this. Manveer says all are listening your words Swami. Mona says dont say dirty blood and all, do you have nice blood by saying all this? Swami says i am dirty blood. Manu says to Niti that if you dont want to go to jail then dont go. Swami says to Manveer that i want to take Rohan’s stardum out of him, i will leave after that, Manu says to Mona that when Swami abuses me and Manveer, no one comes to support us. Mona says i told this to Gaurav, when i charged at Swami, they came to stop us instead of stopping Swami saying ill about us, they were laughing at us but that doesnt mean Sami can say anything about them now. Manveer says to Swami that if you cant eat butter as you have throat infection, just calm down, you have come like commoner, Swami says that doesnt mean that these cheap celeb can irritate me. Manver says i will share butter with you if you want, Swami says if i wanted to eat, i would have finished till now, Manveer laughs and says you are actor.

Niti goes in jail. Rohan says we have to shift Swami to give peace to Niti. Rohan and Manveer start moving his stretcher. Rohan says Swami can act like we have thrown him from stretcher, be careful Manveer. They move him to center of garden. Swami says i wont stay here, he says i will get down from stretcher if you dont move it to corner, Rohan says ge down and come to me, Swami says come here my free servant, come here slave. Lopa says to Swami that why you use this language? why you are bahaving like this? he says i am like that. Manu asks Rohan to leave him. Rohan says dont support him.
Swami says now Rohan will know if he do injustice.
Manu says to Rohan that he shouldnt be supported, he shouldnt be given even water.
Manveer says to Swami that you are doing work that nobody cant even talk in your favor, i cant say your case to anyone. Swami says why he left me in middle of garden? he says my servant so he should keep me moving, Manveer sighs and leaves from there.
All inmates are in bedroom. Lopa says we will boycott Swami, give him no action or reaction, give him food and dont even look at him, Bani says then he will realize that we are not ready to listen his rubbish, Lopa says if someone tries to talk to him then we will boycott that person too, Manveer says okay.

Swami is in confession room. Bigg boss says your bahavior is going out of limit, Swami says what can i do? i dont have friends. Bigg boss says dont misbehave, dont use cheap words, dont do it, Swami says tell them about it, they are doing injustice by punishing me. Bigg boss says you maybe right but that doesnt allow you to threaten anyone or say anything ill words about someone’s family, it doesnt suite person.

Bigg boss says to Manveer that Swami can go to anywhere in house but he has to remain seated on stretcher, one inmate has to help him to take anywhere in house. Manu asks Swami where you want to go? Swami says in living room. Manveer starts taking Swami to lounge. Rohan says if Manveer wants to help then Swami can be moved? Swami says bigg boss asked Manveer to move me. Bani asks why you are bringing him inside? Manveer says Bigg boss announced that i can move Swami anywhere with help of inmate. Rohan says but that doesnt mean that you have to do it, Manveer says they took my name. Swami sys put my stretcher in side, i wont say anything to anyone, Manu says okay.
Swami is in bedroom and has got down from stretcher. Rohan asks why did he get down? Swami says because i wanted to, i can do anything i want. Rohan finds butter but doesnt see it anywhere, he finds big wooden sticks under Swami’s bed. Rohan shows it to Manu and says what is all this? Manu says he must have hidden it, Manveer asks Swami why he kept sticks? Swami says for safety. Rohan says you have thrown butter in toilet, Swami says you are no one to call me out.

Swami lies on his bed. Manveer says sit on stretcher or else i will put you on it forcefully. Swami says i wont sit on it. Bigg boss says Swami you will remain seated on stretcher till we dont allow you otherwise, you wont misbehave, Swami says i wont do it, i am ill and they want to throw me to garden. Manveer says i will be with you in living area. Swami sits on stretcher again. Manveer and Rohan starts moving him to lounge. Swami says put my stretcher near sofas, Rahul says leave it here only(near entrance), Swami gets down from stretcher and says i told you, i want it near sofas, he pulls stretcher to sofas and says to Rohan that dont you listen to my orders? Rahul snatches stretcher from Swami and says how are you talking to him? he puts stretcher near entrance again. Swami says Rahul why you are doing it? Manu says this is reaction of action. Rohan hugs Rahul and says leave it, dont worry. Rahul says he is giving pain. Swami doesnt sit on stretcher, Rohan says bigg boss he has gone mad, Swami says i wont sit on stretcher. Rohan says fine and says go to camera. Rohan asks Swami why he went to toilet? Swami says you were not taking me to toilet. Rahul asks Swami to sit on stretcher, i will bring food for you. Rohan says you will get food once you finish butter, Swami says i finished and you are no one to check on me, bigg boss saw it, Rohan says shut up and sit. Rahul says what we will do with this man? Swami says your family has taught you this Rohan? Rahul says dont comment about family, Bani shouts to not go to family, Swami says this is Rohan’s upbringing, Bani says please slap him somebody. Swami says this his family has taught him. Rahul asks Rohan to remain calm, dont react. Rohan says you are elder? you fake man, Swami says your parents have taught not to respect elders, Bani is agitated listening all that.

Gaurav reads instructions about buying luxury budget. Bigg boss was giving them 1200points but Manu and Lopa couldnt complete secret task and inmates dont go to jail when they are punished and Swami getting down from stretcher too is against rules and thats why Bigg boss is not giving them luxury budget. Rahul asks Swami to atleast consider about others please. Rohan says Bigg boss just send coffee for Rahul. Rahul says its about it but he should consider. Swami says bigg boss you said that till i am getting punished, inmates will be infron of my eyes so ask them to keep sitting in lounge whole night. All leave living room.

Rohan brings food and water for Swami. Rahul is following him. Rahul asks what medicine you want? Swami says why there are no veggies in food? Rahul says let me see. Swami starts eating food which Rohan served.

Swami says to Manveer that is this humanity? they are devils, its about their upbringing. Manveer says dont say it, calm down. Bigg boss says we want to tell you that Niti and Swami’s punishment has ended. Manveer says see i told you bigg boss to calm down.

Manu and Mona are lying on their bed adjacent each other. Manu asks Mona to pass him T-shirt. Mona sits on bed and tries to pull her shirt down which have gone up, Manu says dont worry, nothing was shown, i have to take care of you whole day, Mona says i like it, manu says i like it too, Mona turns to Manu’s side, he holds her hand, Manveer who is sharing bed with Manu ask them to sleep, Manu says he has to interrupt, Manu says goodnight fish, Mona asys goodnight Punjabi.

PRECAP- Vidya Balan says there are twists in Bigg boss, i will bring twists. Gautam and Mandana enters Bigg boss stage too. Mandana says to Gaurav that you keep saying to Bani watch what you are saying and all that, you seem too much image conscious. Gautam says Bani feels playing like from heart. Gaurav says there is camera infront of us and image is shown through it and i will taking care of that image till end. Mandana says telling you honestly, you look so boring. Salman says to Swami that are you in war zone? nobody is allowed to touch anyone. Swami says i just act to show off. Salman says this is not any type of entertainment, Swami says its my type of entertainment. Salman say then keep it, he turns back towards Swami. Mona says Salman left because of you.
Salman says there will be 4wildcard entries. One is Priyanka Jagga.
Gaurav says to Bani that i am just telling you if you can take care of it then do it otherwise leave it. Bani says i am frustrated about it that i talk to you most of the time and you tell me that i am aggressive, i should control my anger, be careful, who the f*ck are you? who want to ******, Gaurav says i am in public place

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