Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Written Update

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage and dances on Dabang song. Salman welcomes everyone in Bigg boss. Salman says you know we think on sunday night that tomorrow is monday and secondly we have to evict one inmate. Karan got evicted. MONA, LOKESH AND RAHUL are nominated, one will be evicted today. They dont know that there will be double eviction, they must be thinking about having fun tonight, let them get shocked.

Call is connected to house, Inmates greet him, Salman says seems like there was no effect on you people cause of Karan leaving, inmates disagree, Salman says you people will be close in next weeks. comedian comes on stage and starts singing. Swami says great voice, comedian says i will say poetic line for Swami first as he is most agitated, all laugh, Swami says i knew, Salman says Swami must have let idea travel to comedian’s mind, comedian jokes that if you had to come in bigg boss, why did you bring this face? all laugh. Swami shows victory sign, all laugh. Comedian jokes that Swami never answer correctly, Swami says i will silently listen as Salman wants, comedian says this is buttering, Salman says Swami is going to burn Manveer and Manu in house, all laugh. Comedian jokes to Manu and Manveer that Manu and Manveer are stuck with two things only that is Swami and punishment, all laugh, comedian says Gaurav and Bani have weird relation, they have taunting relation, we dont know who is hunter and who is prey, Gaurav laughs but Bani doesnt react much. Comedian says i didnt girl like Lokesh, he mimics her, Manveer hugs her, Salman hugs comedian laughing. Comedian says now lets talk about prince Rohan, why does he talk so much when no one listens to him? Rohan doesnt laugh but all does. comedian leaves. Salman says Sidharth is great, he ends call.

Salman says some guests are like coming home. She came here in 2012 for her first movie promotion and now she has millions of fans, welcome Alia Bhatt. Alia comes on stage, Salman says when she first came here, she was student and now she is teacher of acting, i am proud of her, Alia thanks him, Salman asks whats going on, Alia says my movie is coming, Salman says her costar is SRK. Alia says my favorites are commoners as they are open and rare, Salman says they are rare, they are selected among whole india, Alia says they are true to words. Salman says lets see what Alia did in house.

In Bigg boss house:
Alia enters house with balloons, she meets all inmates. Love you zindagi plays, Alia dances with inmates. She greets Swami too. Alia says i am happy to be here, we will play game here. She says hi Manu, he is flattered, Alia says i really love you, you are my favorite, you are funny, Manu says i won already, Alia says i am very fond of you so i want to advise you to think less, Manu says definitely. Bigg boss welcomes Alia, Alia says i am a girl and people call me beautiful so i want guys of house to woo me. She asks Manu to come, she will give demonstration. Alia stands infront of Manu and says do you google maps? because i am lost in your eyes, Manu is dumbfounded and mouth hanging open, all laugh. Alia says now i will give props to everyone, you have to use cheesy line using prop to impress. She gives toilet paper to Rohan as prop, she gives banana as prop to Gaurav, she says i think you wanted to take it. She gives matchbox to Manveer and magnifying glass to Manu.
Alia says manveer will come first, she asks him to use cheesy line. Manveer says poetic lines for her. He says you have lit fire in my house, that no lighter could do it, you are fire cracker yourself, all clap. Alia says did you use it before or came out from heart? she says you are special. Alia says Gaurav’s turn. He says i am Akela(kela/banana), will you be my partner? Alia says so sweet. Manu comes and says i want to look at lines of fate on our hands together with this magnifying glass to know if we could be together, i want to pinch myself to see it it was dream. Alia says that was whole pickup paragraph, they all laugh. Alia says to Rohan that you are looking cute today in tuxedo, he thanks her. Rohan says like we clean things with toilet paper, my heart is clean-swept by you. Alia says winner is Manu, nobody has said paragraphs for me, Manu says clap for me. Alia says i will sing for Manu now. She sings and dances him, all clap.
Alia says to inmates that we will play Kabaddi. Alia says Rohan and Manu will play and Lokesh will be referee. Manu chooses Manveer as team mate. Rohan and Manu starts playing Kabaddi. All are cheering for them. Manu and Manveer grab Rohan. Alia says they caught Rohan. Rohan chooses Gaurav as his team mate now. Manu touches Rohan and runs to his side winning it, all laugh. Rohan is deflated seeing Manu won easily, Alia says dont be sad, Rohan says its fine. Alia says Manu won, i would play special message for him now. Message plays, one girl says Manu you wanted to be become don, you have become it, you are playing well, mama miss you, i am sending you kiss, we all miss you and pray that you win soon, her mother’s message ends. Manu says this was best message ever, he hugs Alia and says i pray your movie does well. Alia calls Rohan and says i have come to spread happiness, i have something for you too. Message plays, his father says that we are proud of Rohan, you are doing well, message ends. Manu says this was best gift.
Alia says lets play next game. There is board with pictures of inmates on it. Alia says Niti will play first. She says you will be given idiom and you have to put it infront of picture of inmate, you want to dedicate it too. Niti reads first idiom that says he is double faced, she dedicates to Swami, Swami says i knew. Alia gives idiom to Manu which snake in sleeves, means cheater, Manu dedicates it to Swami too. Manveer gets idiom that if brain is bigger or cow? Manveer says it should be given to Swami too, Alia says this shows that Swami is fool but it felt like whole week, he fooled your team, he is not fool. Manveer dedicates it to Swami anyway. Mona gets idiom that monkey wont understand taste of ginger, Manu says this means people who dont understand how nice you are. She dedicates it to Mona. Lopa gets idiom saying that power in hands of undeserving man. Lopa dedicates it to Bani and says i dont get along with her so might as well give it to her, she laughs. Rohan gets idiom saying dog’s tail will remain bent, he dedicates it to Manveer and says he wont change. Gaurav gets idiom saying the person who deliberately gets involved in others matters, Gaurav dedicates it to Niti. Bani gets idiom saying you shall reap what you sow, like Karma. Bani says its easy, she dedicates it Lopa, Lopa laughs and says alright babe, i love you for this.
Manu says we will sing Alia’s song. They all sing Ae zindagi. Alia thanks them and leaves. Manu says love you mummy.

On stage, Salman asks what happened in Kabaddi task? Alia says Rohan was down, Salman says he is missing Karan. Salman says who are your top 3? Alia says Manu, Rahul and Lopa/Manveer, Lopa is chill. Salman says one will get evicted too today, whom you think will go? Alia either Lokesh or Mona. Salman asks where is Sharukh Khan? you are not able to see him, he is standing beside you, he mimics SRK, Alia laughs. Alia says i say bad jokes maybe thats why he is not here. Salman asks what is SRK’s name in movie? Alia says i call him jag in movie, i remember liking jag ghomiya song. Salman sings jag ghomiya song plays. Salman dances and twirls on on floor, Alia laughs and hugs him. Alia thanks him, Salman says you must be familiar with emoticons? she says yes, he says i will show you combination emoticons and you have guess movie. Alia sees first combination and guesses movie as Bhag milkha Bhag. Salman guesses Dil wale dulhaniya lejeangy. Alia guesses humpty Sharma kis Dulhaniya.
Salman says to Alia that we will play game. Salman says you have to get things out of box and have to create ad for that object. Alia gets object toothpaste, Alia creates it ad saying its truthpaste. Salman gets object hair oil, he says Alia was bald before but after using this oil, see her hair, he gifts it to bald man in audience, all laugh. Next object is Swami’s picture, Salman use this omg picture of Swami to get confidence, this picture can make you walk on water, you can stop missiles, and can make anyone as greatest of world, all laugh.
Salman says you have to choose one picture from two. He shows Rabeer and Ranveer’s picture, she chooses Ranbeer, as Ranveer is doing movie, Salman says cant we keep one who is not going away, Alia is speechless. Salman shows Sidharth and Ranbeer’s picture, she chooses sidharth’s picture and says he is special. Salman shows Varun and Sidharth’s picture, she says Varun wont mind so i choose Sid. Next is SRK and Sid’s picture, she says i have movie with SRK so she chooses him. he shows her his and SRK’s picture and ask her to choose, Salman says if you choose him.. you know if i had choice between you and SRK then i would always choose you. Alia says i am sure SRK will understand if i choose you, Salman says he keeps grudge and i keep grudge too, i am very sensitive so choose my picture, we can omit SRK’s picture, Salman says he is married while i am bachelor too, she laughs and chooses Salman. Alia greets and leaves stage.

Calls is connected to house. Salman says i thought to do something different today and its slapping game, all laugh. In this task, one contestant is called inside the dark room and asked a question. Bigg Boss asks them a question and their answer is evaluated by the others sitting outside. If the contestant’s answer matches to the number of votes that the other contestants give, the person is let off. And if the answers differ, the contestant sitting on the chair, is treated to a fake slap. Salman asks Rohan to go first.
Rohan sits on chair in activity area. Salman asks if Rohan is unfair captain? only three inmates agree. Salman asks if Rohan is influenced by Bani? majority agrees, Rohan gets slapped. Salman asks if Rohan is using Swami as puppet? Manu’s team agrees, Rohan gets slapped. Salman asks if Rohan’s friendship with Lokesh is strategy? most inmates dont agree.
Bani is called in activity area. Salman says she has energy. Salman asks if was bad and unsuccessful captain? Manu’s team agrees, Bani is slapped, she says my eye.. Salman asks if Bani break rules? majority agrees, she is slapped, she says such big slap, all laugh. Rohan says she use english and take naps too. Salman asks Bani if she purposely instigates Lopamudra, Gaurav, Rahul and Rohan dont agree while all does. Bani is slapped, Salman asks Bani if its true? Bani says if i have to do for task then i would do it, Lopa says lair, Bani says i dont have energy for fights without reasons. Salman asks Rahul if he was double minded? Rahul says i didnt want to get her slapped, she is my friend, Salman says what about truth? if you think something is true then say it, Rahul says then i agree with statement. Salman says next question is that Bani never accept her mistake, all say yes even Gaurav too. Bani is slapped, all laugh. Bani asks if her turn ended? Gaurav says she want more slaps.
Next is Mona’s turn. Mona sits on chair. Salman asks if Mona is playing game using Manu and Manveer? majority doesnt agree. Salman asks if Mona uses her tears to play? Salman asks Swami if he think she uses tears? she says 100%, people saved her because of tears, Mona says you said you saved me by praying. Salman asks if Swami uses tears as weapon? all laugh and agree. Salman asks if Mona pretends to not understand things? Mona says i understand few things and few dont, Salman says you dont understand things that needed to be. Salman says if Mona gets chance then she will slap Swami, all agree, Swami says she has already slapped me. Mona gets slapped, Salman says what if Swami gets chance to slap Mona? Swami says never, Salman says i have seen you slapping a girl in clip. Swami says because she was ******, Salman says that was wrong, clap for you that you beat girls, you are great, i want you to learn from all this, end it else you will be caught.
Next is Manver, Salman asks if Manveer works on Manu’s saying? Gaurav’s team agrees, Manver is slapped. Salman asks if Manveer cant make friends with celebs except Mona, inmates dont agree, Lopa calls him in punjabi accent. Salman asks if inmates are scared of Manveer? Swami agrees only. Salman asks if Manveer picks fights with Swami deliberately, all agree, Manver is slapped. Salman says only Mona didnt agree, she thinks innocently that he doesnt pick fights while even Manu thinks that he does, all laugh, Salman ends call.

In Bigg boss house:
Manveer says to Manu that you said that i pick fights with Swami deliberately? manu says it was just for fun, Manver says i always say that dont talk to him, Lokesh says we make fun of him, Manveer says you always emotionally blackmail me to talk to him again. Manver says i dont care about slap but Manu should respect that i give him priority.

Comedian Sidharth comes on stage, she is dressed as woman, she says i am servant of Mona, she didnt give me salary, Salman says thats why you couldnt shave your chest hair? i can see it, Swami has given us that far sight, all laugh. Call is connected to house. Salman says Mona, someone from your house has come, she gets excited. Salman says how to tell. Comedian comes on screen, all laugh. Salman asks did you recognize her? Mona says no, Salman says she is your servant. Mona says i got scared, comedian says you are looking slim but you are not, you want become octopus with all this flash coming out? all laugh. Comedian says remember you used to teal boxes from sets, i have it, all laugh. comedian asks Swami to focus on career not on box, your career is in danger. Comedian says you people must be worried that either she cries or dances only, you know your boyfriend calls me four times a day, Mona says it can happen, comedian says just for work only. You know when Mona entered swimming pool that day, her boyfriend said see cow is drowned in pool, all laugh. Comedian says even Swami entered pool, did someone wash water after that? all laugh. Comedian says i dont understand why he came in house? he has hair on ears thats why he doesnt listen to anyone in house. Swami says i am adapting new life here. comedian says your beard and sorry suite you well, when he was born, doctor said sorry something happened, all laugh, comedian leaves.

Salman says to inmates that caller will ask question. Call is connected to call Manpreet. Caller asks Gaurav that you are positive and strong but when you talk to Bani, she talks negatively, she takes your friendship for granted, you never answer her well. Bani is laughing listening it, Gaurav says few friends are unlike you, and when your friend is a girl, you have to give her respect then her other friends, i have asked her to not take advantage of my respect but she is nice friend, she takes care of me, caller says good friend is person who tells his friend about wrong things they are doing with clarity, you dont tell her negative points, Salman says he does but she doesnt listen, all laugh. Call ends.
Salman says to inmates that whole india knew something which you people didnt. Karan got evict but there will be one more eviction. Salman says LOKESH IS EVICTED. All are sad. Lokesh goes to pack her stuff. Manveer is crying. Gaurav hugs Rahul. Lokesh says i want to leave smiling. Lopa says you are very nice Lokesh. Rohan side hugs Lokesh, Lokesh says sorry. Rohan says i am sorry, we were fighting but we are friends. Manu says Lokesh do your step, she raps, all laugh. Lokesh says Rohan you are favorite contestant. She screams that i love you bigg boss. She greets everyone and leaves. All are sad, Niti is crying.
Lopa says to Swami that there is no guarantee in this house.
Rohan says to Manu that why we are fighting? this is wrong, he goes and Manveer too.
Manveer says i was reason to nominate her too. Lopa is in tears too and says you did it, Manveer says we were trying to be fair, Lopa says this house is weird, i dont want to live here, Manveer is in tears too, Lopa says i will miss her a lot, we should be like people who dont care about anything, we cry for anyone who leaves, Manveer laughs.

Salman says welcome Lokesh and Karan. Karan brings Lokesh holding her hand, they meet Salman. Salman says i was sad to announce your name Lokesh, you were going good but what happened? Lokesh says situation was tough, Salman says Karan was lost from start, Lokesh says i knew, sweet people get evicted, all laugh, Salman says you had spark, Lokesh says they called me sweet, Salman says you should have used your entertainment value, you used to get lost in that situation but Karan used to runaway, he wasted position of one inmate. Karan says it was good journey. Salman asks how will be Rohan in house now? Karan says i believe in that boy, he will comeback. Salman says let me show you your journey. Clips plays, Lokesh entry scene is shown, how she entered with Bani in house then how Karan entered house. Their nomination fiasco is shown. Lokesh’s fight with Naveen is shown, Lokesh breakdowns are shown, Karan shredding Nisha’s picture is shown. Lokesh’s fun talks to camera is shown. Her friendship with Rohan is shown, clip ends. Salman says you will always remember these days and we will remember you all, Lokesh says i love you Salman sir, Salman hugs them, they leave. Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Inmates see Sunny Leone on Tv, Sunny says i will be judge of nominations. Inmates have to impress her to be saved from nominations. They have to create sizzling, hot videos that will be viral in seconds. Manu says to his team that controversy gets viral fast. Swami says Mona kissed me, we can do something like that to create controversy. Gaurav tears off Rahul’s shirt and they fall on bed to create scandal.

Written Update by Atiba

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