Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 Written Update

Day 46
The contestants wake up to ‘Rang De Basanti’. Inmates dance, Gaurav dances too.
Priyanka says to Manveer that atleast you care for me, there is no one for me now.

Bani asks Rahul if he is ready to peddle cycle, i will try for how much time i can do it but lets do it. Rahul and Bani starts peddling. Rahul asks Priyanka to fill water buckets, Bani says ask inmates to take water for cooking, Priyanka says Manveer is saying dont do peddling.
Manu says if Bani was not challenger then there wont be any problem in thi task, Lopa says she started arguing since start of task.

Gong plays, Swami says i was interested in making Priyanka captain but you people took her opportunity as a referee, i dont care about task now. Priyanka asks Sahil if he wants to empty Swami’s test tube? Sahil says let me think, Priyank keep asking inmates who want to empty test tube? nobody goes first, Swami says they are going to buy America with these test tube, Priyanka wont be referee if no one empties test tube, i know this, dont say anything, Niti asks him to not say rubbish, Swamia says you dont say rubbish, Niti says he has started again, Swami says i will leave. Priyanka asks Sahil if he is emptying test tube? he says it wont be fun, Mona says you dont want Swami to be captain so empty his. Swami says all inmates promised me to empty test tubes but now they are cheating with me and public will take revenge. Lopamudra washes off Mona’s chance at being named captain and empties her test tube, she says i talked to Mona and she asked me to take call if i want to.

Jason asks Priyanka to ask kitchen staff if preparations for cooking is done? so we can start peddling for gas. Priyanka asks Niti to prepare breakfast for challengers, Nitibha gets into another fight with Priyanka when asked to prepare a special dough for Bani’s breakfast. Putting an end to their argument, Niti says why you are asking me, you ask other inmates to do it, assign duties, Bani says we are working so atleast give us food, Elena says give us food so we can work. Lopa comes there, Niti says ask them what they want to eat, Lopa asks when you people will start peddling, Bani says when our food is served to us after that, Lopa says but i need gas to prepare your food, Elena says show us what you prepared till now, show me what you chopped till now. Lopa comes in kitchen and tells Manu that they want to see what we chopped, what is this way to talk? Priyanka says they are showing tantrums. Rahul says to Bani that there is no cooperation, you are doing this today and it can happen with you tomorrow.

Manu says Elena was ordering show her things we prepared, Lopa says i said get lost, Priyanka says you did great, Lopa says i asked you many times to convince them.
Jason says to Sahil that we will break camera if we dont get breakfast.
Priyanka says they are saying first prepare Bani’s dough then they will start peddling, Niti says to inmates that why should we prepare breakfast for individual challengers, we cant prepare like that, Lopa says we were cooperating to give them food first but we cant prepare individually for all challengers, Priyanka says i told them but Bani said she wants her paratha first.
Priyanka comes to Elena and asks if they are not peddling because dough is not prepared? Elena says because Bani’s breakfast dough is not prepared. Bani says its prepared now, Priyanka says i told inmates that if they prepare Bani’s dough then gas will start. Bani says we are in pain, we just want to organize time, you know i dont oats or burjhi, even my flour is different, Priyanka says i am asking inmates to prepare your dough but no one wants to make your breakfast, i asked Niti so many times but she didnt listen, Niti says you are not captain to order me like this. Bani says Gaurav has prepared my breakfast so its solved now. Elena says to Lopa that its not easy to do peddling. Lopa says i respect that but you have to adjust to our timings too. Niti asks Priyanka why you are blaming me? and your papa Swami is commenting too, Priyanka says dont say rubbish, he is not my father, dont join my name with him, he is not my father, take him as your father not mine, i can join your name with others too.

Bigg boss says we are ending task ’till your feet work’. Priyanka tried a lot but she couldnt fulfill her duties likes ignoring inmates breaking rules and inmates sleeping even when peddling was not going on so thats why we are taking her chance from captaincy, she wont be part of captaincy now, now both contenders for captaincy will be selected from ‘captaincy drown in water’ task, the last two inmates who are able to save their test tubes will be contenders for captaincy.

Manu says to Mona that captaincy can be luck by chance, its about how you control house. Mona says Manveer is hinting that he wants to be captain but i want you to be captain, i cant tell him directly but he should understand, Manu says me and Gaurav will handle house with brains but Manveer will use heart which will not work here.

Gong plays, Manu asks who wants to empty test tube? Niti says i want a girl to be captain. Sahil says to Swami that i dont want to miff you, Swami says Sahil has his opinion. Sahil goes ahead and empties Om Swami’s test tube and says i think rightnow you are not right contender fro captaincy. Swami says you are scared of inmates thats why emptying mine, Sahil says thats not the case. Sahil comes and hugs Swami. Sahil says this is small thing, Swami says this was chance for me to bring truth of inmates out but you didnt give me chance.

Manveer says to Manu and Gaurav that he might even flash my test tube. Gaurav says his politics is to wait till end then make his vote decisive of captaincy then he will show it as favor and say that he made captain. Gaurav says we should choose who should be captain, i think me and Manu can handle house and inmates will listen to us, Priyanka says i think Gaurav, Manveer or me can be good captain, Manu claps, Priyanka says why clapping? Manu says just praising, Gaurav says we will cooperate and handle house nicely.

Priyanka says to Manu that we should write story that will bring excitement in public, Manu says should we take on Manveer? She says no, i think we should take on Mona, Manu says i am not like that, i want her to stay, Priyanka says now i have come and game has changed, Manu says i was on your side yesterday and today too. Manu says you are my best friend but Mona is important too. Priyanka says i am telling you that you will get cheated by Mona, Manu says i wont let it happen, Priyanka says you will see, Manu says you can stop talking to me, Priyanka says i will make hell for you here, Manu says i am Manu Punjabi, i can open this house’s gate in 3minutes, you cant make my life hell here.

Manveer says to swami that you cant cry for anyone, Swami says i am crying for Priyanka, she might not take me as father but she is my daughter. Priyanka comes there and asks what happened? Swami cries and says your father died, Niti says he felt bad when you said that he is not your father, Swami says you dont want to sit with me, its not your fault Priyanka, i have taken this pain in life like this, i take you as daughter and you cant take that away from me, Priyanka leaves. Niti says Swami is cute but sometimes you say ill words, you are nice but why you try to play politics? you are nice like this, Swami cries. Priyanka cries in corner too. Manu asks what happened? Manveer says i told Priyanka that her father died so she started crying, Manu says its true.

Gong plays, Gaurav asks Swami if he wants to empty his test tube? Swami says i would never empty Manveer’s test tube, Gaurav says you were saying something else earlier, Rohan says he wanted to become captain but Sahil took his chance away so now he wants to make Manveer captain. Gaurav asks where is your test tube Swami? Swami says i have hidden Manveer’s test tube. Manu says to Gaurav that we can leave this task, i will ask Mona to empty yours and you will empty mine, Gaurav says my point of view is that inmates listen to me and Manu, they will take our orders seriously. Mona says i agree, Gaurav and Manu are strong. Manveer says its between you all four, mona you should decide, Mona says why you are forcing me to decide? Manveer says i am not forcing you, Mona says i am saying what i wanted, Manveer says i am just saying that you should take decision, Manu and Gaurav should not influence. Niti stands up and says i want to proceed process, i want Lopa to become captain but she got chance in secret task too so I want someone else to get chance, she empties Lopa’s test tube.

Manu says to Niti that why should i move back from captaincy? Manveer says dont move back, nobody is asking you. Manveer says to Mona that dont give me those stern looks, i take you as my friend, Mona says you are forcing me to empty Gaurav’s test tube, Manu says why you are talking in that tone? Manveer says Mona is giving me stern looks, Mona says you were giving me taunting looks, Manveer says you are not understanding anything, he says to Manu that did you see what Mona did with me in lounge, Manu says you were forcing her to empty test tube, Manveer says when Mona wants to show that there is difference between Manu and Manveer then there probably is, Manu asks him to not yell, whole house is listening our fights, even if Mona or you did mistake, you should sort it, Manveer says when there is strain in hearts then it cant be sorted, i tried to hint her whole day but she didnt understand, Mona blamed me that i wanted Gaurav to loose, Manu says you know Mona will eventually vote for me for captaincy, not for captaincy, you know that, Manveer says she has no opinion, she agreed with all Gaurav said, Manu says her opinion is that Manu will be good captain, Mona says Gaurav is not emptying Manu’s test tube so i cant empty Gaurav’s too. Priyanka comes there and says Mona you cant support Manu like this, you agreed with Gaurav’s every word, you should tell him clearly, Manveer says you should clearly tell your point of view Mona, Manu says she will say it when right time comes, you are childish, Manveer says you are not trying to understand me, Manu says i have problem with your tone, i didnt say that i am miffed with you, Manveer says i than Mona for everything she did but i cant go anymore like this.

Swami says to Manveer that i want commoner as captain so ask them to empty Gaurav’s.
Mona says to Manu that i want you to become captain, he can yell so that means he is right always?
Priyanka says to Manveer that Manu is not able to convince to empty Gaurav’s test tube, this is their friendship?
Mona cries and says i wanna go home.
Priyanka says i thought only Swami was playing game but all are playing game here.
Mona is in washroom and cries.

Manu says to manveer that these people are breaking friendship. Manveer says why dont you move back? when i swear at someone then you will ask me to clear it, if there is no difference between us then.. Manu says there is difference between us and it will remain there. Manu knocks on washroom and asks Mona to come out, he says she is even sick. Mona comes out, Manu hugs her and says why you cry so much, he is your brother, he asks them to clear it, i am feeling bad that we are playing test tube test tube here. Mona says i wanna go home, Manveer asks Manu to leave, Manu says dont let anyone come here, he leaves. Manveer makes Mona sit on stool and asks what did she feel bad about? what wrong did i do? she says nothing, i want to go home, Manveer says this is not answer, tell me what you feel bad. Swami comes there and says keep talking, i wont disturb you people, i am just going to use washroom but Manu should fulfill promise he made, its his chance to make commoner captain, i want commoner to become captain.

Manu says to Manveer that i cant ask Mona to empty Gaurav’s test tube, Manveer says why? Priyanka says he thinks that if Gaurav and Manveer become contenders then Gaurav will get votes to become captain, Manu says we should hit Gaurav on head and faint him then Manveer will get votes. Priyanka says whats the problem if Manu and Manveer become contender? Manu says i have problem, i cant influence Mona’s decision to empty Gaurav’s test tube just so me or Manveer can become captain, Swami says then whats the use of friendship? Manu says i am no one to ask Mona to empty Gaurav’s test tube, i am quitting captaincy task, Priyanka says you dont deserve to be captain, Manu says you tell Gaurav that you will vote for him, tell Manveer that vote for him and tell me that you will vote for me, Priyanka says i was joking, if you both become contenders then you both will get votes only, you are playing games with your friends only, Manu leaves. Priyanka says Swami was right about him, he doesnt want to disappoint Gaurav, she asks Manveer to understand his politics, if you dont understand even now then shame on you. Swami says Manu wants Gaurav to become captain this time so to be on his good side then become captain next time.

Manu says to Manveer that Priyanka is trying to break their friendship with Mona, Manveer doesnt agree, Manu says Bani, Niti, Rahul, Priyanka tries to befriend Manveer but not Manu because they want to use Manveer, Priyanka has come with brains, she is playing game.

PRECAP- Lopa, Priyanka, Niti and Mona enters pool in bikinis and swim suits. Lopa and Niti pushes Priyanka in pool, she screams and says i got hurt, she shows wound on leg and says Lopa and Niti pushed me in pool and i got injured.
Swami shouts on Lopa for pushing and injuring Priyanka. Lopa says me and Niti are feeling bad for it, Swami says it wont lessen her pain, you can shoot and then say you are feeling guilty and say sorry. Lopa says just shut your mouth, Swami says you shut your mouth, Lopa throws tissue paper at him and says wrap your mouth with it, Swami says people see this is of my daughter’s age and is throwing tissues at me. Lopa says to Swami that if i want to beat you then i will slap you on face.
Niti reads captaincy task, both contenders Manveer and Gaurav have to paint canvas with their color, Manveer has got to pain yellow color whil Gaurav gets blue color, the one whose paint is more visible will win task and will become captain. Manveer destroys Gaurav’s side of canvas with his paing, Gaurav destroys Manveer’s side, Manveer says i work according to bigg boss, Gaurav says i work according to myself, Manveer slips from canvas stage and gets injured on head, his head bleeds, Lopa and Manu tries to stop bleeding, they all go to confession room to give him first aid. Mona and Priyanka cries for manveer, Mona says oh God what has happened to him?

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