Bigg Boss 10 17th November 2016 Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Bigg Boss 10 17th November 2016 Written Update

Day 32
The housemates are well-rested when they wake up to the tunes of ‘Aa Dekhen Zara’.

Swami says to Rahul that only you voted for me in nominations but i didnt get nominated, Gaurav says you were nominated by your team only, Swami says break this trio, (Mona is listening). Rahul says we can take action when time comes.

Manveer says to Manu that how they live this kind of life? Manu says i keep thinking about that i have to maintain respect when i go outside, what if Rahul makes me get role in movie? he winks.

Rohan is in confession room. Bigg boss says there will be captaincy task, your team won lock down task so your team will choose four inmates to take part in captaincy, talk to your team and mutually decide two names which didnt play in that task. they have to unanimously name four members who will fight for captaincy, and two contestants who won’t participate due to poor performance.

Rohan tells his team about choosing four people. Bani asks Rohan to give four names you think played, Rohan says should i give four names? Bigg boss says Rohan your memory is weak, you have to choose two team mates who disappointed in task, atleast tell right information to your team mates. Rohan says sorry. He says Bani and Lokesh was disappointing for me. Bani says really? Rohan says this is my opinion, Lokesh says wow great Rohan.
Manu says to Mona that Lopa will become captain.
Karan gives his name and Lokesh for bad performance. Bani votes Lopa and Lokesh, Lopa says dont forget i got 6points for this group, atleast have credibility, Lokesh says they are voting on personal basis.
Manveer says Swami was man of match for them, Gaurav says he got them points.
Lopa votes against Bani and Lokesh, i think Bani didnt do any work. Rahul says you have to vote on basis of poor performance in task, Lokesh says there are still teams in house.
Niti says to her team that they are having jinga lala ho ho.
Lokesh says Bani was disappointed. Rahul says i vote against Bani too. Lopa says so Karan, Rahul, Rohan and me will compete, i am happy with this decision.

Niti looks at herself in mirror and says you dont have to look so nice. Swami see her knee high dress and says to Gaurav that why they wear small dresses? Gaurav says what they think is nice for them, the wear, it, she wore full dress too, world has trending it, this is fashion so all follow it. Swami says my Guru used to say that women look good fully dressed, they should expose for their husbands only. Gaurav says we dont have any right to tell anyone how to dress, it looks bad when you talk like this, its their life and they can wear anything.

Gaurav and Karan are cooking in kitchen. Bani says to Gaurav that i dont know how will you be in fight, i was going to throw things at you, Gaurav says you dont let anyone speak and its irritating, Bani says i let everyone speak, Gaurav says i will give you example. Bani says you and Karan have to cook then leave, Gaurav says the one who has kitchen duty, shouldnt get bathroom duty too, ideal time to clean bathrooms are after breakfast, as all go to take bath, Bani says i use it early morning for showering. Gaurav says what answer is this? Bani says why showing so much attitude? Gaurav says we will talk later, Bani says oh my God you are ****head, Gaurav says you said to talk later, Bani says i am trying to be polite but you are angry.

The captaincy task is set to begin. Bigg Boss introduces the first competition, monitored by Nitibha, which will see Lopamudra and Karan both having to balance a flower pot on opposite side of a see-saw using one leg and ensuring that see-saw is resting in a straight line, they one who keep balance till end will be winner. Inmates can show support or can irritate them as they want.

As the challenge begins, Niti says balance see-saw which has pot onother side by using their one foot. Lopa and Karan put foot on see-saw. Bani tries to distract Lopamudra’s attention by engaging in some sledging, she says oh, she is losing balance, Manu says Lopa you are super. Bani says Karan is machine, he will do it, we know who we want as captain. We dont want bias people. Lopa says its like save trees. Bani says dont use code words. Lopa says animals dont understand, Lopa says whatever.. Bani says talk clearly, Lopa says flies around me, Bani says from where dirty cockroaches are coming? Lopa says Karan and me are a team, whoever will become captain from among us, i will be happy. Bani says Lopa you are not balancing well. Manu says to Lopa that think you have foot on someone’s face.

Lopa is flying kisses. Rohan says wish we can have two captains. Bani says we should be clear on whose side we are. Niti asks Lopa to straight the see-saw. Manveer says to Manu that Karan does yoga, he can do it. Karan is losing balance. Gaurav asks Karan to calm down, Karan loses balance and pot falls from see-saw. Lopa wins task. Manu lifts Lopa’s in his arms, Lopa is cheering. Manveer and Manu cheer for her. Lopa asks Karan if he is fine? Karan has sprain in leg.

Manu says to Mona that they are going to fight now, Gaurav and Bani had fight too. There is no friendship between them now, Mona says i am not like you. Manu says Rohan, Bani fool Lokesh and Swami against us, hpw d we feel? Manveer says we even supported Lopa, she is good. Manveer asks if she is sad? Manu says we lifted Lopa in arms, Manveer says thats why she is sad? Manveer says you were running to lift her, Manu says dont forget that i called you lift her with me, they laugh, Manu hugs Mona and says we are friends. Mona says i wont even watch Tv when go bac home, dont know what more you people will do, Manu says this is jungle so we have to do anything to survive.

Manu says to Lopa that we have decided to make you captain. Mona says lunch as been eaten but kitchen is mess, lunch team that is of Karan should do it, Bani orders me to wash chopping board but she cant see kitchen mess? Manveer says she will get punished when Lopa becomes captain, make her clean grass, Manu says she will lick grass with tongue, Lopa is laughing hearing it. Manu says seeing her tattoo, insects will think she is part of their specie. Swami must think of some ideas even there, Swami says you people dont get entertained without talking about me, Manu says you should have shown us path but you are busy eating like wild man, Swami says you get ideas because of me, Manveer says he makes ideas travel in minds.

Swami sings apno ka bhi sahara na hua, Manu sasy come and hug, we forgive you. Swami runs and hugs Manu and Manveer. Swami says i cameback in house thinking to increase TRP. Mona comes there, Manu says forgive me for my sake please, she says you dont understand. Manveer says he will touch your feet, Manu laughs. Manu requests Mona to forgive him. Swami says people see goodness of person after he dies but i am alive thats why you see bad in me only, he says i am sorry to all three of them and specially Mona. Mona says how many times he has said sorry? Swami comes and holds Mona’s hand, Manu says forgive me, Swami says you are like my daughter, my anger is like boiling water, it calms down soon, Mona says this way i will get evicted, Swami says no you wont.

Bigg Boss introduces the second competition, it’s now time for Rahul and Rohan to participate. In this task, both the challengers have to get wrapped in a sheet of plastic paper, covering them from their shoulder till their knees. Rohan chooses Gaurav and Rahul chooses Lopamudra as their supporters to wrap them with sheet. Once wrapped, Rohan and Rahul have to participate in a race where they need to cross the finish line by either jumping or crawling. The first person to cross the finish line and be standing on their feet will be the winner. Rahul and Rohan lies on ground, buzzer plays, they both start crawling to finish line, Rohan rolls fast, he even goes above Rahul to cross him. Inmates are cheering for them. Rohan finally stands up on finish line before Rahul and wins task.

Bigg boss tell inmates that Bani’s time as captain has finished. One from Rohan or Lopa will become captain. You all have to vote for either of them. As niti and Swami were chosen to have poor performance in task so they cant individually vote, but have to mutually decide and vote as one entity. All inmates write their votes on paper. Niti says to Swami that our team wants Lopa to win as they dont like Rohan but i am fine with both, she asks if i give vote to Lopa then will you have problem? Swami says no, i dont have problem with that but they will have problem. Niti says Rohan supported too, Swami says write his name, she says okay.
Bigg boss asks inmates to tell their votes and why.
Lokesh votes for Lopa and says i saw her efforts.
Gaurav votes for Rohan and says he is my younger brother and i want to support him.
Manveer votes for Lopa and says she will be fair as captain.
Rahul votes for Rohan and says he is like my son.
Manu votes for Lopa and says she is my friend and will be good captain.
Bani votes for Rohan and says we have similar views.
Mona votes for Lopa and says she is strong and will be fair.
Karan votes for Rohan and says i know him well and this is time to support him.
Niti-Swami votes for Rohan, we have personal connect with him, he will be good captain.
Bigg boss says Rohan is chosen as captain and he is captain from now on.

Bani says to Rohan that how i will sleep on single bed with other? Rohan share bed with Niti, we will be in same line then. Bani says tell Lokesh to change her bed which she is sharing with Niti now. Rohan comes to Lokesh and asks her to change bed, Lopa says i will share bed with Niti, Rohan says i have to do changes as captain. Lopa says i want Rahul and Rohan at my side. Niti says Lopa can share bed Bani. Lopa says i wont share bed with her, like you physically sleeping with someone, no way. Bani says she is talking in english captain. Lopa says if you stop divide and rule then it will be fine, she fills Manu’s ears manveer, Bani says i am not like that.
Lokesh says to Manu that they are shifting my bed without asking me.
Rohan says okay Rahul will sleep with me. Bani and Lopa will share bed, Bani says no problem. Rohan says Niti and Lokesh will share bed too. Bani asks Lokesh to change her bed. Lokesh says i wont change my bed. Rohan says she is my vice captain.

Bani asks Rohan to tell Lokesh to change her bed. Rohan says to Lokesh that everyone is changing bed, Rohan says you want to sleep in jail as punishment? she says i dont care, give me, Rohan says you think i will do that with you? please change your bed, Lokesh says i wont give my bed.

And, immediately, the game begins! Instigating Lokesh against Manu and Manveer, Bani tells Lokesh that how Manu and Manveer are not supporting her even after calling her their little sister. Bani plants the seed of doubt in her mind by highlighting that they’re likely to choose Mona over her if ever asked to.

PRECAP- Lokesh says to Rohan that i wont change my bed. Rohan says what kind of captaincy is this? Bigg boss she is not listening to me nor taking punishment. Bani says if someone is not listening to your punishment then you have to pacify them gently or do any trick to make them do that, this is your work. Rohan says i want to sleep with my vice captain. Bani and Lopa can switch places every night. Manu says to Manveer that Bani is regularly feeding points to Rohan. Niti says he is asking Lopa who is his friend for one month to sleep beside Bani, Manu says Rohan didnt suggest it, Bani suggested it.

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