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Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 6th October 2015 Written Update

JB thanks Rana Punja for helping them in the time of trouble. How can we repay you? Rana Puja shows an inclination of attending Pratap’s coronation ceremony tomorrow. JB remarks that now the ceremony will not happen till you are there. She thinks of Rana ji. This is a time to be happy but sadly, you aren’t here.

Akbar refuses to give time to anyone till Maan Singh is back. Maan Singh returns just then. Akbar asks him about their flag which has been hoisted in Udaipur. Maan Singh recalls how their flag was burnt down by the Mewar soldiers once Pratap came back. He tells Akbar that their flag is not there anymore. Jagmal is not a king anymore. Pratap has taken over. Akbar is angry. How dare you talk to me like that? He hits Maan Singh.

The royal family is heading back to the palace
Amar wants to know how his father took over the throne. Ajabde suggests him to ask his father only. He tries to ask Phool but she does not reply as she cannot cross the line that Ajabde has marked. Amar calls them both his mothers. Amar then asks them what he should call her (Phool) then. Phool replies that he can call her Choti Ma if his mother is ok with it. Ajabde gladly agrees. It is a good thing that he has two mothers now.

Maan Singh updates Akbar about what happened in Udaipur. A courtier walks in to tell him something but gets killed because of Akbar’s anger.

All the citizens are invited for the coronation ceremony in the palace tomorrow. The citizens are very happy to know that Pratap will sit on the throne.

Pratap follows a ritual after which he can continue with tomorrow’s ceremony. He takes a bath.

Phool shows the clothes that she has chosen for Pratap for the ceremony. He comes out already dressed. Ajabde and Amar are with him. Phool says I will keep these clothes for Amar. Pratap thanks her for the clothes. Ajabde brought them already for me. I like them. Phool agrees. She turns to go when Ajabde asks Pratap to wear the clothes that Phool has brought for him. He agrees to wear them as she has asked him. Phool is also happy. Amar remarks that it is time when his father will become the Maharana. Pratap smiles and hugs him.

All of the citizens have collected outside the house the palace. A lady thinks that every one her wishes are actually fulfilled today. I don’t brain it if I die another moment. It appears just as if Shree Ram is coming.

Akbar appears at his new system. I have just one dream – to become the Shehanshah-e-Hind in real conditions. Mewar is the sole hindrance in it. I’ll do my most effective to get it. We’ve failed prior to now but this time I’ve manufactured a by no means just before assumed program of war. It will likely be our previous assault on Mewar. This will be the largest war of all situations – Haldi Ghaati’s war. This would be the most risky and biggest war of India. It truly is time and energy to conclusion Mewar and Pratap!

Pratap touches his mother’s toes once he enters Within the palace. He takes Ganpati’s blessings up coming and sits down for Ganpati puja. Vishnu puja follows. The final one particular is Go-daan. Ultimately, Pratap is requested to sit over the throne. Pratap requests Chundavat ji to sit within the throne. Amar is confused. What did father do? JB clarifies to Amar that Chundavats had offered the appropriate to take a seat within the throne for their household one hundred a long time back. Amar asks her what Chundavat ji will do up coming. JB tells him that he will politely refuse it and request Pratap to sit. Exactly the same occurs. Pratap finally sits about the throne. Every person appears on proudly. Chundavat ji normally takes off his existing turban and retains the crown with the Maharana on his head. Rana Punja and Pratap fold their hands in advance of one another with gratitude. Chundavat ji states we hope you rule on Mewar For some time with the sharp intellect and courageous soul. Chundavat ji announces the news of Pratap’s coronation outside the house among the rest of the citizens at the same time. All of them cheer for his or her Maharana. Epi finishes on Maharana Pratap’s experience.

Precap: A daasi (from Agra) has brought a information for DB. She was expecting it which is relieved. Another Inchadharni Nagin has become specified the task to take care of Pratap. Pratap gets to are aware that DB and Jagmal are missing from their cell.

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