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Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 4th November 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap watch online

The Episode starts with Multan Khan following the Bheels inside the mountain passage. Rana Punja gets the Bheels inside the passage and smiles. He waits for Moghul Army to come. Akbar sees through the binoculars. Rana Punja says see, we have trapped this huge Moghul army in this small passage. Multan Khan stays outside and sends few soldiers. He laughs off on the Bheels and calls them cowards. Rana Punja asks the Bheels to make the wall by the shields they have, and stop the army.

Bheels make the wall and ask what will happen by this wall, they are many in number. Rana Punja says they are huge, but they will come few inside this passage. Bheel says they understood what to do now. The soldiers come inside the passage in small groups, which makes Rana Punja kill them. Multan Khan gets shocked by Rana Punja’s strategy. He wonders whats happening, the cowards are getting death for them.

Multan Khan says we will also make a human wall and crush the Bheels with our human wall, as we are huge in number. They remove the dead soldiers’ bodies from the passage and make a wall themselves. Rana Punja says let them use our plan and come inside, tell me who will climb the mountain. Bheels raise hands. Rana Punja asks them to climb on the mountain fast.

Amar Singh walks on burning coal. Phool asks him to come down. Amar denies. She gets water and blows off the hot coal. She washes his feet. Amar says he has done this to increase his bearing strength, why did she do this. Phool says her duty is to protect him till Pratap comes back. Amar says our soldiers are ready to die for our land, why are you scared for my wounds. She cries and says the soldiers will get help from Marwar. He says my Nana ji died much time ago. She says she is telling about her father. He says I heard your father does not love you. She says time changes thinking, I hope he helps us, I have written a letter to him to seek his help. Amar calls out Maa in pain and goes. Phool prays and asks Lord what shall I do now, for Mewar, Amar and everyone, send help for them.

Pratap gets angry on Akbar, and says that Moghul crossed all limits, such a dirty plan. Chakrapani asks him to save his anger and use it to fight against Moghuls. He asks Bhim Singh the status. Bhim Singh tells about Bheels fighting with Moghuls, Chandrasen left for Marwar to get help from Ram Singh, so that he can send his soldiers to fight against Moghuls. Pratap says I m worried for Punja, I have to reach Udaipur soon.

Afghans are on the way to support the Bheels. Hakim Khan asks them to get ahead fast. Moghul army makes a human wall and gets inside the passage to overpower Bheels. Rana Punja and Bheels say Har Har Mahadev and try to fight. Moghuls kill the Bheels. Multan laughs. Akbar says great Multan Khan, what a plan. Rana Punja says he won’t let their sacrifice go waste. Multan Khan says he is defeating them by their plan. Bheel asks Rana Punja about Hakim Khan, who said he will help them. Another Bheel asks the first one to go to jungle and sit, if he is losing courage, but they will fight till the last drop of blood.

Bhagwandas meets Ram Singh and says he wants to discuss something with him. Ram Singh asks him to talk openly. Bhagwandas says I came to know Mewar has bought big amounts of grain from Marwar so that they can fight with enemies for a long time, why did you let this happen, you should have ended all ties with them. Ram Singh says Mewar is Phool’s Sasural now, I have to think in her favor. Bhagwandad asks him to support Moghuls in this way, when his Heer married Akbar, he ended his enmity with Akbar, he has do the same now, he assures him that he will protect Phool and Pratap in future, but Ram Singh has to get friendly with Akbar, else he will become target of Akbar’s anger, who will save him, Mewar? Pratap is roaming in jungles in his wife’s death sorrow. You don’t have any other option. Chandrasen shouts Bhagwandas ji…. Ram Singh and Bhagwandas see Chandrasen. Chandrasen says I will not let Akbar create any wall between Rajputs, else Mewar and Marwar will explain Akbar that they can’t bear any Moghul on their land, even if any cheater friend supports Moghul….

Ram Singh asks Chandrasen not to mention this, he mustn’t have appear right here. Chandrasen claims we really need to move in the tests situations, we should help Mewar. Ram Singh claims I’ll consider my province first. Chandrasen claims Pratap is mourning, Phool and Pratap are in trouble, Is that this not our duty to guidance him? Bhagwandas says that you are influenced by Pratap by keeping there, even so the Mewar you will be speaking about will be ruined in some time. Chandrasen claims I respect you, but I request you never to interfere in our individual matters. He asks Ram Singh to read this letter sent by Phool, in advance of selecting anything.

Rana Punja states this is simply not time to be angry. Bheel suggests I will die as being a Bheel, not a coward. He assaults the Moghul soldiers and receives killed. Rana Punjan symptoms the Bheels who climbed over the mountain to throws boulders in excess of Moghul troopers. The Moghul soldiers get killed. Multan Khan reacts seeing this and states are they Bheels or any devils.

Pratap is on just how and recollects Ajabde. He suggests this time, I gained’t let any person’s sacrifice go waste, I will not leave Moghuls. He asks Cheetah to operate far more faster.

A person gets a concept for Acharya and Phool, that Ram Singh made a decision he will not guidance Mewar in this war. Rana Punja sees a lot of 1000s of Moghul troopers coming. Pratap usually takes the sword and asks his troopers to start the Haldi ghati war.

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