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Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 24th September 2015 Written Update

Phool is feeling a little different as she has worn Ajabde’s clothes after so long. Ajabde doesn’t look happy after reading a message. She slaps Phool. You were trying to commit suicide? I dint believe what I heard in the court but I got this letter now. What were you thinking? Phool says I had no option. Rana ji has called Pratap in court to punish him. Ajabde has faith in Pratap. He has saved your dignity and respect. Phool regrets sending this letter to Pratap. I knew he will go to any extent to save me. You would have been amazed to see the way he walked inside the mandap to save me. Ajabde justifies Pratap’s act. I am lucky to have him as my husband. I will pray that you too get such a husband. CK says her prayer has been heard. CK tells Phool and Ajabde about Phool’s marriage with Pratap. The alliance has been fixed. Both of them are taken aback to know this. BAdi Masa gave this suggestion. Everyone has accepted it. She leaves to make preps for the same.

Phool is in tears. She looks at Ajabde. She understands Ajabde’s pain.

Pratap comes to his Rani MA’s room. What did you do? JB asks him to thank the Lord first for guiding her at the right time. He obliges. I see nothing right in your suggestion. I am a married man. How cna I marry Phool? How can I do this with Ajabde who loves me with all her heart? JB knows that this is the most painful thing of all. You did right by saving Phool but what’s the point if your fact turns her life hell. One has to give them a respectful life by marrying them. Akbar’s would be wife was kidnapped by a Rajput. What will be her rapport in everyone’s eyes? No one will marry her. How would she live if you too disown her? Your attempt to save her will go down in drain. I haven’t thought of any political reason so far. Ajabde is smarter than you. She is ready for any sacrifice after marrying you. I agree that it will be a test for her too but I am sure she will pass it too.

Raimal is curious to know what his sister is thinking. You are like onions. Your thoughts have so many layers that no one can reach it. She asks him if he received Akbar’s reply. Kanak Raj brings sewaiyan for Raimal. It contains Akbar’s reply. DB smiles after reading the message. Akbar has agreed to meet her. Raimal’s question still remains.

DB relates to US’s space. I am going outside of palace for a while. My special daasi will look When you. I am going to Ekling ji’s temple to uncover peace as all the things goes wrong. I don’t Assume Jija’s suggestion was right. We are going to just be making more difficulties. Akbar was madly just after Phool. Will he not get mad if he finds out that Pratap has married Phool? All of your makes an attempt to carry peace in Udaipur will be concluded.

Ajabde wipes her tears when Pratap will come to speak to her. He understands that she is feeling terrible. He would make her sit down. I know that you needed to bear a great deal lots of issues following marrying me. A great number of adjustments happened. The only real truth of the matter, my support, my strength all over has long been no one else however , you. You’ll be able to simply call me egocentric in case you are convinced I am Incorrect. Say it once. I will find Another way. She denies. Phool is via a whole lot now. Regardless of what you did was ideal. Marry her. They the two take a look at each other. Pratap wipes her tears. You were, are and may continue to be my anything, even in another birth. She hugs him.

In the evening, DB leaves the palace stealthily but JB hears the seem of her anklets. The place is DB likely at this hour with none guards? She decides to observe DB. A daasi informs JB that DB has long gone to Ekling ji’s temple. JB realises that DB has went in a distinct way. Why did she lie?

Raimal provides DB to Akbar’s tent. DB is a little bit irked to not see him there on time. Akbar enters just then. He straight relates to issue. DB invitations him for Pratap’s and Phool’s wedding. Akbar knows that she wont come to invite him the many way. She proposes to fulfil Akbar’s childhood wish. Akbar suggests I get just about anything that I want. I don’t require a girl for that. DB remarks that he couldn’t just take Mewar. I’ve come to provide you with Mewar as a gift. I would like my son Jagmal to take a seat within the throne in return. Akbar smirks. I’d read it from Raimal and my people that pratap is your beloved son. You have got served him always. DB claims a person has to help you another person for making a person tumble down. I used to be indirectly aiding my brother far too by objecting to his plan All of this when. I proved him a culprit just before Rana ji as well. I required Pratap so I had to like him. Mewar would have been completed if Udaipur hadn’t been constructed. Where would my son rule if Udaipur wasn’t there? I even termed by my enemy to assist Pratap. I needed Mewar to generally be developed yet again so my son could rule over Mewar. I needed to pretend really like for Pratap due to the exact. Akbar wonders why he needs her support. She explanations that Udaipur isn’t as very easy to get as uncomplicated Mewar was. Likely you don’t know what all safeguards happen to be taken to safeguard Udaipur. Akbar asks her prepare. She tells them in mute. Akbar is amazed by her. This can be The 1st time I am listening to someone else.

Precap: Akbar and his army march towards Udaipur. A few soldiers notice them. One of them rushes to inform US about the same.

Written Update By Sahir


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