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Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 23rd September 2015 Written Update

Soldier tells Akbar that they will reach Mewar in 3 days. Akbar is waiting for Ram Singh to return. I will get my bride then. It will be a perfect slap on Pratap’s face. Ram Singh enters just then. Sadly, Pratap succeeded in escaping with Phool. Akbar refuses to stop anymore now. Tell the army that we will leave for Udaipur right away. A soldier brings Raimal’s message for Akbar. DB wants to meet you. Ram Singh wonders why she wants to meet Shehanshah. Akbar likes the message. Mewar’s Maharani wants to meet me. Ram Singh knows DB. She cannot be trusted though. Akbar remarks that he enjoys meeting different kind of people. It will ultimately be in our favour. Send them a message that I will look forward to this meeting.

The citizens of Udaipur eye Pratap, Chandrasen and Phool with questions of their eyes. Phool feels that it’d be the first time when they would have welcomed him in this manner. Pratap is certain they can have an understanding of his stage if they uncover the truth.

US is sleeping in his room. DB deliberately drops a thing to wake him up. DB tells US that Pratap is here together with Phool. I will check with Pratap. You don’t get offended you should. We’re going to get it done quietly. US phone calls a soldier. The court docket needs to be called. The soldier rushes to tell Every person regarding the similar. US calls Pratap a legal as he has fully commited an unpardonable crime. Summon him within the court docket for he will get his punishment now. He is exhausted but nevertheless receives up and leaves.

Ajabe rushes to meet her childhood friend. They both get emotional as the past flashes before their eyes. They share an emotional hug. Ajabde wants to do her aarti but she feels dizzy. Pratap immediately holds her hand to help her stand. Ajabde notices this. She does their aarti. You went so far from me Phool. Phool says we came close in so weird situations. Nothing will get right now. Pratap shouldn’t have saved me. What’s the use of such life where I become the reason of everyone’s problems? Ajabde and Pratap talk positively to her. A courtier informs Pratap that Rana ji has called him in the court. Pratap is taken aback. Father is out of his room? Phool thinks that he must be angry. Pratap and Chandrasen leave to attend the court.

Every one of the courtiers greet US as he walks within. He’s going to falter in his phase. Pratap loudly calls out for him but US signals him not to take care of him. Raimal turns to Pratap. You are charged Together with the crime of kidnapping Marwar’s princess Phool towards Rana ji’s assistance? This wedding was happening with her consent so It will likely be regarded as a crime. It will probably be considered as a significant crime in opposition to Mewar. US waits for Pratap’s reply. Pratap shares that Phool was pressurized to marry Akbar. US factors out that Mewar’s court docket isn’t thinking about this. We realize that she had provided her consent with the wedding day. Pratap sticks to his stage. She dint need to marry Akbar by heart. She experienced just mentioned so for her father’s sake. US wishes to know if he way too has started out predicting like Chakrapani? Pratap has no solution in the intervening time which irks US. You’ll need to solution all of the issues Within this court docket. Solution me. Pratap nods. I kidnapped Phool in the mandap. She might have dedicated suicide in another situation. US asks for any proof. How have you been so confident about this? Chandrasen will get up. She experienced composed it within the letter that she had sent for Pratap. She had drunk poison by the point Pratap achieved Nagor. Pratap provides that he fulfilled his Rajput dharma by preserving Phool. I would’ve regarded myself responsible for her premature Demise all my existence. Chandrasen is indebted to Pratap / Mewar for life as he has saved his niece’s lifetime. Raimal points out that Mughal and Marwar will be a part of fingers now. How will we take care of them? This isn’t kidnapping but Trade of love letters. This angers Pratap. Raimal clears that your complete Rajputana will imagine the exact same tomorrow.

JB is available in the courtroom. US is pleasantly shocked to discover her breaking her have principles. She states it truly is about Mewar and Marwar’s dignity so I’d to break them. US enables her to speak her coronary heart out. JB agrees with Raimal on The truth that the letter Trade between Pratap and Phool will make rumours in long run. Pratap may have accomplished a superb deed by abducting Phool. But her dignity is maligned now. No Rajput will marry her now. There is only one solution to save lots of her dignity now – Pratap really should marry Phool! US isn’t certain but she reminds him of his marriage to VB. US thinks with the situations during which he experienced married VB. JB says Pratap will abide by your case in point to offer a good life to Phool.

Raimal hopes to know the way what profit it is going to necessarily mean to Mewar. JB describes that may in fact uplift Mewar’s graphic while in the eyes of other Rajputana states. They can just take Pratap’s act positively then. Additionally Marwar and Mewar will turn out to be just one which can imply that Marwar won’t ever go against Mewar in foreseeable future! Everyone is in views. Chandrasen likes The theory too. As Phool’s uncle and perfectly wisher, I ask for Pratap’s hand for Phool. Hope you wont say to not it.

Precap: CK tells Phool and Ajabde about Phool’s relationship with Pratap. They each are shocked to understand it. Raimal gives Akbar’s reply to DB. He really wants to know why she still would like to meet up with Akbar.

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