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Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 21st September 2015 Written Update

Pratap talks to Rana Punja. How will that Mughal shift ahead if you and your Guys will guard this path? Bheel Raj has obtained to learn about Akbar’s selection of marrying Phool in Nagor only. He wont head over to Marwar. Pratap is shocked. The bheels carry Phool’s dassi. Chandrasen acknowledges her. She is Phool’s daasi. She gives him Phool’s letter. She’s mad. Chandrasen way too reads it. I are not able to feel it that Phool can make this happen. She is stubborn but death! Pratap decides to save Phool. I cannot Allow her die at any Price tag.

Ram Singh and his troops access Nagor. Maan Singh and Salima greet Ram Singh. They will be meeting following inside the mandap only. Ram Singh recognizes that anything is pre-determined. Everything can be an buy from Akbar. Let’s not enter into formalities. Salima seems to be at Phool. You might be beautiful And that’s why Shehanshah lost his heart for you. Heer will turn into your very good Buddy after you marry Shehanshah.

Akbar tells Heer that she need to get Phool All set with the marriage ceremony. She need to appear like probably the most beautiful bride on the earth. Enhance her morale. Heer nods. He asks her if she is caring for his son. She affirms.

Phool are unable to halt thinking of her father’s words; her lie to Pratap within the court docket. She eyes the poison in her hand. Heer arrives there to meet Phool. She compliments Phool on her elegance. I am glad that you’re marrying Shehanshah. I think you should be able to set a good effect on him. Phool asks her if she wakes up happily thinking that she’s Akbar’s spouse. Heer understands her pain. I have saved my state, my motherland. Krishna as well utilized to regard sacrifice earlier but now you much too called my sacrifice my cowardice. I am written content nevertheless for contributing to my condition’s safety. You as well are performing a similar. Phool realises her error. I selected Mistaken phrases. Heer suggests he isn’t a nasty human being. He has a great heart. I have witnessed the higher of him which he hides from the entire world. Phool suggests I wont be capable of neglect what I’ve witnessed it. Heer remarks that it’ll be excellent for you personally if you decide on constructive as opposed to negative. You cannot change it even if you need to. Heer leaves.

Akbar relates to the mandap. Ram Singh goes to carry Phool.

Pratap and Chandrasen see the tight safety outside the house the palace.

Phool gulps poison. She hides the empty bottle in her jewellery box when her father enters. It truly is time. She nods and walks out in the place. Ram Singh mentally apologizes to her.

Phool greets the priest as she joins Akbar while in the mandap. Akbar smiles in aid. He thinks of simply how much he has liked her because he was pretty younger. I had to encounter a great deal of problem in receiving her as opposed to finding what all I have bought until date! The puja commences.

Outside, a daasi announces that Phool has sat within the mandap. The wedding day will almost certainly commence now. Pratap and Chandrasen nod at her. She heads back again inside. The men think of diverting the attention from the soldiers on obligation. Rana Punja joins them. Pratap guides them to assault the Mughal troopers from the backside of the palace. We will properly enter within then. Chandrasen and everyone else can help me from the front. One particular will have to attack on their own enemy when it is actually least predicted! That is what I’ve learnt from that Mughal.

Phool appears to be like tearfully at her father who appears to be like down.

The Mughal soldiers shift to the backside as There have been an attack there. Pratap enters within the front facet n Chetak. Chandrasen and Rana Punja shoot arrows at many of the troopers who encompass Pratap. Akbar hears the audio of hoofs. He stops the puja. The poison has began to demonstrate its effect a little bit on Phool. Akbar asks his soldiers to open the doorway. Pratap and Chetak stroll in. Akbar looks angrily at him. Phool appears at him as well. If I’d any concept about my choice, that you’ll come to just take me only immediately after Demise, then I would’ve died long ago. Akbar notices her response. Pratap holds out his hand for Phool. She begins to increase her hand towards him. Maan Singh orders the troopers to catch Pratap when Chetak jumps over the trays kept there. The colors refill in air on account of which the vision of just about Everybody standing there will get blurred. Pratap retains Phool’s hand and pulls her over Chetak. Pratap congratulates Akbar on his wedding as he turns to leave. Ram Singh is entangled inside the flowers. Akbar orders Anyone to catch Pratap or he wont leave any individual. After outside, the Bheels and Chandrasen manage many of the Mughal troopers. Ram Singh wonders how the Bheels are serving to Pratap. They would have long gone to jungle. No you can go there quickly. Bheels eliminate anybody who reaches there. Akbar orders Maan Singh to have his troopers All set. I need each of them at any Expense.

Precap: Raimal tells US that Pratap has kidnapped Phool. Publish an apology letter to Akbar in advance of anything Erroneous happens. Akbar decides to attack on Udaipur now. Raimal wants to leave asap but DB asks him to write a letter to Akbar on her behalf. Compose that I want to fulfill him.

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