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Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 17th September 2015 Written Update


Phool tells Pratap that he is no one to interfere inside their issues. You’re an outsider. Pratap is shocked. Chandrasen reminds her that Pratap is like his elder brother. How can he be considered a stranger? You the two are childhood pals. Pratap tells him it really is ok. He waits for Phool’s choice. She thinks of her father’s terms. She announces that she wishes to marry Akbar. I would like to be the wife in the most powerful person of the whole world. I wish to me the Mallika-e-Hind of Shehanshah Akbar! I want to adhere to Heer Bai’s actions. I wish to do something for my motherland. Pratap and Chandrasen aren’t satisfied. Pratap shakes his head. What are you declaring? This isn’t your soul talking. Phool asks him what’s Erroneous in her final decision. I have listened to that Akbar takes Excellent care of his wives. He likes me because we have been younger. Pratap tells her to halt. Believe before you decide to say some thing. Phool desires him to accept the reality. I’m likely to be Mallika-e-Hind soon. She walks out of your court.

Ram Singh ji claims I assume without doubt ought to be there soon after hearing Phool’s conclusion. Moreover It’s going to be a waste of time for you (Pratap) after recognizing every thing. Pratap bids him very good bye. Chandrasen tries to cease Pratap but his brother stays set. Chandrasen remarks that he will head to any extent to maintain the dignity of Rajputs. I’ll even stand towards you if I must. Ram Singh gives him whole flexibility to settle on whichever route he appears like. I have manufactured up my mind. Pratap leaves from there.

Phool is crying in her room. She appears to be like at Pratap’s sketch. She feels bad for speaking with him like that. A daasi understands her dilemma. Only Pratap can help you now. Only he is strong sufficient to stand from Akbar. You distanced by yourself from him only. Phool doesn’t want her father to danger his lifestyle. The daasi is aware that there are no phrases like offering your self to anyone. You could never ever get over Pratap even soon after recognizing that he can by no means be yours. How did you surrender without the need of even making an attempt? Phool asks her to deliver all the fabric which is required to publish a letter.

Chandrasen apologizes to Pratap from Phool and his brother’s side. I introduced you right here and you got insulted. I’m feeling poor. Pratap suggests don’t waste your time and effort in formalities. Both of those of them had been scared. Why experience negative as a result of that? Chandrasen understands that he doesn’t have faith in anything that Phool has reported. Pratap would’ve finished it if he dint knew Phool from childhood. Chandrasen far too feels a similar way. We both of those tried speaking to them but in vain. Pratap thinks of halting that Mughal from reaching Marwar. Chandrasen wonders how only two of them with their two horses can end this kind of huge Military! Just then a gaggle of regional shooters surround them equally.

Maan Singh has learned that Pratap and Chandrasen are in Marwar in the intervening time. There are numerous people there whom they can instigate towards us by speaking about Rajput dignity. It’s going to be excellent if the marriage normally takes place someplace else than Marwar.

Pratap and Chandrasen are introduced to some put. The leader announces that they ought to be killed. This is actually the space of Bheels. Whoever is available in our space without the need of our authorization dies. Why will you be each smiling? Pratap removes the chain from close to his neck by breaking it. Chandrasen and Pratap keep back each of the Bheels. The chief stops them. He asks Pratap who He’s. Pratap smiles. I’m also considered one of your folks. The leader asks him why he was all chained till now regardless if he was sturdy plenty of to break them. Pratap replies that he needed to fulfill his Buddy Rana Kheta’s son. I used to be only your father’s Buddy outdoors your jungle. I used to be Blessed which i got to battle from most of my enemies with him. He was a brave fighter. The leader acknowledges him. He touches Pratap’s ft. Forgive me. Pratap hugs him. I am really delighted to satisfy you. Pratap introduces Chandrasen to him. They free of charge Chandrasen from his chains. He himself places their turbans again on their head. Chandrasen states you ought to have said it earlier only. The chief is bound There may be some cause of him selecting by doing this. Pratap doesn’t want Akbar to head to Marwar from Nagor. The chief agrees that will help Pratap.

Ram Singh claims the marriage ceremony will occur in Nagor. Do regardless of what Akbar asks for. Explain to Phool to get ready. The courtier nods. Everyone seems to be gossiping relating to this wedding day. Should you concur Akbar for allowing this relationship materialize the Rajputi way then it will be good for us. Ram Singh agrees to inquire Akbar.

Akbar presents his consent for marrying Phool adhering to Rajput rituals. It will probably be excellent for us only. Mail a information to Heer Bai that she only has to create many of the preps now.

Ram Singh and Phool are all established to go away for Nagor. Ram Singh recognizes that she wont have the capacity to settle for the man who has been chosen for her. I’ve generally dreamt that you will get married right here and not in Nagor. But what should I do! Phool suggests that they must leave now. Nagor is rather significantly from Marwar. She sits in her palanquin. She thinks of her previous joyful moments with Ajabde as she appears to be in the palace. Phool reads the letter that she has written for Pratap. I am sorry for whichever I reported to you. I dint mean any of it. I had to convey it. I liked you like mad in childhood. Akbar wont be capable of even touch me. I will conclude my daily life in advance of that. Give my love to Ajabde. Phool presents the letter into the daasi. Give it to Pratap. Akbar’s confession echoes in her thoughts. She appears to be with the bottle of poison in her hand. The epi ends over the split screen of Akbar, Phool and Pratap.

Precap: Pratap gets Phool’s letter. He decides to save Phool. I cannot let her die.

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