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Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 16th September 2015 Written Update

Chandrasen asks her Phool not to give any such promise. Ram Singh angrily tells him not to talk in Pratap’s language. Pratap comes there just then. Phool thinks of the old times as she looks at him. Your brother is saying the right thing.

Raimal concerns US’s place. I believe there’s no tradition During this palace to debate a thing with all your elders. It transpires so in my palace. US asks him to speak clearly. Raimal talks about Akbar’s proposal of marriage for Phool. Ram Singh accepts it but this has upset Pratap. US states it really is justified. Raimal provides that he may very well be appropriate. I as well come to feel the identical but we dint go away for Marwar like Pratap. Who’s he to meddle in Marwar’s affairs? He could have consulted you atleast. US gets indignant. Raimal hints that Akbar and Marwar can assault Pratap instead. Modest victories have produced Pratap around self-confident. How did he go devoid of consulting you? DB interrupts him.

Phool has tears in her eyes as she seems to be at Pratap. Ram Singh ji welcomes him. Pratap suggests I have come that can assist you. I will check with your father. Chandrasen tells Ram Singh that he will have to refuse this proposal. Ram Singh replies that this is the results of what he did in Agra. Chandrasen doesn’t obtain anything Improper in what he did. I don’t Assume any Rajput state will connect with it Completely wrong. Ram Singh are not able to fully grasp what the necessity for him to obtain inside of Agra was and do everything damage. Don’t advise me anything now. Pratap suggests your determination wont be proper for possibly Marwar or Phool. Joining arms with him might be equivalent to simply accept his slavery. We can not have confidence in him. He’s requesting Phool right now. Likely It’s going to be your state and palace following that he would want to own. There is not any extent of his greed. Be quite very careful in excess of this issue. Ram Singh reminds him that he also misplaced his Mewar to Mughal. You bought Udaipur once more by your will electric power. I am not as strong while you. Remember to don’t complicate the situation by associating it with Rajput dignity. This really is my choice for Marwar!

DB reprimands her brother for filling Rana ji’s ears. Pratap only heard his internal voice. He wanted to meet you but I only requested him to go. Raimal says he could have waited for now. Phool isn’t acquiring married now. US seconds him. DB asks him to believe in Pratap. He won’t do everything Completely wrong. Raimal is happy as his sister arrived a little bit late. I did my get the job done.

Chandrasen inquiries his brother more than his choice but Ram Singh stays place. I determine what is sweet for my daughter and Marwar. Chandrasen leaves the choice on Phool. Are you wanting to marry that Mughal and accept him as her spouse? Received’t her soul be restless for life? Phool leaves from there teary eyed. Chandrasen factors out to his brother that she has no answer. Her silence means her no. Ram Singh says you’re forgetting that the good women of Rajputana keep peaceful to concur for almost any alliance.

Heer Bai asks the daasi’s to deliver bangles. The Shagun might be incomplete or else. Salima relates to add salt to her wound. Your toddler is still due still you happen to be active earning preps to welcome An additional female in in this article? I’d informed you to definitely be cautious. HB carries on to talk optimistic which irks Salima. The marriage ceremony is on this Jumla only.

Phool cries pondering the problem. She remembers Akbar confessing it that he loves her. She following thinks of her love for Pratap. Pratap will come there. She pretends to attract. He understands that the diatnces concerning them have increased. I haven’t any appropriate to talk in any of your personal issues. I also understand that you don’t intend to make your lifetime hell by accepting that Mughal’s proposal. I’m very well conscious of the fact that you don’t improve your impression about everyone simply. Undoubtedly you would probably be thinking of that Mughal the same as a patriot. I request you not to give into any psychological strain. Phool rather talks about Amar. Pratap tells her slightly about Ajabde and Amar. She states I’ll think a bit more. I will share it with you once I’m apparent about it. Pratap understands that in her heart she has already designed her choice. You only have to make a decision now. He turns to go when he stops to get a second to take a look at his sketch held close by. Phool too appears to be like at the sketch. You say every thing so effortlessly.

Akbar halts for the day. He tells Maan Singh to mail the Shagun and concept to Marwar.

The Shagun and bridal dress attain Marwar. Phool looks at it with shock. Ram Singh states that this marriage ceremony dress will carry Loss of life for them if she says no. This attained here even just before my acceptance. It doesn’t make a difference to Akbar is you acknowledge it or not. It will only impact Marwar. He will destory Marwar. He wont depart any individual alive. I’m your father but I am Marwar’s helpless king initial. I beg you to avoid wasting Marwar. Phool holds his hand. Please allow me to Imagine. Ram Singh asks her if she thinks she or he has another solution. This isn’t a proposal but Akbar’s final determination. Phool claims it doesn’t issue. I want time for you to Believe. Must I not Imagine right before committing suicide? She walks out from there.

Phool retains pondering her father’s text. How do I convey to him my determination? How can I convey to him something that wont impact him wrongly. A daasi comes to tell her about something which has occurred during the courtroom.

Ram Singh asks among his courtiers to cut his throat. Phool inquiries him. He claims I am only executing what Akbar will do to me tomorrow. It is best to get my throat Slash through the fingers of my very own folks instead of dying by his palms. Phool tells the courtier to keep the sword again in its sheath. Pratap asks her if she has improved his selection. She replies that he’s nobody to interfere in their matters. That you are an outsider. Pratap is stunned.

Precap: Pratap waits for Phool’s final decision. She announces that she desires to marry Akbar. I need to be the spouse of the strongest male in the world. I want to me the Mallika-e-Hind of Shehanshah Akbar! Pratap and Chandrasen aren’t content.

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