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Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 14th October 2015 Written Update

Chundavat ji wants to send someone to summon the Raj Vaid but Maan Singh BHala reasons that they don’t have that much time. I can save him if you trust me. Chundavat ji nods. Maan Singh bites on Pratap’s hand. He goes to bring some medicinal herbs. SHakti Singh realises that Amar is not here.

Amar follows Tara Bai. She runs to save herself. Her one earring falls when her dupatta gets stuck in a plant. Forgive me DB, I don’t want to kill this kid but now I don’t think I have any other option.

Shakti stays back for Amar while the others take Pratap to the palace.

Amar finds Tara Bai’s earring. It is surely of her. Shakti joins him. Amar tells him about the killer which is a girl. I saw her going there. Shakti cannot find anyone there. Amar is sure she must have run away. He shows him the earring. Shakti is very impressed by him.

Ajabde shows the room to Phool where Pratap keeps his favourite weapons and books. Phool gets excited to think about a trunk. It contains jewellery. Ajabde tells her that it was Pratap’s wish. Phool can understand the love that they both share.

A soldier informs Ajabde and Phool about the incident. The poison has spread in his body. Phool feels dizzy. She runs to Pratap’s side. She questions Vaid ji. How is he? I will kill myself if anything happens to him. Ajabde tells her to control herself. Phool notices the other people in the room and calms down. Vaid ji tells them that Bhala did the necessary thing on time. Rana ji is out of danger. Bhala says a very important person has put that person behind Rana ji. I saw the dead snake. I got him checked. I have found that the same poison was on the arrow by which Pratap got hurt. Acharya thinks that maybe the culprit is hiding here only. Shakti and Amar enters just then. they collide with Tara Bai. Amar notices her eye colour. He points out to his Kaka that the earring is hers only. She is the new Daasi from Marwar who has come from Marwar. Shakti tells him to go to his room. I have to ask some questions from Phool Bhabhi.

Phool tells Chandrasen that she has doubt on one of her daasi’s. I don’t know anything about my new daasi. Chandrasen shares that he had left for a pilgrimage right after her wedding. How can he send someone then? He is still now back. Shakti calls out for his bhabhi. He finds one of her love letters in her room and reads it. He reads all the other letters as well. He finds the paintings there as well.

Phool is worried thinking about this particular daasi. How will I explain it to everyone if anyone asks me about her? Chandrasen agrees to find her before anyone else. Shakti adds that they will get her out of their way. You smartly made Dada bhai kidnap Phool bhabhi. Everything was planned. Bhabhi wrote to Dada bhai that she will die if she has to marry Akbar. The plan was good. Kill Ajabde bhabhi and then make a way for yourself. Chandrasen and Ajabde call it false. Shakti talks about the new daasi. She was specially called for this very reason. He shows them the earring. Acharya and Chundavat ji are also there by now. Shakti adds that Chandrasen, his dada bhai and everyone is together in this. It was all your plan to kill Dada bhai. Ajabde tells him to stop.

Tara Bai notices her missing earring in the mirror. Acharya and Chundavat ji show it to her. Chundavat ji blocks her way. Acharya announces that the matter will be discussed in court now.

Chandrasen trusts his brother completely. He is not a traitor to plan killing their own brethren. Shakti refuses to believe it. Chandrasen points out that maybe someone from Mewar is planning all this. Shakti asks him who he supports now. We will attack on Marwar in reply and destroy everything. Chandrasen calls him a mad bull. Everyone says right about you. Shakti vows to put his words into action. I will not spare anyone. Pratap stops Shakti. Apologise right away! He is like my brother. I cannot bear anyone insulting him. Shakti refuses. I will never say sorry to him. Sadly, I will not forgive myself too. I made a very big mistake. I had thought that things here will change for me but you are exactly like father. You are as much arrogant as him! Pratap is about to slap him but Ajabde stops him. He is your brother. Shakti says I am leaving Rana ji. Don’t try to call me back this time. Ajabde tries to make him understand but in vain. Pratap too tells her to let him go. He will be back as soon as he calms down. Chandrasen talks about finding out the name of the culprit. Acharya says we have caught her. She will tell us everything on her own. We will meet in court whenever you are fine. Pratap wants it to be done right away.

The many Afghan soldiers die while in the struggle. A great deal several Mughal soldiers die also. Only Hakim Khan is still left alive and held captive. Akbar asks him to affix his facet. Hakim Khan refuses to battle from Pratap. Akbar gets him arrested. Maan Singh congratulates Akbar on this victory. Now we wont consider any Afghan supporting Pratap within the Haldi Ghaati fight. Akbar desires to make certain that Pratap dies in this kind of way that everybody remembers it for any life span and have a lesson from it. I also want Faizal on my aspect.

Phool is indignant to check out Tara Bai. She tried to eliminate Rana ji and insulted Marwar. She must be offered death penalty. Pratap is available in the courtroom. He instantly asks Tara Bai to inform him the name of the one who has despatched her listed here. This is your a single and only probability. Tara Bai details her finger to DB.

Precap: A daasi concerns notify Pratap that there is some trouble during the palace. Appear quickly. Pratap leaves instantly. Tara Bai has escaped within the prison. She holds DB’s neck. Get ready to die!

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