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Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 12th October 2015 Written Update

Phool comes to the puja room with flowers. Ajabde takes them for her as she is decorating it. Phool says we used to decorate the thaal of Mewar’s Rana ji together as kids. Everything is still the same, right? Ajabde does not give her any reply on this question. Phool clears it to Ajabde that it was Amar’s plan to surprise us. Ajabde does not mind it. He is your husband too. He should know what you feel for him. Phool knows that she might be Pratap’s wife but he has only you in his heart. Ajabde tells her to do Pratap’s tilak. I have already done it a lot many times.

The cook makes sherbet. The commander makes him check it first as Rana ji too will be drinking it along with the Samant’s. The guy tastes it. Tara Bai watches them.

Pratap is getting ready. He is waiting for Ajabde as she only makes him wear the turban every day. What has happened to her! He wears it himself as the guests have started to come over.

JB comes to talk to Ajabde. You did not go with Pratap? What’s the point of helping me? Ajabde wants to give equal chance to Phool. I have sent her on my place this time. JB asks her if Pratap will accept it. Ajabde is sure he will do it as Phool is his wife. He has accepted her. JB wants to know if she has done it too. Have you accepted Phool as Pratap’s wife? You are Badi Maharani. You have lots of responsibilities. You have to help the Choti Rani her rights with your heart. Ajabde replies that she is seriously trying. JB has trust on her. They share a hug.

Everyone cheers for their Maharana as he steps outside to play Holi with the other Samant’s. Pratap greets them all. He takes his seat. Chundavat ji talks about the ritual where Rana ji has to play Holi with everyone. But Mewar’s Maharani will do his tilak first. Pratap is not so happy to see Phool. She tells him that Ajabde has sent her. He asks her to do his tilak then. Phool gladly does his tilak. The celebrations begin. Pratap excuses himself for a minute.

Ajabde is looking after the decorations. Pratap calls out for her so the daasi’s leave. You are forgetting your responsibilities nowadays. You dint come to make me wear turban. You did not even do my tilak on my first holi after I became Maharana. She lies that she was busy. Phool was there though. He makes her look at him. Don’t try to change what has been happening between them. I don’t want to be smart when it comes to relations. I was, am, and will always be mad in the case of love. You were, are and will always be my first love. He holds out his hand for her. He has brought colour for her. She does his tilak. He too puts some colour on her cheeks.

Tara Bai tastes the poison once again from her snake. She follows the guy who is taking sherbet outside. It is time to ruin the celebrations! Tara Bai mixes poison in one of the glasses. Pratap is back outside. JB and all the ladies watch them celebrate together. Ajabde remarks that some occasions are meant to clear away all the sadness from our lives. Phool nods. Pratap smiled after so long. JB wants to stop this time for forever. Tara Bai walks forward with the sherbet / thandai. Rana Punja wants to introduce Patap to all the guests first.

JB imagines Shree Krishna coming there and playing holi with everyone. She is overwhelmed. Ajabde and Phool look at her curiously. She leaves. Phool looks at Amar playing with his cat. Ajabde follows JB. JB calls out for Kanha ji. Where are you? I saw you just now. She keeps calling for Kanha ji but cannot see him anywhere. She gets sad for a minute but then sees him again. She folds her hands before him. Ajabde calls out for Rani Ma and Kanha ji disappears. Ajabde can see her smiling and staring ahead at nothing. JB tells Ajabde that it is time for her to leave for Kashi.

Amar is usually having fun with playing holi with Every person. Pratap picks up the exact same glass from your tray. Chundavat ji pretty cleverly sends Amar to apply colors on his father. Amar pushes the glass by slip-up. Tara Bai appears fearful. Pratap acts rigid together with his son for the next but then applies colour on Amar’s confront. They equally get pleasure from jointly. Amar shouts in shock when he spots his car or truck lifeless. Rana Punja factors out that there was poison in the sherbet. Chundavat ji ends the celebrations for now. We must catch the culprit. We’ll meet up with tomorrow for hunting.

Ajabde tries to cease Rani Ma from leaving. All of us have to have you. JB asks her to manage anything in her absence. Pratap will constantly require me but I am sure he will be Protected and Fortunate till you happen to be with him.
They recognize a great deal lots of unexpected movements. Ajabde asks the soldiers why everyone is running helter-skelter. One of many troopers shares that someone stealthily attempted to destroy Rana ji.

Chundavat ji thoughts his soldiers but all of them remain peaceful. He scolds them for becoming careless any time a spy has entered their palace. A person soldier provides a snake that was found in the kitchen area.

DB nevertheless trusts Tara Bai. You tried using your best. You should access Pratap in advance of he reaches you. Tara Bai decides to seek out Pratap tomorrow when he leaves from looking.

Precap; Tara Bai aims her arrow at Pratap. Akbar is all established to struggle with Mirza. Tara Bai’s arrow hits Pratap in his hand. He falls on the bottom. Shakti notices that his lips have turned blue.

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