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Bhaghyalakshmi 8th October 2015 Written Update

Bhoomi/Divya calls chemist and asks why did not he send her medicines yet. He says he sent already and she should enquire her family members. Ansh enters and asks what medicines she takes and says he saw her panicking and badi maa holding her. She can fool everyone and not him, she can leave silently and he will not inform anyone. Bhoomi says when she met with a fire accident, like he lost his wife, she lost her husband, badi maa and whole family. Her condition was very critical and she was in a big shock, so doc gave her antidepressant and she takes it to be strong.

Pavitra meets her goon who informs that Divya was married to a businessman from Shirdi who abandoned her and she went into depression after that. Pavitra gets happy.

Bhoomi’s lawyer meets her and says they will win case for sure. Pavitra enters and says she should take back case as she knows about Shirdi and marriage, etc.., else she will be in a big loss. Bhoomi gets tensed. Ansh hears their conversation. He stops Pavitra and asks what she knows about Divya’s past. Pavitra says he remembered his sister now and says he himself will know soon. He says she is just shooting arrow in air and waiting for Bhoomi to make mistake. Pavitra says he is right, she is waiting for Divya to make mistake. She continues that since that girl came, she is boasting herself as Bhoomi, that means she is his wife and he has right to get intimate with her.

Bhoomi speaks to someone and tells Pavitra was talking about her past, but not to worry she will manage her. She turns and sees Varun. Varun says he came to apologize her and says though he does not know who she is, he is from Shukla family and knows his sanskars and accept his mistake.

Inder and Agram explain to Vasundhara that they are afraid that new Female will become like Pavitra. Vasundhara claims she is certain she will never develop into like Pavitra. Bhoomi enters with drinking water for badi maa and claims she is familiar with These are baffled, but she’ll promise that she is not going to they won’t be harmed. Vasundhara/Badi maa states she trusts and along with her, so she does not have to worry. Bhoomi smiles.

Pavitra’s goon calls her and suggests he acquired evidence and he will send it by tomorrow to Divya’s ex-partner Yuvraaj. Pavitra receives pleased that Divya might be caught concerning her ex and current husband and ex-husband will come to prove his proper..

Inebriated Ansh enters Bhoomi’s place claims she was right, He’s battling unnecessarily and now recognized that she is his Bhoomi and gets personal. Bhoomi gets anxious and he asks why is she nervous.

Precap: Bhoomi touches Ansh sensuously and suggests she was looking ahead to him to just accept her considering the fact that a very long time. Ansh will get nervous.

Written Update By Sahir


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