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Bhaghyalakshmi 3rd November 2015 Written Update

Bhagya Lakhsmi watch online

Badi maa gives sargi to Bhoomi, Suman and Latha for karva chauth fast. Pavitra sees that, goes to her room and asks Varun to ask his parents to send her sargi. He says neither he considers her as wife, nor his parents consider her as bahu and walks out. He goes down, gives Ansh project file and asks him to head it.

Mehandi designer applies mehandi on Bhoomi, Suman, latha and Surbhi’s hands. Pavitra sees that and asks him to apply mehandi on her hands also. Designer says he has to attend other clients and leaves keeping mehandi cone for her. She then calls sargi vendor and asks badi maa to tell what to order in sargi. Badi maa says since she does not respect relationships, she will not get help. Pavitra asks vendor to bring biggest sargi thali. Once he brings, she asks Varun to pay. Varun looks at Surbhi and pays. Suman thinks only Surbhi has right on Varun’s sargi.

In the morning, Divya/Bhoomi walks towards hall with wet hair. Yuvraj stops her and says he loves her weit hair and says her real sasural is sending her sargi. Bhoomi gets tensed and tearful. She slips and Yuvraj holds her. Just then, Ansh comes. Yuvraj changes tone and asks Bhoomi to be careful and leaves. Bhoomi gets tensed. Ansh asks if he is fine and corrects her hair.

Bhoomi joins latha and Suman to have sargi. Badi maa says she has kept everyone’s sargi and asks them to finish it soon and start arrangements for tonight’s pooja. Pavitra also comes down with Varun.

Ansh prays god with Bhoomi/divya and thinks he is doing it for bhoomi. Yuvraj then stops bhoomi and tells her sargi is coming in fifteen min.

Whole spouse and children sits for breakfast. Bhoomi insists Yuvraj to hitch them and asks badi maa to insist him. He sits forcefully for breakfast. Bhoomi then goes around door. Man delivers sargi by yuvraj’s loved ones. She requires it and throws in dustbin. Ansh arrives out and asks what exactly is she doing here and requires her in. Bhoomi joins All people for sargi breakfast. Varun leaves. Suman drops chutney on Pavitra and she also leaves yelling. Suman then tells Varun’s purchased sargi is for Surbhi and papers can not separate them. Bhoomi claims she’s Surbhi’s each bhabhi and nanad, so she’s going to feed her sargi and feeds her sweets and fruits.

Precap: Bhoomi receives tensed thinking badi maa can get offended if she will likely not wear badi maa’s sari and she also are unable to dress in Yuvraj’s sari.

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