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Bhaghyalakshmi 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakhsmi watch online

Yuvraj strangulates Surbhi’s neck reminiscing her lying once that Divya is Bhoomi. Ansh and whole family pleads to leave her. He throws her down. Badi maa pleads him to let Bhoomi go as she is having labor pains. He laughs in his usual schizophrenic style. He then sees Muskaan and catches her. Ansh and Divya plead to leave their daughter.

Inspector enters with team and surrounds Yuvraj and his goons. Gun fight starts. Surbhi silently takes Muskan from there and Ansh takes Divya. They all hide in store room. Yuvraj kills Latha and holds Agram on gun point. Inspector warns to drop gurn. Yuvraj says he will shoot Agram if his team does not drop guns. Inspector and constables drop guns. Yuvraj says police force is fool and shoots them all.

Ansh brings Badi maa into store room and asks where is maa and papa. Badi maa signals that they are gone. He shouts he will kill Yuvraj. Yuvraj comes near store room and shouts that he knows Divya is here and shouts to open door. He then orders his men to break door.

Ansh picks chilli powder and rod. Once goons break door, he throws chilli powder on them and Yuvraj and beats them with rod. Badi maa asks to leave them and take Bhoomi to hospital. He along with Badi maa walks with Bhoomi. Yuvraj picks gun back. Surbhi holds Yuvraj, but Yuvraj shoots her repeatedly. Badi maa, Ansh and Divya look at Surbhi in a shock.

Precap: Yuvraj kills Ansh while Divya and Badi maa watch dumbstuck.

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