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Bhaghyalakshmi 30th September 2015 Written Update

Bhoomi/Vidya starts crying vigorously hearing about Vishwanath’s accident. She then wipes her tears and asks Pavitra if this much acting is enough and if she needs more for her video recording. Pavitra says she is telling truth and she can speak over land line. Bhoomi says she knows Vishwanath met with an accident and she is crying for him as he is a good human, took care of her treatment and even united her with her family. She snatches Pavitra’s mobile, watches video and says she can show it to police without editing and if edits, whole family will give evidence against her.

Pavitra comes to her room and thinks she wants to get rid of imposter, but she is very intelligent. Suman enters and says she needs money for grocery. Pavitra yells that she took 1000 rs some days ago for groceries and came back again. Suman says there are many people at home and she can check kitchen. Pavitra takes money bundle from cupboard, gets an idea and asks Suman if she needs money for her sari. Suman says yes. Pavitra gives her money bundle and asks her to keep a close watch on imposter Bhoomi and see if she will go and meet her father Vishwanath.

Suman comes out of room and smiles thinking she will benefit in between Bhoomi and Pavitra’s fight. She sees Ansh passing by and asks where is new Bhoomi. He asks why is she concerned. She says she did not cry at all hearing about her father’s accident, she is very intelligent and is trapping whole family. Ansh starts thinking, he goes to his room and sees Bhoomi talking over phone and asking to take care of him well and tell she will come and meet him soon. He asks whom she was talking to. She gets nervous and leaves saying she will prepare lunch.

Suman starts following Bhoomi. Bhoomi sees her and starts clean sofas. She then goes up. Suman gets confused and goes to kitchen and gets afraid seeing Bhoomi there. She asks how did she come here. Bhoomi asks if she needs anything. Suman yells at her and her jokergiri starts. Ansh silently watches her drama. Bhoomi then goes to switch on water pump. suman says she can ask servant. Bhoomi says why to bother servant for small work, goes out and comes back after some time with wet sari. Suman asks if she went to take bath. Bhoomi says she checked water pressure in a nearby tap and water splashed on her, she will go and change.

Varun speaks over telephone with shopper. He sees Surbhi coming that has a man in his auto. Person asks her to accompany him for Hong Kong journey. She says he might take his other girlfriends. He suggests he demands her. She asks never to joke much more and tries to leave. She holds her hand and forcefully attempts to kiss. Varun stops him in time, slaps him and states he should not force if Woman won’t want to, phone calls watchman and suggests if he see any goon like him once more, He’ll suspend watchman. Surbhi reminisces before incident the place he saves her from goon and smiles.

Ansh follows Bhoomi/Divya and sees door locked. He knocks door and asks to open it. He forcefully breaks it, sees Bhoomi missing and a cloth rope tied over window. He realizes that she must have gone to meet Vishwanath at city hospital ICU. He reaches hospital and asks receptionist about Vishwanath’s room. She says first floor ICU, but he has to wait as there is a visitor already in his room. He sees watchman guarding and lies that nurse is calling him. Once watchman leaves, he goes to Vishwanath’s room and sees Bhoomi there crying holding Vishwanath’s hand and telling family tried to stop her from meeting her, but she could not stop and calls him papa. Ansh fumes hearing it.

Precap: Goons surround Bhoomi and try to misbehave with her. Ansh interferes and beats goons. Goon attacks him with knife.

Written By: MA


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