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Bhaghyalakshmi 29th September 2015 Written Update

Bhoomi files case against Vasundhdara/badi maa for giving her property to Pavitra instead of distributing it to whole family. In badi maa’s room, Bhoomi tells Vasundhara that she had to file case on her to take this family out of Pavitra’s trap. She knows Pravitra is frightening papa and chacha with fake loan and if she believes she is selfish, she will take back her case.

Pavitra attempts to brainwash loved ones from Bhoomi that she wishes cash and confirmed her genuine colours currently. Ansh asks why is she demonstrating issue for them Pavitra states he is a drunkard and is often away from house, so she must and taunts that imposter will consider away everything from them. Ansh fumes.

Vasundhara brings Bhoomi’s rice kalash and asks if she’s bhoomi, she has to be realizing about it. Bhoomi claims this kalash was empty. Vasundhara states right after bhoomi remaining, she filled it with her like and says she appreciates her intentions are pure and strong, so she’s going to give this kalash to her. Bhoomi gets emotional holding kalash.

Pavitra phone calls her puppet who suggests He’s outdoors Vishwanath’s Business office. She asks him to complete his perform and simply call on land line that has a frightened voice.

Bhoomi keeps kalash on her room desk, appears to be like at Bhoomi’s photos and claims it is their 1st gain. Ansh comes out from toilet. She tries to leave. He stops her and tries to get intimate. She receives nervous and asks him to let her go. He asks if a spouse can arrive near wife or not and attempts to kiss her. She moves. He holds her from driving and asks if she’s nervous or shy rather than ready for it after many days. She frees herself and leaves. She comes outside of area, calls anyone and claims badi maa acknowledged her as bhoomi and gave kalash and Ansh attempted to get intimate. Pavitra hears that and thinks she is aware she is not Bhoomi and acquire her truth out before long.

Vishwanath gets into vehicle and leaves. Pavitra’s puppet follows him on bicycle and then phone calls his goon and orders to crush Vishwanath’s auto together with his truck. Goon agrees and crushes vehicle. Bhoomi prays god to protect her spouse and children from evil spirits and difficulties and performs shank.

Ansh relates to Vasundhara’s room and asks exactly what is she reading. She says she’s studying authorized discover and the more she reads, she is comprehending Bhoomi’s intentions. He asks how can she connect with that girl as Bhoomi. Vasundhara states even she did not want to simply accept her, but when she told about her intentions, she recognized it is actually Bhoomi. He states he will never take that girl as Bhoomi.

He sees Bhoomi in kitchen area, retains her hand tightly and asks what did she do to Badi maa that she has approved her as bhoomi. Bhoomi claims she gave responses to her questions. He asks if she is Bhoomi, then why did she run from place when he received intimated along with her. Telephone rings and Bhoomi asks him to let her go. He asks her to reply him initial. Pavitra picks simply call and phone calls Bhoomi loudly. Suman says she was towards Bhoomi and now she’s all of a sudden her contacting, one thing is Mistaken. Bhoomi will come and Pavitra claims Vishwanath met with a collision which is in critical situation. Bhoomi starts off crying vigorously.

Precap: Ansh breaks open Bhoomi/Divya’s room and sees her missing and sees cloth rope over window, meaning she went out via window.

Written Update By Sahir


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