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Bhaghyalakshmi 24th September 2015 Written Update

Bhoomi’s parents tell Bhoomi they will leave now. Bhoomi says she will call bhai/Varun. Rajender says no need as he does not want to disturb him until things settle down. Surbhi enters and asks things are fine now, then what are they talking about, she got what she needed and Varun became rich. Dhara asks if she really got what she needed. Surbhi gets nervous and leaves.

Latha with Suman prepares laddoos for Maan and tells Suman that Maan stayed from dwelling so many times that she forgot his decision, but she’s preparing his preferred laddoos. Pavitra arrives there and asks if she geared up laddoos for her. Latha suggests it is for Maan. Pavitra shouts Maan bevda/drunkard does not need laddoos and her servants are unable to squander groceries. Bhoomi comes there and asks Pavitra to Allow Latha just take laddoos. Pavitra asks to remain away from it. Bhoomi says if she begins her drama, she’s going to inform inspector that she tortured her the two mentally and bodily then she’ll be in jail forever. Pavitra will get frightened. Bhoomi asks her to organize laddoos before long and provides it back again to Latha. Pavitra prepares laddoos angrily though Bhoomi offers Latha and Suman juice to enjoy.

Pavitra goes again to her place and yells at Varun that imposter compelled her to operate and begins badmouthing about Bhoomi. Varun will get indignant hearing about bhoomi and warns her dare never to badmouth about his sister, else he will not spare her. He claims Bhoomi and he are blood associated and she is simply certain by contract and he can break it whenever. He then angrily walks out. Bhoomi stops him and asks why is he acquiring offended Listening to lousy about her. He states she’s not his sister and may keep away from him. She indicators childhood tune. Varun reminisces childhood incident and asks How can she know this track and suggests he isn’t going to know how she learnt it, but she will hardly ever come to be his sister. She commences shedding tears.

Latha will take laddoos for Ansh, but Regrettably walks back again observing him ingesting Liquor. Bhoomi stops her and asks if she fed ladoo to Ansh. She suggests no as he is busy. Bhoomi requires her again to Ansh’s home and asks Ansh to generate a peg for her and Latha. Ansh asks how can Latha drink. Bhoomi claims when he is mourning for his spouse’s Dying, why can’t Mother mourn for her son’s death. Ansh gets angry. Bhoomi says He’s inebriated 24 hours and won’t know the way his spouse and children is. He hugs Latha, apologizes her and cries vigorously.

Pavitra phone calls Agram and Inder and asks them to prevent hoping on bhoomi as she are unable to no cost them from her clutch and suggests she gave them shelter to stay and they need to thank her as an alternative and assist her get rid of new Bhoomi.

Precap: Agram asks Bhoomi to stay away from Latha and warns Latha not to get into Bhoomi’s sugar-coated talks.

Written Update By Sahir


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