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Bhaghyalakshmi 21st October 2015 Written Update

Bhagya Lakhsmi watch online

Ansh tells family that though new Bhoomi’s face is different thand old one, her heart is same, so he wants to remarry her. Badi maa gets happy and tells Bhoomi it is a very good news and now everyone are forced to accept her as Bhoomi. She will perform their marriage during navratri and today is first navratir’s dandiya function.

Pavitra calls Yuvraj and informs that her family is getting Divya and Ansh married during navratri function. He fumes in anger and beats his employee.

Navratri function starts. Guests congratulate badi maa for getting back to normal health. Badi maa says it is her son and daughter-in-llaws’ efforts that she is standing on her feet again. Bhoomi comes down from stairs. Ansh imagines her as old Bhoomi and promises her that he will be with her whole life. He then realizes that she is new bhoomi/Divya.

Pavitra announces to start with general performance by artist. Actress Sanjeeda Sheikh dances stunningly on Songs bajega loud to radha naachegi….tune…

Pavitra asks Bhoomi if she will not dance as she is finding married. Bhoomi stands silently. Surbhi seems at Varun Unfortunately. Pavitra sees them and goes and stands next to Varun. Ansh taunts Bhoomi if she’s tensed thinking about marrying a stranger.

Bhoomi Regrettably dances on Prem ratan dhan payo…song…Yuvraj enters wearing Rajasthani attire with beard and dhol. Right after dance, Bhoomi sees him and shockingly stands dumbstuck. Yuvraj continues participating in dhol/drum. She falls down and nervously carries on to have a look at Yuvraj.

Badi maa and Latha aid Bhoomi rise up and acquire her with them. Guest explain to Latha that her bahu is sarv gunn sampann. Suman takes Bhoomi apart and asks if their system will work. Bhoomi asks her not to fret. Pavitra usually takes Varun… Bhoomi thinks Yurvaj arrived at property, don’t know what is going to occur future.

Precap: While actively playing dandiya with Ansh, Bhoomi’s finger will get hurt. Ansh sucks her finger. Yurvaj fumes looking at that and thinks He’ll eliminate Ansh now.

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