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Bhaghyalakshmi 20th October 2015 Written Update

Bhagya Lakhsmi watch online

Bhoomi/Divya gets a call again from nurse that someone’s condition is very critical and she should come right now. She takes badi maa/Vasundhara’s permission and leaves home. Ansh thinks where she must be going at this time and follows her. Divya gets into auto and leaves. Ansh follows her. Some people cross road with god’s idol and Ansh stops his car. Divya’s auto leaves. Ansh then finds autodriver and asks where is the girl. He says she left. Ansh starts searching her.

Divya reaches a house and meets a girl wearing oxygen mask. Girl removes oxygen mask and reveals that she is real Bhoomi. Bhoomi asks Divya how is she. Divya says she is fine and even everyone is fine at home, but Yuvraj has come back. Bhoomi says her fear is yuvraj’s strength and should not get afraid of him. She hugs divya and gets pain attack. Nurse gives her pain medicine and tells Divya she did not take pain medicine in the morning. Bhoomi says she wanted to speak to her and ask not to get afraid of Yuvraj, else their plan will fail. Divya says she will not. Bhoomi asks her to go now.

Yuvraj wearing baba’s attire follows Ansh and is about to hit him from behind angrily when people come and ask to bless him. He stops and tells Ansh if he can help him search someone as their destiny must be same. Ansh says their destiny cannot be same. Yuvraj fumes.

Divya comes back to road and waits for auto. Ansh stops his car and asks where had she been. She says to devi maa’s temple. He says it is on opposite side, if she had gone to meet someone, why did not she take car and went in auto. She says if he does not trust her, she will not give any explanation. She continues that everyone has accepted as Bhoomi except him. He says she cannot be his Bhoomi. She says he will soon and gets into car.

Yuvraj at his hotel room fumes that he cannot see anyone with Divya except himself. He reminisces at a restaurant Divya’s college friend meeting her after a long time and praising her beauty and long hair. He cuts Divya’s hair, slaps friend and says Divya is only his. He comes out of flashback and thinks hye cannot tolerate her staying with a stranger and if he knows that she loves stranger, she will not spare them both.

Latha waits for Bhoomi to perform pooja and asks Vasundhara when will she be back. Divya comes dwelling just then and Latha smiles and says she was looking forward to her since a very long time to get ready for dandiya celebrations. Suman asks which sari to use. Badi maa says she has to arrange prasad also. Bhoomi claims she’ll prepare it quickly. Ansh fumes looking at this. Pavitra taunts him that he should really acknowledge this imposter as Bhoomi.

Ansh goes to his space, appears at Bhoomi’s pics, will come back again down and retains Bhoomi’s hand about. Badi maa asks what exactly is he accomplishing. Ansh suggests everybody knows that she does not look like Bhoomi, but by coronary heart she is Bhoomi, so she desires to just accept her compeltely and remarry her with saath pheras. Divya receives tensed.

Precap: Sangeeta sheikh and Divya dance on Prem Ratan Dhan Payo… Film track.. in the course of navratri celebrations.

Written Update By Sahir


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