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Bhaghyalakshmi 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Pavitra gives money to a shawl man and says she is happy with his work. Man leaves in dark. Kaveri asks how did she become so intelligent. Pavitra says she learnt it from her. Kaveri says Prajapati family is doubting her, so they should execute their plan ASAP. Pavitra asks her not to worry.

Bhoomi comes out of bathroom with wet hair. Water drops fall on Ansh’s face. He wakes up and says he wants her to wake him up daily like this his whole life and tries to get romantic. She says she has to go to badi maa’s room now. He gifts her jewelry. She says he does not need to give her gift. He says he will daily till her birthday. Pavitra peeps in and thinks her brother is getting too romantic and she will help him now.

Bhoomi gives tea to Vasundhara and leaves. Kaveri sees that and asks Pavitra when will she start her plan. Pavitra says bhoomi does not know she mixed her pills in tea powder. Kaveri asks what if people doubt her. Pavitra says her people are all around and will help her, she should just wait and watch.

Vasundhara sips tea. Agram comes with Inder and Ansh and wishes her good morning. She replies. He gives her contract papers and asks to sign them after reading. She starts reading, gets visual hallucination and throws paper shouting there are lots of worms on it. Agram checks and says these are contract papers and not worms. Vasundhara walks towards her room. Bhoomi sees that and follows her. She clashes with surbhi unknowingly and her juice falls down. She fumes. Inder says they should wait till tomorrow and gets bhabhi maa’s sign when she gets well. Inder says they have to, else their will incur huge loss.

Surbhi complains Varun that his sister is incredibly careless. He asks what transpired. She suggests Badi maa’s obtained a stress attack and he or she ran to her area. Bhoomi seeking to enter into her superior publications ran powering her and dropped juice on her sari, she may be very inauspicious and spoilt her mood. Varun receives irked listen to his sister’s insult. Surbhi senses it and starts off obtaining romantic. She asks him to go down whilst she variations her sari and be a part of him.

Vasundhara tells Bhoomi that she is correct Pavitra and Kaveri are actively playing a trick in opposition to her. She would not why Kaveri is brainwashing Pavitra from her. Bhoomi indicates she must speak to Pavitra right. Vasundhara goes to Pavitra’s place and states she should really ignore the previous and imagine an improved existence in Prajapati relatives. Pavitra asks if she will accept her as her daughter. Vasundhara stands silently. Pavitra suggests right until she accepts her, she will never retain silent. Vasundhara asks why she’s not understanding that her existence might be Excellent with family members. Pavitra asks How about her mom, when will she accept her in addition to inform that’s her father. Vasundhara stands even now once more. Pavitra says she cannot as she is egocentric female and cannot tell who her father is. Vasundhara asks her not to come back to any conclusion devoid of realizing anything. Pavitra states she is aware of the reality of her start and asks when she simply cannot communicate real truth, then how can she inquire to talk reality and claims she is a characterless girl.

Bhoomi enters and slaps her. She states her mother arrived to talk to her, but she is aware only to throw poison through her filthy mouth. She apologizes vasundhara for sending her below considering Pavitra would alter, but she was Erroneous. She usually takes Vasundhara from there to her home.

Vasundhara tells bhoomi she observed how Pavitra insulted her. Pavitra on the other aspect tells Kaveri that bhoomi did a large mistake by slapping her, now she’s going to see how she will spoil her birthday.

Vasundhara says Ansh and Bhoomi that she is fine because of them. Ansh asks her to check contract papers ans sign them. Vasundhara sees her dummy doll hanging outside window and shouts that someone is strangulating her doll.

Written Update By Sahir


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