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Bhaghyalakshmi 12th October 2015 Written Update

Bhoomi/Divya asks Latha and Suman when bhai/Varun loved Surbhi so much, why he hates her now. Latha and Suman start story that Pavitra made them slave and Surbhi could not handle it and started fighting with Varun that she cannot live a poor life. Pavitra senses opportunity and offers Surbhi 5 crores in exchange of Varun. Varun asks her how can she sell him for money. She says once Pavitra realizes that he does not love her, she will divorce her and then they both can reunite with lots of money. Varun asks if she has gone mad. She says she cannot live without money and acts as suiciding by stabbing herself with knife. Varun stops her and says she loves her a lot and asks if he does not have any value in her life. She says no and she loves money than him. He says once she fills cheque, their relationship will be finished. Suman continues that after that, Varun fulfilled his promise and did not look at Surbhi and she is reason for their separation. Bhoomi says if she helps her, she will reunite them. Suman agrees.

Bhoomi goes to Surbhi’s room and gives her kerchief to wipe her tears. Surbhi how dare she is to enter her room. Bhoomi says she knows she is sad without bhai, so she has decided to reunite them. Surbhi yells again and Bhoomi leaves. Pavitra hear their conversation and smirks thinking it is time to reunite 2 love birds, Divya and Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj is seeing coming out of car and walking towards home. He sees dust on door and asks servant to wipe it. He then looks at Divya’s garlanded photo and asks servant if he changed garland. Servant says yes. Yuvraj says he forgot adding oil in lamp. Servant refills lamp. He asks how dare he is to touch memsaheb’s garland and burns his hand with lamp’s fire. Servant writhes in pain. He then asks servant to arrange pooja and says Divya’s pic he cannot tolerate anyone touching her and he has kept pooja for her soul’s peace.

Vasundhara smiles observing Bhoomi cleansing property. Bhoomi asks what happened. Vasundhara states she is delighted viewing her Bhoomi Doing the job. Colony ladies occur and say they came to collect navrati celebration donation as Vasundhara donates them each a long time. Pavitra asks Bhoomi to give them cash and provides her purse and thinks on a yearly basis Vasundhara gives 10100 rs, allows check if pretend Bhoomi has completed her homework or not. Bhoomi provides revenue and girls try out to go away thanking her. Pavitra asks them to count funds as she designed a whole new rule. Girls rely and sukay 9000 rs. Pavitra smirks. Vasundhara will get astonished. Bhoomi then gives 1100 rs and says now it is actually 10100 rs as standard. Pavitra will get jealous. Girls question that are coming for dandiya operate. Bhoomi claims Latha and Agram Prajapati, Inder and Suman Prajapati, Bhoomi and Ansh Prajapati, Varun and Surbhi Shukla. Pavitra yells that she’s Varun’s spouse and states Varun and Pavitra Shukla. Bhoomi suggests Surbhi will dance by itself. Girls say only couples can dance and depart. Pavitra smirks.

Pavitra gets simply call from her law firm that they’ve to delay courtroom Listening to to acquire a lot more evidence towards Divya/Bhoomi and should prevent Vasundhara from reaching courtroom.

Precap: Pavitra provides chillies in Vasundhara’s khichdi to halt her from reaching courtroom. Yuvraaj gets Bhoomi’s pics sent by Pavitra and gets satisfied that he acquired reward of his pooja.

Written Update By Sahir


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