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Bhaghyalakshmi 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaveri hires goon and asks him to and finish Vasundhara and her proof previous Girl. Gentleman suggests he is aware aged lady is referred to as Ammaji. He will go and tackle them. Ansh and Bhoomi hear Kaveri and Pavitra’s discussion and Ansh says they cannot have confidence in these 2, so they need to stick to them. They both abide by them within an vehicle.

Vasundhara sees ammaji’s pic at infant Ganga’s home and asks if she has ammaji’s younger pictures. she shows A different Photograph. Vasundhara says she is identical Woman. They listen to an individual knocking door and Vasundhara states goons have come to get rid of them. Ganga states she will tackle them and drops marbles on flooring. Goons enter and slide on floor. One of these sees Ganga and operates guiding her. Ganga drops plant pot on him and he falls down. Vasundhara holds Ganga and attempts to run, but goons encompass them. Ganga then sprays kerosene on them and Vasundhara Keeping matchbox asks them not to the touch them, else she’ll burn up then. Goon phase aside and so they both run. Kaveri’s puppet goon sees them coming out of house and check out to observe her, but stops checking out ammaji and her grandson. He asks his goons to deliver motor vehicle and kidnaps them.

Bhoomi and Ansh go on following kaveri and Pavitra. They both of those get from automobile and enter puppet goon’s motor vehicle. Vasundhara satisfies ammaji’s daughter-in-law/bahu on street and tells she came from bhopal to satisfy ammaji. Bahu suggests ammaji went home together with her grandson. Ganga describes her all the things. Bahu runs towards dwelling with vasundhara and ganga fearing goons may possibly hurt her ammaji and her grandson. They attain residence and don’t locate ammaji and grandson. Kaveri phone calls on landline and asks bahu to provide cellular phone to Vasundhara. She then tells vasundhara that she has kidnapped ammaji and her grandson and to come back to an aged manufacturing facility by itself without informing law enforcement or anybody. Vasundhara tells this to bahu and says she’s going to go on your own. Ganga insists to accompany her, Vasundhara says she is a kid and may continue to be in your house. Ganga follows Vasundhara the moment she leaves.

Kaveri and her puppets attain aged manufacturing unit with ammaji and grandson. Ammaji identifies puppet goon as Chandrakanth and asks if he continues to be alive. He says He’s and now He’ll eliminate her and Vasundhara. He asks goons to get them in. Ammaji curses that he might be punished before long. Pavitra asks Kaveri who Is that this outdated gentleman. Kaveri says he can be Vasundhara’s enemy.

Ansh and Bhoomi also achieve previous manufacturing facility adhering to kaveri’s motor vehicle. Chandrakanth kidnaps Bhoomi while ansh receives active exploring them. Ganga reaches there and introduces herself. Ansh also introduces himself. Ganga suggests she arrived to look her mai/Vasundhara. He asks where by did she go. Ganga states she’ll present him and takes him together.

Vasundhara reaches manufacturing unit and sees ammaji and grandson tied and asks Kaveri why did she kidnap ammaji. Kaveri laughs and says bran also grinds with wheat. Vasundhara pleads to totally free ammaji. Chandrakanth provides bhoomi. Kaveri signals him to just take her away. She then tells Vasundhara that her chini ki gudiya can be below. Vasundhara pleads to call her.

Ansh reaches place with Ganga. Kaveri and Pavitra get tensed and order goons to eliminate him. Ansh beats goons. One of these hits him and he falls on Vasundhara’s feet. He then gets up and beats goons once more and asks the place is Bhoomi. Chandrakanth enters Keeping Bhoomi on gunpoint and claims his spouse is right here. Vasundhara identifies Chandrakanth. Ansh attempts to go, but Chandrakanth asks him to remain proper there. He asks goons to tie Ansh.

Ansh asks Kaveri how can she harm her possess relatives. She suggests she can do something for her advantage and orders Chandrakanth to eliminate Everybody. Chandrakanth claims he will get started with bhoomi and shoots. Ansh and Vasundhara shout Bhoomi…Chandrakanth falls down and it really is inspector who photographs bullet on Chandrakanth’s hand. Ammaji’s bahu brings police in time.

Kaveri escapes with Pavitra. Ansh asks inspector to arrest even Pavitra and bua, but finds them presently escaped. Ammaji tells very good huge perpetrator Chandrakanth is caught and states a long time go, this evil misbehaved with Vasundhara. She reminisces that she had long gone to some marriage with her partner and son and whilst touring heard somebody shouting from the area. When she reached home, she located this guy wanting to destroy Vasundhara. She rescued Vasundhara and strike this guy on head. He fell down and on the other hand stood up just after a while, so she ran clear of there, but now she’s viewing this culprit right now.

Ansh tells Vasundhara she’s proved harmless, so can go household with them. Vasundhara nods Sure and thanks ammaji for her help. Ammaji claims she did her duty. Ganga tells Vasundhara that she told not to shed hope. Vasundhara thanks her and says she wouldn’t settle for any gift, so she’ll give charity to her college to ensure that orphan Children might get educated. Ammaji asks Ansh to consider badi maa dwelling diligently as Pavitra and Kaveri are still not caught. He asks her not to worry, He’ll deliver law enforcement force to catch them and will safeguard badi maa.

Kaveri tells Pavitra that she must eliminate her mother Vasundhara now.

Though traveling in auto, Ansh tells Vasundhara that he will inform total family that she is innocent and make them understand their oversight. Vasundhara claims Kaveri and Pavitra brainwashed them, in order that they reacted. Driver states You can find an outdated temple on the best way and may do its darshan. Ansh states they will skip flight. Badi maa says it can acquire just five min and insists. Ansh agrees.

Driver drops them to temple and leaves in lieu of freshening up. Panditji asks Vasundhara to hitch pooja. Ansh calls Agram and tells He’s in Banaras and is also with badi maa, she is innocent. Kaveri’s goon hits his head with rod and he falls down. Goons then kidnap Vasundhara and Bhoomi and pressure them into car or truck. Ansh tries to rise up and operate, but goon hits him all over again and he falls down.

Precap of Gangaa: Ganga tells her classmates that they will practice dance very well. Rival teacher says he changed ganga’s song, but she found new one and is practicing dance. Ammaji’s grandson hears his conversation.

Written Update By Sahir


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