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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 7th October 2015 Written Update

Vegetable vendor selling vegetables. Angoori asks the vegetable vendor to wait. He tells her he has all vegetables. She asks him to give lady finger. Anita also comes n says that she also wants vegetables. She says she wants onions but they are very costly n she cant afford it. Vibhuti comes n says that she can afford it. The vendor makes fun of him n says he cant afford it. He shouts at him. Anita says why is he shouting at him he says right that they cant afford it. He asks the price of the onions. The vendor says that its 500 Rs/- 2 Kg. He gives him 500 Rs/- n says give all the onions. 1 Kg to anita n another 1 Kg/- to angoori. Anita asks him from where did he get the money. He says he has earned it. He gives it n goes. Anita keeps on thinking from where he got the money. At night, tika malkha saxena n tiwari are sitting. Vibhuti comes n they start playing. Tiwari says they should bid for big hefty price not small price. They start the bidding n it goes upto 3 lacs. Vibhuti says he keeps himself sold for the bid as he doesnt have money. Vibhuti shows his cards n gets happy that he has won. But tiwari shows his cards which are bigger than his cards n he wins the game.

Tiwari claims from these days on he is his employee(gulam). Vibhuti states Okay n he shouldnt convey to this to anita. He goes from there n then cries. Following day anita will get down from your staircase n receives a sprain. She phone calls vibhuti n tells him that she received harm so she needs him to massage her legs. He suggests no but then will it. Tiwari comes n calls out hetram(identify for vibhuti). Anita asks whom is he calling by this name. He suggests he is asking his servant. She claims he retained a servant incredibly great. Tiwari signals vibhuti to sit back n he does so. Anita will get shocked seeing this. She asks tiwari if he wants coffe or tea. He states tea. Vibhuti goes to make it. Anita claims she has acquired hurt so she’ll go ahead and take agony killer n arrive. Vibhuti cones with tea. Tiwari drinks it n vibhuti massages his legs. Anita comes n sees this n gets stunned. Vibhuti will get aside n exhibits as if anything was there on tiwari’s pant n he was shooing it away. Tiwari says that tea is good n goes. Vibhuti goes n massages her legs once again.
At tiwari’s house vibhuti is cleaning the ground. Angoori will come n asks who is he n who saved him in this article for task. She phone calls out to him brother repeatedly. So he will get irritated with that n claims he’s not brother He’s vibhuti. She asks why is he working such as this n did tiwari hold him for operate. He says no tiwari cant continue to keep him for work as he doesnt have that A lot dollars. He then cooks up a Tale. Tiwari arrives n asks him to do cleansing of ground n he hasn’t cleaned the floor correctly. Vibhuti suggests he has. Tiwari suggests He’ll argue along with his grasp. Angoori states u servant do the operate n dont argue n she is going to exhibit him how to operate. Vibhuti says to tiwari This is often to much. Tiwari states dont converse Significantly or he’ll tell anita every thing. Angoori will come n throws all of the rubbish on flooring n says now do the cleaning. Tiwari n vibhuti get shocked. The display screen freezes on their experience.
Precap:- Happu singh states to vibhuti in which He’s sitting down at tea stall that he must do complain on gambling. Vibhuti states dont Permit it’s. Tiwari arrives there n vibhuti sits down. Tiwari says he has retained merchandise there go n retain it. Vibhuti says he has labored alot how a lot more should really he get the job done. Vibhuti picks up the products to keep it n anita sees him n will get shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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