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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with vibhuti seeing angoori n standing at her door n complimenting about her saree n he clicks her picture. Angoori sees it n says why are u clicking my picture. He says i am not clicking your picture i am clicking your saree’s picture. She says but in that saree its me na. He says so come out of it. She says what? He says nothing n says from where dud u buy this saree? She says i designed it myself. He says that u have such a brilliance sense of fashion designing n u should be a fashion designer. She says are u serious? He says yes n start from today itself. She says yes i will n says to him u go now. He just looks at her n she goes he says that till i dont get insulted my day doesnt end. Anita is speaking to someone on phone about woman being self-independent etc. Tiwari comes inside n hears this. She keeps the phone he claps n says that wow u said very nice. She says thanks. He speaks ill about vibhuti. She says why have u come here? He says to see you. She says u dont come to see me u come here to insult vibhuti. He says no its not like that the prblm is that whenever i think about vibhuti i just get such thoughts about him. He says forget it n says that women should always be independent n i admire such women. She gets minal’s call n she says bye to him n he goes. At night tiwari goes home n calls out to angoori she says i am room come here. She is making designs there. He says what are you doing. She says i am making designs n want to be a fashion designer. He says what are you saying? She says yes n says that vibhuti helped me get this talent. He told me that i am in born talented. He says what should i do of this vibhuti n says wat about dinner? She says i dint make it today. He shouts n goes n she cries. Anita is asking vibhuti to make food quickly. He says the gas is not burning n says that the lighter has got spoiled. She says burn it with matchstick. The doorbell rings. She asks hin to open the door. He comes out n says u are sitting so near n cant open the door. She says its ok now u open it. He says i wont n goes. Anita opens it n tiwari comes. She says u here at this time. He says yes this vibhuti has again done a prblm. She says now what did he do? He says vibhuti has pinned angoori with this fashion designing thing n now she us just doing that. Anita says vibhuti did right n vibhuti comes n gives tea to anita n says yes she has talent n i have recognized that talent. He says what nonsense. Anita says today morning u were giving a lecture about women should be independent n etc n now u r saying this? He says forget it i came here for food. Vibhuti says go n eat out. He is going but anita stops him n asks to eat food n go. He sits. Next day vibhuti is doing catwalk at the tea stall n tika comes there n asks why is he doing morning walk now? He says its catwalk. Tiwari n saxena come. They make fun of him that he doesnt have any work so he is doing this. Vibhuti says he is going to be a very innocent fashion designer’s model n its angoori. Tiwari fumes n says she wont do anything of this sort. Angoori is talking to ammaji n tells her about this. She says that tiwari doesnt like that i am doing this n i have stitched a shirt for him. Ammaji tells her to stitch a shirt n jeans for her too. She keeps the phone. Tiwari comes n she asks him to wear the shirt that she has made for him. He says i am not interested to wear it. She says u are jealous of me. He says i am not n the episode ends on her face.

Precap:- Vibhuti says give ne the shirt i ll wear it. He goes n wears it n says its really nice. He says i ll go n show it to people n he goes the shirt is stitched as a blouse from behind with 2 knots.

Written Update By Tanaya


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