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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with angoori throwing tiwari out of the house. He cries n pleads not to throw out of the house but she doesnt listen. He shouta that dont do this what will people say. Vibhuti sees this from balcony n gets happy. He taunts tiwari that angoori dances on ur finger right so how she threw you out of the house n insults him more. He says if u need anything dont disturb me n goes. Tiwari thinks due to angoori vibhuti insulted me today. He sleeps out of the house while night. Next day morning tiwari is snoring like a demon n sleeping outside n anita sees him n calls out to him several times then he wakes up n tells her everything about angoori throwing him out. She says i dont believe it n says i dont think that an innocent women like angoori would do something like this. Just then angoori comes out with arti plate for morning puja. She sees tiwari n comes out n says where were you i was waiting for u whole night why dint u come home? He says what are you saying n says that u only threw me out of the house at night. She cries n says how can u say this also i can never think of doing this n says to anita see what he is saying. Anita shouts at tiwari n asks him not to lie n says u might have got drunk at night n thought that angoori shouldnr come to know so u slept here. She says dont lie to hide ur mistake. She says i am very disappointed with u n goes. Angoori asks him to go n freshen up. He goes being scared n she does her puja. Vibhuti goes to angoori n asks her to say i love u. She says what are you saying n he murmurs that the effect of hypnotization has gone. He says nothing i was saying a dialogue n says how are you. She says i am upset due to tiwari as he is alleging me of throwing him out of the house. He says he is lying n i saw him completely drunk yesterday n she cries. He says dont worry. He removes the locket n hypnotises her sayibg u will see taj mahal now. She gets hypnotised n he tells her to insult tiwari n hit him with belt red n blue on his back n bum. She says ok n he asks her to says i love u. She says i love u 3 times n he says its enough n goes. Tiwari comes n calls angoori n asks him to give him breakfast. She comes n behaves very sweetly with him n asks what does he want. He says give me chilli pickle n paratha. She says i ll get it now wait. She goes n gets a belt n hits him on his back. He goes running from there crying to anita n shows the “nishaan” n says angoori hit me with belt see this. She says i dont believe it n if she has done it there might be some reason. He says no there is no reason i came n asked for breakfast n she hit me. Vibhutu is hiding n seeing this all n he gets happy. She says ok come lets see. Vibhuti goes out from the kitchen window into angoori’s house. They go n tiwari calls out to angoori on anita’s insistence in loud voice. Anita asks her why did she hit him n she completely refuses n cries that i dint do anything n says that infact tiwari was hitting himself with belt n i was shell shocked to see this.. Anita says that u lied again n says that u get shocks of madness n thats why u do such things n hit urself n then put the entire blame on angoori. She says to angoori that dont cry n if he does this again so lodge a police complaint against him. She goes n vibhuti sees this n gets happy. Angoori drags tiwar by his pant n hits him with belt on his bum. The episode ends.

Precap:- Anita tells vibhuti that i got a pendant n see it carefully n hypnotises him n asks him to say everything clearly n to speak truth. He says ok. On the other hand happu singh catches saxena n tiwari asks why are you hitting him. He says that he hypnotised me n got me leave my job by making me insult the commissioner n tika n malkhan also cry that he hypnotised us n made us make all the woman as our sisters.

Written Update By Tanaya


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