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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 3rd November 2015 Written Update

Tiwari going to vibhuti n saying that hi gentleman. He says who r u what i am doing here n says where do i stay. Tiwari says you are at my home n you stay in shikharpur n take a bud n go there. Tiwari gets happy n goes. Anita is calling out for vibhuti n goes out. Happu comes laughing n says what happened anita. She says that she is finding vibhuti n says that god knows where is he n asks him has he seen him. He says no i see only u. She says what did you say. He says that i see all ladies for their protection. He says he is not a kid to find him. She says that he is a kid only now he has lost his memory. He laughs n then makes dome excuse. She says ok but now go n find vibhuti. He then says that how will she stay alone you are a woman. She taunts him n says i can take care of myself you find vibhuti. He goes. Vibhuti orders for tea n says i have to go shikharpur n pellu is eating banana n throws the peel. Vibhuti slips by the banana peel n hits his head on wall. Happu comes n slaps pellu n then says to vibhuti that come i ll drop you to shikarpur. Vibhuti says why should i go there? I stay here. Happu says u got you memory back? He says that means. Happu tells him you had lost your memory. He says it means you were taking advantage of this n scolds him n goes. Angoori calls ammaji n tells her that she is feeling guilty n tells her everything. Ammaji says as it what was this useless vibhuti going to if he lost his memory. Angoori says that but yet you know i am motional. Vibhuti corrects her saying emotional as he is standing outside n hearing everything. Angoori says bye to ammaji n tries to makes vibhuti regain his memory but in vain as he is acting. She is crying that ohh god how to handle vibhuti. He says bhabiji by mistake n keeps quite. Angoori looks at him. He says where am i n etc. She says its ok u wait i ll get samosa for you. He sits very nicely then n says that angoori is so innocent. Then tiwari comes n says i had sent him to shikharpur what is he doing here. He asks vibhuti n again vibhuti says who am I?, who are you? Where am I? n etc. Tiwari takes him n tells him to go. He comes again tiwari gets irritated n says i ll drop you by myself to the bus stop. He takes him vibhuti stands n tiwari tries to drag him but in vain. He then sees anita coming n says i wont let you go vibhuti. He says to anita see i found vibhuti n stopped him from going. Anita says ohh vibhu i was searching u from when n i seàrched you everywhere. Vibhuti says this man is lieing n he was sending me to shikharpur. Tiwari says no u no he has lost his memory so he is saying anything. Vibhuti says i have lost my memory not sense. Anita shouts at tiwari. Tiwsri starts crying n acts n says that i was sending him so that he getd fine as there is guru there. She says i am sorry. He cries n goes n says u have hurt me n laughs. She says anyways n takes vibhuti from there. At night, anita n vibhuti are sitting at two corners of the bed n anita is staring at vibhuti n he is making faces. She gets irritated n takes her phone to call doctor. He says where am i n starts irritating her by his questions n she sleeps n he also sleeps n smiles. He climbs tiwari’s house window n goes in their bedroom n looks at angoori n says she looks very pretty while sleeping n very innocent n is with this tiwari who is like a cow. He then sneezes. Tiwari n angoori wake up n tiwari gets scared. He says why have you come here to destroy my life n angoori says dont say like this its all cause of me. The episode ends.

Precap:- An civil engineer is taking the measurments of road to make a flyover n tells tiwari n vibhuti. Hearing this they get tensed.

Written Update By Tanaya


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