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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 3rd May 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with anita coming out from home. Tiwari wears goggles and comes out from his house. He is walking in style and is exaggeratedly walking like a superstar. Anita is looking at him and is feeling disgusting. Anita asks tiwari your style has changed. Tiwari says yes actually i have become an actor. Tika and malkhan come running saying great superstar and we need an autograph please. Tiwari says okay wait boys and he gives autograph. Tika and malkhan are happy and they go away. Then tiwari goes near anita and asks how do u think i am looking? Anita aays actually i think you shouldn’t be flying your wings so much ant stay on ground and dont show off as you are still not an actor. Anita goes. Tiwari removes the goggles. Tika and malkhan come. They tell tiwari to give them money and to hell with his stardom and they did as he said. Tiwari gives them money. They go.
At home anguri is cutting vegetables. Vibhu comes dressed as a director and tells anguri how she is? Anguri says she is good and please take her in the film too. Vibhu says he needs to take audition for it. Anguri says ok what should she do? Vibhu tells her to move her hips. Anguri does that. Then he tells her say i love you. Anguri says what? Vibhu says its just acting. Anguri says okay. Then she says i love..but she gets a call of mom and goes. Saxena comes and tells take me as associate director as i have worked for hollywood films and bollywood too. Vibhu says ok you are hired.
At home saxena and vibhu are there. Tiwari and gulfam kali come. They give them the script. Saxena tells gulfam kali that your role is actually the character in real life. She blushes. Then they read the script. Which says that you have to barge into my field and dig your hard plough at night. Tiwari says what type of film is this? Vibhu says its nothing if your work you have to go to her field at night because you are a farmer. Tiwari says okay. He tells them to go and learn the script. They go.
At night vibhu is talking to khusatiya telling how will he make this movie and it is tough. Khusatiya says give me my advance then, vibhu tells no its okay he will manage it. Anita comes. She tells i am sad. Vibhu says why? Anita tells i am such a good actress but you have not given me any role in it. Vibhu says its a village type of film and it will not suit you. Anita says i can play a villagegirl and take me. Vibhu says okay he will do something and give her some role.
Anguri comes and sees them both. She asks whats up? Tiwari comes too. Anita tells she is going to get a role in the film too. Tiwari says wow she will play opposite me. Vibhu says no she is going to get a different role and you dont be so happy. Tiwari goes and anita too. Saxena climbs the stairs and tells vibhu he has an idea. Vibhu asks what? Saxena tells that they can put a doublebed in the farm and that double bed will be the core of the story. Saxena then makes the noise of the bed. Anguri is puzzled and asks what is that noise for? Saxena makesthe noise continuously and vibhu says shut up and he doesnt so vibhu slaps him. Saxena goes home saying i like it. Anguri tells vibhu she is sad as everyone has got a role but only she has not got any role in the film. Vibhu says okay i will do something and will give you a role. Anguri feels happy and says thank you and i am excited. She goes.

Precap: vibhu tells tika and malkhan that you have a very bad and low level role and low class. There at home anguri reads the script and dialogue is that i love the way your plough goes in my field.

Written Update by Tanaya

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