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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 30th September 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with vibhuti dressed up as crazy carlos. Anita says to vibhu that she wants him to drive the bike fast. Vibhuti says that he wants to go with anita to ooty or somewhere outside kanpur. But she refuses and says she can’t miss her grooming classes n who will take the classes his mom, she says as it is he doesn’t have job so he should go to the market alone. Angoori calls ammaji n tells her that tiwari wants to take her for a trip for 15-20 days outside kanpur. She says that she doesnt want to go because lattu’s exams are going on. Tiwari comes downstairs and asks angoori to come as they are leaving. Ammaji tells angoori to give the phone to tiwari and says to him that why is he taking angoori when she doesnt want to go. He should take her when she wants to go. And she keeps the phone asking tiwari not to take angoori as it’s lattu’s exam. Vibhuti tells anita that he hasn’t done anything wrong and he has been trapped in the video. Anita asks whether his video been made and has it been uploaded? He says that pammi has trapped him and he hasn’t done anything. Tiwari asks angoori why did she tell ammaji n says that they should go out now. Angoori says that she doesn’t want to go. Tiwari says he is already in tension. Angoori ask why? Anita comes in saying that their husbands want to take them for outing so that they dont get to know about their video with pammi. Tiwari says to vibhuti why did he tell anita. Vibhuti says he was hugging pammi and tiwari says that he was dancing with pammi. They both say that they were talking to her as brothers n addressing her as didi. Angoori n anita say that they are very angry. They go from there. Vibhuti and tiwari blame each other. Pammi talks on the phone to gyanchand n says that she has trapped two stupids in her trap n she will soon get 20 lacs from them she turns behind n sees anita n angoori n gets scared n cuts the call. They tell her that she made their work easy n they are fed up of their husbands so she should give them the CD n they will give her 40 lacs after they get divorced from their husbands. She gets fooled by them and gives them the CD. Anita calls happu singh n asks him to arrest her. He arrests her takes her from there. Vibhuti calls tiwari n tells him to come fast as their wives are going to kick them out from the house. Anita n angoori come n say that they dont need to go anywhere because they have got pammi arrested and they know that their husbands are innocent n stupid.
Next day angoori is doing work in balcony n vibhuti from his kitchen is making breakfast. He flirts with her from the balcony and says that she should make songs on him also instead of just tiwari. She makes a song which is insulting. Angoori asks vibhuti whats the time as she has to call ammaji at 11. He says 10 mins are less to 11. Tiwari comes and vibhuti flaunts about his watch being imported. Angoori says that its looks like a cheap watch and asks from where did he buy it as she also wants to buy it for lattu. Tiwari starts laughing. Vibhuti says to tiwari that he has trapped a innocent sweet cow with long hair. Tiwari says to vibhuti that he has trapped a foreigner deer. The screen freezes on tiwari and vibhuti’s face.

Precap:- Vibhuti romances with anita. Tiwari gets sad seeing that. A man tells tiwari that he has a chip which gives shock to a person when he will touch a person. He touches tiwari and gets shock.

Written By: Tanaya


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