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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with tiwari and anguri going at anitas house and complaining to her about what vibbu has written. Anita laughs in mind but says what and she did not expect this from vibhu. Vibhu who is looking from out says he has not done it. Tiwari tells anita why doesnt she leave this guy and he has gone out of his limits. Anita says excuse me and says that doesnt mean she will leave him. Anguri starts crying and tiwari and anita pacify her. Anita says she has to take a lesson of vibhu. Vibhu thinks that he has not done anything and still they are blaming him so he will write today something good about anguri and anita so that the fake blame should go from his head. He goes. Anita tiwari and anguri plan to catch vibhu red handed at night.
At night anita tiwari and anguri come. Tiwari tells anguri to hide behind their house wall and he will hide with anita behind other wall. Anita says what and you go and hide behind my house wall and i will hide with anguri in the auto. Tiwari says ok. They go and hide. Vibhu comes. He goes to write good about anita on her wall when tiwari catches him and anguri and anita also come. They remove his blanket. Anita and anguri say so they got theri culprit and it is you vibhu and now they dont want any explanation. Tiwari hits vibhu and tells you are cheap and did this with my wife and we dont want to speak with you. Vibhu says he came there for first time and he didnt do anything. Anguri says they have caught him redhanded and now they wont tolerate any explanation. Anguri and tiwari go. Anita says stay out of the house. Vibhu covers himself with blanket and goes and sits in the auto and sleeps. Anita goes. Vibhu says to himself who is doing this? From behind someone comes and writes and goes. Vibhu is sleeping.
Next day morning tika and malkhan come and read that it is written anguri is a white bull. Anguri comes. Tika and malkhan show her what is written. She gets angry and cries and tells tika and malkhan to erase that. Tiwari and anguri go to anitas house and tell her about vibhus mischief. Anita says since night vibhu is out and what has happened to this man and why is he doing this? Vibhu comes. He says hi everyone. They all stare at him and tiwari tells him what he had written that anguri is white cow. Anguri cries. Vibhu says come on he has not done this and someone else has done that. Anita tells you only have done it. Vibhu says no and then says he can brush teeth at saxenas house and also bath there . He just needs towel and fresh clothes and his brush. Anita says no get out and you dont deserve this. He goes. Anguri and tiwari go.
At home tiwaris house bell rings. He calls anguri to open door but she is not there. He opens the door and gulfam kali is there. She says so how are you my manager. Tiwari freaks and tells that he is not her manager. She says he is and since his name was written her customers have increased from 50 to 100 and so her room is not enough so she will do programme at his house from now on. He yells and says go away now and he doesnt want all this at his house. Gulfam kali says she will shout and yell save me and blame him fro assaulting him if he doesnt. Tiwari says please leave me and i am from a good family.

Precap: gulfam kali is dancing and there is audience at tiwaris house. All are enjoying and tiwari is annoyed. Anita tells vibhu to go away. He says he has not done any of this stuff and let him at least take his clothes. She says no get lost.

Written Update By Tanaya


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