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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 24th September 2015 Written Update

The episode commences with, tiwari goes to anita n suggests I’m so sorry bhabhiji I just take my words and phrases back again, anita suggests u know u cant take ur words back, tiwari claims I’m sorry I shed Regulate in excess of my mouth, anita suggests bcoz of u my vibhu is in pain, I am so disappointed with u n leaves, tiwari claims what did u do, anguri is indignant n bhabhiji way too, I can bear anguris anger but not bhabhijis.
Amguri sees tiwari Performing, tiwari calls anguri, anguri woes him n attracts tiwari in direction of her, tiwari receives captivated to herand going to hug her she operates away and tempts him to observe her, anguri can take him outside of area n then locks him out and goes to sleep in bedroom, tiwari says anguri exactly what is this plz don’t do this, anguri suggests did u truly feel insulted, tiwari suggests Sure I did n anguri claims good night.
Vibhuti sleeping on trolley n looking ahead to anita to return to him, anita goes out n checks the place is vibhuti, she finds him on trolley outside the gate, anita suggests vibhu, vibhuti suggests I’m an inadequate plz let me rest listed here madam, anita suggests adequate vibhu lets check out bed cmon, vibhuti states I don’t want ur mattress, anita suggests vibhu u are hurting me vibhu, vibhuti suggests don’t spoil ur slumber for me go sleep, anita suggests vibhu u are punishing me for something I haven’t accomplished, vibhuti say splz allow me to slumber, anita claims good slumber below, vibhuti claims I’ll survive listed here,anita will get indignant n goes in.
Anguri sees vibhuti sleeping outdoors n wakes him up,vibhuti claims who Is that this waking me up, anguri suggests its me anguri, vibhuti claims wow bhabhiji thanku u manufactured my father, anguri states don’t do that I come to feel negative, I truly feel negative seeing anitaji sensation bad for u, don’t make this happen, their discussion is interrupted by site visitors, anguri says see plenty of of the go household now, vibhuti says no bhabhiji I’ve to do it, anguri struggling to listed here bcoz of loud targeted visitors she receives offended n goes in.
Anita tells her Buddy on contact abt vibhu n states my bad vibhu Performing so really hard, final night he slept out,This is certainly all bcoz of tiwariji n that to bcoz of a vase, bye now. Tiwari originates from at the rear of, anita states plz go I don’t truly feel like talking to u I cant bear u, tiwari says vibhutiji is acting He’s a dramebazz, anita states u are once again insulting my partner go wander away, tiwari runs.
Anita sees vibhu eating onion n roti, she receives him foods, n suggests vibhu don’t try to eat this, vibhuti says I am worker n this is all I can afford to pay for, anita suggests no vibhu see I designed ur fav dishes have it, vibhuti states no madam I cant eat, I see ur richness shining in it, n its not great for u, anguri claims see vibhutiji even I acquired foods for u, vibhuti says no madam no, anita states see anguriji notify him, anguri says take in a little something how will u get the job done if u don’t eat, vibhuti suggests don’t be concerned I’ll handle,anguri suggests Okay don’t try to eat n goes in, anita suggests if u will never eat even I is not going to have meals, vibhuti suggests madam don’t do that for just a mere employee, anita receives indignant n goes in.
Vibhuti eats hen hiddwn beneath trolly, anguri tells amaji that she insulted ladu ke bhaiya three periods n I believe I shd end it now he should have bought his lesson bye now, anita comes n says anguriji I am not liking All of this, anguri says I am able to realize, anita says tell me how I have to be living with no vibhu, I hope vibhu arrives home before long, tiwari will come n claims I will provide vibhutiji, anita claims bye, tiwari claims end bhabhiji I promise I will make vibhutiji back to normal as he was,anita tiwari anguri go out n see vibhuti.
Vibhuti acts as though he is just too tired n asks tika n malkha for h2o, they offer him water, vibhuti claims thanku so happy to grasp u aren’t such as this prosperous people n factors at tiwari, anita states plenty of vibhu I cant see u similar to this, vibhuti suggests This really is my lifestyle now madam. Tiwari states adequate of it vibhutiji get off this workers outfit n go into the true vibhutiji,vibhuti states I am an employee sir, tiwari suggests bcoz of ur employee issue I needed to bear much hatred I beg of u, vibhuti states I am an employee sir what is going to I give u.

Precap; aniat appears to be in a very hot girl going for walks n all Males behind her n quickly sees vibhuti speeding to her.
Tiwari says see how I exploit this girl against vibhutiji.

Written Update By Sahir


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