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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 20th October 2015 Written Update

Vibhuti telling everyone that npw he will start the aarti’s of mata rani. He tells saxena to sing. Saxena starts singing n vibhuti acts as if he is singing. Malkha n happy come in the jagrata dancing. Tiwari gives the glass of juice to anita n makes her finish the juice which was left in the glass forcefully. Vibhuti sings n angoori constantly signals him n asks when will the tiger come. Vibhuti also tells her that wait the tiger will come now when everytime she asks. Saxena says i like it. Vibhuti says saxena where are u come here. He again starts singing. Anita is dozing off n tiwari gets happy. The pandit again comes n tells tiwari that he came to tell that he mistakenly told about the thing that if the couple together is awake tgen they’ll be together for next birth but its actually that if the husband is awake n wife is sleeping then they are together for next births. Tiwari gets shocked n says why dint he tell earlier he goes to make anita awake. Tika is in the get up of tiger n is going to the jagrata. He talks to himself of practicing the voice of tiger. He does that n the dogs start running behind him n tear his clothes. Tiwari splashes water on anita’s face n she slaps him n says that what is this nonsense how can splash water on her face in order to stop her from sleeping. Then they hear the tiger’s roar. Angoori gets happy n says that the tiger has come. Anita is impressed with vibhuti. Everyone get scared what if it bites them. Vibhuti says dont worry it lisstens to my songs n goes. Tika comes running n blurts out everthing. Everyone look at vibhuti. Then saxena sings n angoori says to vibhuti who is singing its not u. Vibhuti calls out to saxena. He comes n gets a slap from vibhuti. Anita says she is disgusted of his behaviour. He says i m sorry everyone. Tiwari tells angoori see again u were fooled. The tiger roars. Angoori says something in anita’s ears. She gets the aarti plate n they both sing the aarti n tiger goes. They all say jai mata di n the jagrata ends.
Angoori n anita are coming from the market n they talk about dussehra. Angoori says when she was small she used to become sita. Anita says in real life also she is like sita. Angoori blushes n says thank you. She says to anita that even she loves vibhuti like how sita loved ram a lot so even she is like sita. Anita says but now its time to see if their husbands are like ram or not. Angoori says tiwari is like ram very calm n polite. Tiwari comes out calling for angoori n shouts at her that was she having chat with people in the market. Anita saya she was also there with her. Tiwari says no u dont know her she has bad habit of bargaining. The screen freezes on anita n angoori’s face.

Precap:- Anita n angoori say to themselves that they have got raavan n not ram. Vibhuti n tiwari hear this n say they will become their ram n smile.

Written Update By Tanaya


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