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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 1st September 2016 Written Update

Anita says ok I’m going n goes to tiwaris house,Chachaji says anguri u go sleep too, I want to spend time with Chameli,anguri says ok n leaves. Chameli says u stop looking at me like this. Tiwari opens door n says I hope it’s not Yamraj,Anita says Tiwari it’s me Anita, Tiwari says bhabhiji wow n opens door,Anita walks in, Tiwari says sorry it thought Yamraj,Anita says u are so coward,Yamraj won’t knock doors,Tiwari says I’m feeling secure u are here,Anita says I’m here bcoz of Vibhutis Chachaji I came here, Tiwari says he always makes a mess,Anita says he also told me u attacked Vibhuti,Tiwari says Yamraj,Anita says u will attack Vibhuti,n does that mean u will attack me too, don’t forget I’m a black belt n u have seen its demo too n so stay
away from me,Tiwari says will u have tea or coffee, Anita says get me coffee.

Chameli says to Chachaji plz stop starring at me,he says ur so beautiful, I love u,Chameli says I don’t care , I love u too Chachaji,he says I’m Vibhutis Chachaji,Chameli says I love Vibhuti,he says he is my brothers son n so darling why were u at tiwaris house,Chameli says I wasn’t there on my wish,Chachaji says I won’t leave that man,Chameli says no u won’t,Chachaji says come here sit beside me,Chameli says I’m not comfortable plz go to sleep or else I will make noise.chachaji says ok.

Tiwari says bhabhiji this Vibhutis uncle is a troublesome,Anita says Actually, door knocks Amaji says it’s me anguri open the door,Tiwari says go hide in room above, I will stop ama.anita says ok n rushes upstairs,Tiwari keeps looking at her,n says she looks so beautiful, Amaji says open the door, Tiwari opens door n says Amma u here,Amma asks where is anguri,Tiwari says she is unwell, u sleep here,Amma says u sleep here, I’m sleeping with anguri n goes upstairs,Tiwari says Amma wait.

Amaji forces blanket from Anita’s face, Anita tries to resist n hide,Tiwari says Amma leave her alone,Amma says u trouble my poor girl, go downstairs,Tiwari says ok n leaves.amma says I will talk to anguri tomorrow, let her sleep now, n sleeps beside Anita.amaji gets cosy with Anita while asleep.
Chachaji starring at Chameli n sings a song for her,n while singing he touches Chamelis head n wigs gets off n asks what is this, Vibhuti says u are so cheap uncle,u are cheating in my aunty,I’m calling her, Chachaji says don’t do it, I was just joking,u tell me abt why are u girl,Vibhuti says long story,Chachaji says no need I shd leave now I have flight.

Next morning, Amaji sees anguri in Vibhutis balcony, she rushes to bedroom n checks who is under blanket n sees Anita,Anita says Vibhu don’t trouble me,Amaji wakes her up,Anita wakes in shock seeing Amaji starring at her.amaji says I had a doubt on u, I took u as a good lady but u,Anita says no u are mistaken,n calls Tiwari n slaps him n says u liar,n takes Anita with her.amaji takes Anita to Vibhutis house,Anita keeps saying u have some misunderstanding.

Amaji Reaches home n sees Vibhuti dressed as lady n says anguri u here , Anita in our house what all is this,Vibhuti says this is all bcoz of Tiwari,Tiwari says I was telling her but she doesn’t listen,Amaji says tell me,Tiwari says this is all Panditji,anguri says yes yes n tells the whole story to Amaji,Amaji says sorry Anita,Anita says Amaji it’s fine, Panditji walks in,n sees Amaji n says wow Ramkali good to see u,Amaji blushes seeing him,Panditji says there was a huge mistake, Tiwari was born in morning right Ramkali,Ramkali says yes with ur blessings that too.

Panditji by mistake gave all solutions taking his birth as evening,tiwari is fine now,tiwari says but papa I mean Panditji why do I see Yamraj everywhere, Saxena walks in from behind n says hello everyone, I’m here to invite u all on international mad day for my play, yam hain hum plz come.

Precap : Tiwari says anguri robbery has increased in our twon, anguri says get an ak47, I will ask my brother to get u.
Anita shouts, Vibhuti rushes to her,Tiwari rushes to her in towel n it slips.

Written Update by Tanaya

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