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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with happu singh telling vibhu is the robber. Anita says thatsnot possible and she does not believe it without proper evidence. Saxena says i am evidence and i have seen him robbing. Vibhu says i have not. Happu singh says we have to check your bedroom. Anita says ok go check. Everyone go up. Vibhu says i have the lipstick then what are they checking up. Happu singh gets tiwaris undergarments and says now i have to arrest vibhu. Vibhu says what and why will i rob this dirtys mans clothes. Anita says please believe me vibhu has not done it. Saxena says i like it. Happu singh says i have got this evidence and i have to arrest vibhu. Anita tells wait for 4 hours and i will do something abd if nothing happens then you can arrest vibhu. Happu singh and tiwari says ok and they go.
At kitchen vibhu goes. Anguri ignores him. Vibhu says please dont stop talking to me. Anguri says why did you become a thief and what made u rob tiwaris torn innerweae and she is very sad. Vibhu says he has not robbed anything. Anguri says dont lie and i know you have done it. She then says that doesnt he have undergarments that he had to do robbery and he is jobless but being a thief is not a solution. Vibhu says he is a robber of dreams and romance and not all this stuff. Anguri says that she will give him the old clothes she has kept to give it to servants and take them and stop robbing. Anguri goes to bring it. Vibhu says how much will he have to get insulted in front of anguri. Vibhu goes away from there walking. Saxena who has come from bath comes to dry underpants and then hides them as he sees vibhu. Vibhu asks why did u hide them. Saxena tells because you are an undergarments thief and i hid them. Vibhu cries and says he is not. Saxena says the whole kanpur knows this now that he is an undergarment thief and they all are scared from your terror. Vibhu says what terror? Saxena tells that when 50 miles away a man is drying his innerwear then his wife tells him keep it in locker or else vibhu the undergarment thief will come. Saxena tells now you have 2 taglines: 1 is jobless 2nd is undergarment thief. Vibhu slaps saxena. Saxena says i like it and takes garments and goes in. Vibhu shouts i am not a thief. Pelu comes. Vibhu cries and tells him i am not undergarment thief and please believe me. Pelu hugs him and smiles. Vibhu says wow god what a miracle and you have given him a gold heart and he believes me. Vibhu says thank u pelu for believing me and pelu goes. Vibhu turns back and goes but seems that pelu stuck a paper on vibhus back qith undergarment thief written on it.
At home anita is pleading anguri and tiwari not to put vibhu in jail. Tiwari says that cant happen. Anita says to tiwari take the complaint back please but tiwari says i respect you a lot but vibhu is a thief and he should be punished. Anguri says to tiwari take the complaint back. Anita says ok then go put him in jail and then even i will go from here as it is better to stay away from such a colony and such neighbours. Tiwari calls happu singh and tells him to take the complain back. Anita smiles. Happu singh says that will not happen now and how many times does he have to do this stuff. Anita tells give me the phone. Anita tells happu singh to please take the complaint back or else she will call commissioner and tell him about happus bribes. Happu singh says its ok he will close the case in 2 minutes. They keep the phone. Anita says thank u to anguri and goes. Tiwari says that he did everything and no thank u for him.

Precap: someone enters vibhu house with a vest and undergarment buy a vase falls down and vibhu anuta wake shouting thief.

Written Update By Tanaya


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