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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 16th May 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with tiwari looking at his photo album and says how he used to look and even anita would be impressed after seeing his childhood pics.
Laddo comes running and says show me. He sees and says who is this beggar type boy and look at his teeth. Anguri comes to see laddo. She says here you are. Anguri says show me too and she takes the album. She says everyone looked so good. Then she says who is this beggar type child? Laddo says its tiwari. Anguri says okay. She says who is this beautiful girl beside you? Tiwari says sheis my good friend who i was going to marry but i didnt. Anguri throes the album and goes in the kitchen saying go and sit with her.
Anguri is crying in the kitchen. Vibhu comes and asks who is that useless who made you cry? Anguri says dont say that and its tiwari. Vibhu asks what did he do? Anguri says she saw a girls photo in album beside tiwari and she was going to marry tiwari. Vibhu says he must be having affair with her today too.
There dad comes on scooter. He calls anguri. Anguri says from kitchen its dad and i am coming. anguri goes and hugs dad. Vibhu also comes. Dad says how are you? Anguri says i am fine. Tiwari also comes. Dad says i will tell a true story. Dad tells there was a 5yr old girl and she was married to a thief. Then one day the thief went away and the girl was left alone. So when she grew up she was married to someone else. And now the thief came back and black mailed the daughters father and said bring my wife back. Vibhu says good story and dad tells now tell me what do u think? Tiwari says that give him his wife and let her husband get lost. Dad says okay come on anguri and that woman is you and you were married to this dinger. Anguri says what and i will not go and she goes running crying.
At home dad vibhu and anita are sitting. Anita and vibhu says why did u do this balikha vadhu of anguri? Dad says i had to even though i was against it as my parents were alive and they did this. Vibhu says if u hand over anguri to dinger than 3 lives will be destroyed. Dad says how 3? Vibhu says tiwari anguri and laddoo. Dad says if i dont handover anguri then dinger will kill me as he is a thief and terrorist. Dad sees out and says i think i saw dinger and see go check there. Vibhu goes out and sees a salesman. He asks him name. He says dinger shukla. Vibhu hits him and says so you are dinger and have come to take my bhabhi and you will be bashed today. Salesman says why will i take any bhabhi and i am married. Then dinger the thief and terrorist comes and says i am dinger and searching for anguri. Salesman goes. Vibhu is scared. Dinger asks do u know where anguri is and i have come to take her from her stupid husband and i also have a gun. He shows vibhu gun. Vibhu says no and runs inside scared.
Dinger stand out and says i will find anguri even if she is in hell.
At night anguri says i dont want to go to dinger and i woukd instead die. Tiwari says dont cry and i will not let that dinger even touch you. Tiwari says but this is all because of your dad and once he bashed me, then he bought people to bash me and then his son useless puttan bashed me and then he put a case on me and now he has brought this dinger from somewhere. Anguri says no he did not do it by purpose. Tiwari says he has done it by purpose. Anguri says i will get hot more. Tiwari says its not hot its hurt. Tiwari says leave this and be happy and lets talk a little to make you happy. Anguri says you shouldnt have drunk beer.

Precap: anita shows dinger a childhood pic and tells do i anyway look anguri and i am not anguri. Vibhu says yes she is anita. Dinger asks where is anguri? Vibhu says i dont know. Dinger removes gun and points it at dad and says tell me where she is. Dad says she lives in the front house.

Written Update by Tanaya

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