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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with tiwari opening door. Anita and vibhu come. Putan takes anitas blessings and tells her how is she so fair? She tells she was fair since she was born. Putab says then why did you marry this useless vibhuti. Anita says its not that he is handsome and good. Then anita says oh she forgot hwr phone at home and vibhu bring it. Putan says its ok and he will bring it and give him keys as she is his sister now. Anita says ok and gives it to him. Putan tells vibhu and tiwari that you will put dinner on the table today and everyday his sisters work and today they will do. He hoes. Anita says he is a cute and good boy. Putan goes in anitas room and gets the mobile. Then he looks in the mirror and then sees gold bangles on the dressing table. He picks it up and goes away.
In the morning putan gets up and takes news paper to read and sits in fron yard. Anguri comes with tea and sings the song Phoolo ka taaro ka for putan. She tells she loves him a lot. Putan tells for this song i will give you a gift. Putan gives her the gold bangles he had robbed from anitas room. Anguri is overwhelmed and says she loves him a lot but from where did he brng her those bangles? Putan says at jail he used to work day and night making furniture and steel and welding and from that he earned money which he saved and when he was bailed he bought those bangles for her. Anguri hugs him and says she is proud of him. Anita comes out of her house and is going for a jog when anguri stops her in excitement and shows her the bangles. Anita screams. Anguri asks what happened? Putan looks there and then looks back in the newspaper. Anita says to herself that these are her bangles and what should she do and putan has robbed. Anita then tells anguri that they look good and anita goes.
At home anita is sitting with vibhu. Vibhu says so she means to say that anguri robbed those bangles? Anita says no and that putan has robbed it and given as gift to anguri. Vibhu says oh and says so did she get it now that how cute and good that putan boy is? Anita says she didnt know and she wants her bangles back because mom gave her just 2 days ago. Vibhu says forget it and put mud on it now and she wont get it. Anita says no and she wants it. Tiwari comes. Vibhu says get lost. Anita tes him shut up. Then tiwari asks what happened and why did she call him? Anita tells that today she saw bangles in anguris hand and putan yesterday had come to my room to take my mobile. Tiwari says ok so i get it and he has stolen it and that guy is a total thief and does such things wherever he goes and that is why he hates him. Anita says she wants it back and it was given to her by mom and she cant let it go. Vibhu says forget it. Anita looks at him angrily. Tiwari says he will bring it back and u dont worry and he goes. Anita looks at vibhu and goes. Vibhu says now that those bangles are on anguris hand they will not be removed.
At night, tiwari gets up and wears a monkey cap covering his face. He decides to remove bangles from anguris hands. Anguri sings phoolo ka taaro ka song in her sleep. Tiwari says the hell putan is a phool. He then goes beside her and takes her hand and is removing both bangles. There vibhu comes out of his house and covers his face wearing monkey cap. He puts ladders near balcony and gets in. He sees tiwari taking those bangles and is comjng out. Vibhu hides. Tiwari comes out and vibhu starts hitting and punchinh him. Tiwari shouts. Then anguri wakes up. Putan comes out of his room and he comes out and starts punching both vibhu and tiwari. Then says what are these thieves doing gere and you were stealing my sisters bangles. Anguri comes out too. Then putan removes both monkey caps and they see it was tiwari and vibhu.
In the morning anguri putan vibhu tiwari and anita are sitting at tiwaris house in the hall. Putan says what the hell were you people doing at night and robbed at your own house. Anguri feels sad and says my brother is only good. Then putan says tiwari must surely have robbed it for some women he must be having affair with. Tiwari looks at anita and she shows signs please dont take my name. Tiwari then puts head down and says its ok putan and now put mud on it and they will not do it again. Anita also says yes leave it. Putan says ok he will forget it but first he wants to know for which lady he took those bangles. Anguri also asks who was that lady? Tiwari again looks at anita. Then vibhu tells putan just shut up and what is this lady lady? Pitan says why do u care? Tiwari says forget it now. Then happu singh comes. Putan tells happu singh that arrest these both people as they have tried to rob my sisters bangles. Happu singh says how did tiwari do this because vibhu can anyways do it because he is jobless but still how did tiwari? Anita looks angrily at happu singh.

Precap: vibhu and tiwari are sitting. Vibhu says something has to be done of this putan. Tiwari says yes. Vibhu says there is only 1 solution and that putan should be put back in jail. Tiwari says i agree. Vibhu covers happu singhs face with blanket and punches and hits him. Tiwari makes noises of putan.

Written Update By Tanaya


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