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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 12th October 2015 Written Update

Vibhuti trying to make anita’s mood good by doing romance with her so that he can get to eat the dish made by angoori’s hand. The door bell rings n saxena comes n says that he wants food he is very hungry. Anita says they havent made food as tiwari had invited them for dinner. Vibhuti suggests him to ask tiwari again. Anita says what has happened to tiwari, why is he behaving so weird. Anita stops vibhuti n says that lets romance till that time. Happu singh comes n disturbs them. He tells them that they should close the door because the criminal has runaway n he is very dangerous. They should be aware. Anita says that he shouldnt have been in police as he is not responsible. Vibhuti n anita insult happu singh. They both go. Happu says that he got too much insulted. Chutan is eating food. Amgoori says give your gun i ll catch it n you have your food. Tiwari says u r very intelligent n then she shows the gun at him. Tiwari says r u mad. Dont u have brains why r u pointing gun at me n tries to signal her that point the gun at chutan but she doesnt understand.

Anita n vibhuti arrive again n knock the door but tiwari insults them n claims that appear soon after someday. Anita goes with vibhuti at home. Saxena once again rings the bell n says he wants food n he wont go without having foodstuff from listed here. Tiwari slaps him n semd him.Anita states this may be very embarassing how can amyone insult a visitor such as this. Vibhuti says he’ll go n request a remedy from tiwari n goes. He knocks the door yet again n asks tiwari for a solution as to how can he behave like this. Tiwari asks him to try n have an understanding of as There exists a trouble. Vibhuti asks what problem n suggests i need to know allow me to can be found in n receives in the home forcefully. Tiwari gets a little bit irritated n suggests its more than n closes the door. Vibhuti goes to angoori n asks what occurred did tiwari do anything. Angoori alerts to vibhuti n he sees chutan. He sees that n gets fearful n places his hands up viewing the gun n goes beside angoori n sits. All over again the doorway is knocked n its anita. Tiwari says He’ll deliver vibhuti in sometime n dont occur. Anita also comes in forcefully. She asks vibhuti how can he be so shameless that he is sitting right here n having food stuff right after what tiwari did. She claims sorry to angoori that she’s saying similar to this. She asks them to speak. They both equally signal her n she sees chutan n will get stunned. Tiwari says now almost everything is in excess of n closes the doorway. All of them are sitting down together irritated n pissed off at this example with chutan pointing gun at them. Anita suggests to chutan why is he watching her. He states he respects women but he is asking yourself that how appear she is so truthful like a peeled boiled egg. Chutan then descibes tiwari as an owl with spectacles n vibhuti as a Puppy with spiked hair. Anita states how dare he insult her partner n if he shouldnt make this happen once again. Chutan claims he wont do it again only on 1 condition. Which is if she tells him that how appear she’s so honest so thst even he can use that solution to be fair. Anita suggests that he really should use cow’s shit, Uncooked eggs n mud n make paste of it n apply it on his overall body n if remaining try to eat Additionally, it. He suggests he will go property n do it. Vibhuti says but when will he go. Chutan claims for that they’ve that can help him get out of kanpur using a black muslim dress for himself or he will just take anita with him. The screen freezes on anita n angoori’s deal with.
Precap:- Tiwari n vibhuti request a Girl for her black gown since they want it. The lady provides them cash n they ask do they appear like beggars she suggests Sure n opens her face lined with that costume. They both are a tad shocked observing her.

Written Update By Sahir


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