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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 11th December 2015 Written Update

The episode starts with ammaji saying that why are you people getting scared of this ghost/chudail i ll handle her. She opens tiwari’s house’ door n jhuma’s spirit gets inside her. She turns n they get scared. Pellu starts the music daddy mummy nahi h ghar pe n ammaji starts dancing. Vibhuti goes n slaps pellu n he stops the music n ammaji faints n falls n tiwari, angoori, anita n saxena go to ammaji’s rescue n vibhuti stand out lookimg at them. Anita calls him ou5 to come for help as ammaji is very heavy n she sees him n screams as jhuma’s evil spirit has gone inside vibhuti. At tiwari’s house vibhuti is tied on the bed with his hands n legs at each corner n saxena is sitting on a sofa beside him surrounded with candles. The rest of them are standing outside. Saxena is doing mantra’s on jhuma so that she gets out of vibhuti’s body. But she is adamant n no mantra works on her. She speaks ill about ammaji n says she is a fatso n she is a buffalo. Angoori asks her not to speak ill about ammaji so jhuma says ill about angoori also n asks which flour’s rotis has she eaten? Angoori shies away n says ramprasad’s flour. Then vibhuti speaks a bit that dont speak ill about angoori. Anita asks vibhuti whether he is fine n vibhuti/jhuma scares her n says bhoo bhoo u slim stick, leafy vege got scared n laughs. Anita says leave my vibhuti n go n seek revenge from grandfather n vibhu is mine. Tiwari says dont speak bad about anita vibhuti. Jhuma says you undergarment vest if you are so concerned for anita then leave angoori n marry anita. Anita gives a what expression? Ammaji says you are so shameless n jhuma says that shut up you fatso. Tiwari says how dare you vibhuti say like this? Angoori says to tiwari you should understand its not vibhuti its jhuma. Jhuma laughs n says sahi pakde hain. Saxena says i like it n i dont like it. He tries one last mantra but in vain even that gets unsuccessful. Jhuma laughs n says i wont go. Saxena says lets try this n in a small bottle its water. He sats i ll drink it n jhuma says to saxena as paglet n says let me drink this. He says you want to drink this she says yes n he makes vibhuti/jhuma drink it. She smiles n says i like it n then starts shouting n writhing in pain n asks saxena what did he give her? He says it was water given by some baba by which you will get destroyed. She starts shouting n then gets put of vibhuti’s body. He faints n all go to him n he says anu save me n help me. Next day daddu comes n calls out angoori n unlike other times she comes put quickly n he asks where is undergarment vest n she says he is coming. Tiwari comes out n says daddu acrually i want to say that angoori will tell u everything. Before he could speak daddu starts insulting him. He says you trapped my innocent daughter first n then told her to call me so that u can apologize but you insulted me. He says you are each n every disease n says you are an insect n you are garbage. He says you are tb dengue malaria etc. He sits on his scooter. Angoori kicks it n he goes. She says daddu said right n tiwari looks at her n she runs n goes in. Tiwari shouts. Vibhuti is sitting at tea stall n asks him to make tea n says this chudail/ghost has completely shaken him from inside. Tiwari comes n calls him he gets scared n tiwari says its me not ghost. He says you know right that angoori n anita are going with saxena to bhootnath temple so they will come next day. He says yes i know n says you come at my house to sleep so u wont get scared to sleep alone. Tiwari says no n says last time i came n in sleep u thought that i am anita. He says what? n says why didnt u stop me? Tiwari says cause i thought you are angoori. Vibhuti says oh god so sick just disgusting. Prem comes there n says i heard about ghost behind you vibhuti says dont put salt on burnt marks i am already scared even anu is not there tonight. Prem says i have a plan we should do night out at you house n u will also not get scared. He says ok. At night vibhuti n tiwari are having a chat n door bell rings n its gulfam kali. Vibhuti shouts mummy n goes n hugs tiwari n he too does that. She says hi n they say you go from here. She says until i dont show my program i wont go. She asks for 10000. Tiwari says ok take n go. He gives her money n she sits between them. Anita comes n sees it n they both get tensed. She asks who is it? They keep quiet n look at each other. Prem comes n says she is gulfam kali my friend n i got here to test tiwari n vibhuti n they passed. She says take her n go. They go n anita tells tiwari angoori has come. He goes from there n anita tells vibhuti if i see gulfam again here then i will become a ghost/chudail n will torture you. He looks at her.

Precap:- Angoori says to vibhuti that tiwari said that if i say i love u to him infront of everyone 3 times then he will give me diamond ring. Vibhuti says i ll give you ring n wont let tiwari give you. Saxena asks anita did vibhuti give her diamond ring? She says which ring n on the other hand he is giving it to angoori.

Written Update By Tanaya


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