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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with anita calculating the daily expense. Vibhu comes and says everything is over and they need to bring the ration. Anita says what to do should i starts robbing everyone? Because we dont have money and i cant manage the monthly expense and it is all because of you. He says how? Anita says you are jobless and we need more expense and why dont you take a job? Vibhu tells he doesnt get one then what can he do and he thinks he is too good for any job. Anita says shut up and she is tired of telling him all this and she cant do all expense alone and please find a job or else tell her straight away that he cant find a job. Anita goes. Vibhu tells what can he do if he doesnt have a job.
At home tiwari warns tilu on the phone and tells him next time he will only put him in the jail. Anguri comes and asks tiwari what happened? Tiwari tells tilu gave a girl chocolate and because of that he landed in jail for 3 days. Anguri says why? Tiwari tells because the chocolate had expired and the girl became sick so after investigation the police put tilu in jail. Anguri says ok. Anita comes. She tells tiwari can she speak? Tiwari says ofcourse. Anita tells she is fed up of vibhu and he doesnt work and because of that they have less money. Tiwari tells should he help? Anita says no and she didnt come for help but just to tell them that please tell vibhu and make him understand and tell him to do a job.
At night vibhu is sleeping and anita gets up. She gets a call and tells yes she is coming snd she goes down.
At tiwaris house tiwari is calculating monthly expense in the room and anguri comes dressed with roses and wants to romance. Anguri tells tiwari that he is looking like a complete man. Anguri romances tiwari.
At night tiwari comes out in the balcony and says anita must be sleeping. Suddenly a car comes and stops in front of anitas house. Anita comes out dressed in modern dress and she stands there. Tiwari is shocked and says where is she going? Anita enters the car and goes. Tiwari is confused.
At tiwaris house in the morning tilu comes. He sits. Tiwari asks what happened? Tilu says nothing and anguri asks how are you? Tilu says he is fine. Anguri says anything he wants to eat? Tilu says ofcourse because he loves her hand food. Tiwari says why and dont you get food to eat at home? Tilu says its not as good as anguri. Anguri says she will go and make some. Tiwari says to tilu that nowadays he has become too mischievous. Tilu says from that he remembered that he saw yesterday at night anita with a man dancing and she was dancing in full fledge and he and his friend were looking and kater that man gave anita money. Tiwari gets angry and starts slapping tilu and tells him that dont say that and anita is not like that. Tilu tells that he saw it with his eyes. Anguri comes and ask what happened? Tiwari says nothing and sends tilu to the shop. Anguri asks what happened? Tiwari says nothing tilu just stole some money from the shop.
At vibhus home tiwari comes and sits and then spits down. Vibhu says what is this tiwari? Tiwari says he saw vibhu so it made him spit. Vibhu tells tiwari what did he see in me that he had to spit? Tiwari says because of you your wife has to go out. Vibhu asks what? Tiwari says nothing. Vibhu tells tiwari that he owns a vest shop and laughs. Tiwari tells he owns that but is not jobless like him. Anita comes from her bedroom as she has woken up. She says goodmorning to tiwari. Tiwari tells its almost afternoon. Anita says what? Then she tells vibhu to make strong coffee for her. Tiwari tells make for me too. Vibhu says i will add posion in it and goes. Then tiwari asks anita that yesterday night it was so cold. Anita says she doesnt know because she was sleeping in her room. Tiwari asks anita so she didnt come out yesterday? Anita says no he must be loving walking at night but she doesnt. Tiwari says beautiful women like you shouldnt go at night because you are like an open wallet and useless people are there to pounce on that wallet. Anita gives tiwari a look. Tiwari says he will go. Anita says thats better.

Precap: tiwari sees anita again going with the same man on a bike at night. Next day he tells vibhu that he saw anita with a man going in a bike and vibhu says dont you dare say that. Tiwari saysok then see today night if u dont believe.

Written Update By Tanaya


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