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Bhabhi ji Ghar Pe Hai 23rd September 2015 Written Update

The episode commences with, tiwari gets anita a flower vase, anita states its really so sweet of u, tiwari claims not prettier than u, anita says thanku I will put it in Bed room, tiwari claims lets keep close to staircase, anguri will come n states wow these lovely pot, vibhuti arrives down stating bhabhiji n bymistake the vase breaks, tiwari says what did u make this happen, vibhu suggests I am very sorry, tiwari states I bought it for bhabhiji n u broke it, vibhuti states its merely a vase, tiwari says what will u understand thoughts, vibhuti suggests oh cmon u don’t inform me abt feelings, anguri states forget it ladu ke bhaiya, tiwari says it was worth three hundred but what value vibhutiji could have, vibhuti claims Alright wait around let me give u income, tiwari says I don’t want it from bhabhijis earnings but urs and if u cant was ur deal with in filthy shit, vibhuti feels negative n leaves, tiwari states I was appropriate bhabhiji, anita claims no u are very wrong, anguri says u shdnt have done so, anita suggests it absolutely was simply a vase, anguri suggests Sure men and women are imp n not income, anita claims Indeed u shd learn to regard Some others n leaves, anguri says even I don’t want to talk to u n leaves.
Vibuti at tea stall phone calls his Buddy prem, n says I would like support a favor, prem say su continue to exist my enable n favors what else do u want, vibhuti claims plz I would like revenue, prem suggests why bhabhiji didn’t give u foodstuff, vibhuti states I want 3000 personal loan, prem claims what abt ur aged 1 lakh loanl 1st give that n then Believe or other n hangs the decision.saxena joins vibhuti, saxena suggests u look tensed do u need assist, vibhuti says Certainly, I want 3000 rs, saxena says u want income I will never give u, vibhuti slaps him n he leaves.
Happu singh joins vibhuti, and claims how are u, vibhuti states very good how abt u, happu singh claims Of course excellent too, vibhuti states just think about if u die what’s going to ur children n wife do, happu singh suggests sorry what, vibhuti claims I signify if a truck kills u, hapu singh stop imagining bad things, vibhuti suggests no I signify did u make insurance policy shd I make just one,it will help ur kids n wife, happu singh so to sell ur guidelines u will destroy me n don’t fret I will never die before long n I don’t have any revenue for petrol from wherever I can pay policy dollars n leaves.
Vibhuti states a worker pulling masses, he sits beside vibhuti. Amaji will get a connect with from anguri, anguri states amaji I’m not fantastic, ladu ke bhaiya insulted vibhutiji for the vase, amaji says oh no this is so sad, anguri says even anitaji felt so terrible, amaji claims see anguri u educate ladu ke bhaiya a lesson, maintain him insulting or else he won’t discover what mistake he has finished, anguri states but how, amaji claims Alright pay attention adequately n shares few Strategies, anguri smiles n claims Okay I’ll do as u say, amaji suggests Excellent bye now.
Anguri suggests sorry ladu ke bhaiya but to teach u lesson I’ve to do this, tiwari seating n claims vibhutiji broke my vase n all are offended on me,anguri goes to him n states ladu ke bhaiya, tiwari claims u speaking with me, anguri states Of course I am, tiwari claims aren’t u angry with me, anguri states no sweetheart, tiwari claims oh wow, anguri claims listen darling I really feel so intimate these days, tiwari claims oh adore this side of urs arrive at me expensive, anguri says not similar to this, first close ur eyes, tiwari states Okay n closes his eyes, anguri throws cushion at him, tiwari suggests exactly what is this, anguri suggests I don’t experience like now, tiwari suggests anguri u are insulting me, anguri suggests that proper n leaves.
Vibhuti pulling hundreds, tiwari sees him in conjunction with anguri, tiwari asks Exactly what are u carrying out this, anguri suggests Of course Certainly exactly what is this, vibhuti asks tika n malkha passing bye for water, I am a employee I would like enable plz give me drinking water, tika suggests whats Completely wrong with u, vibhuti states I would like some water, tika gives vibhuti drinking water, vibhuti claims thanku, anguri suggests explain to me what rae u performing, vibhuti says I am employee now, n u massive persons won’t ever realize soreness of a worker, anguri phone calls anita, anita asks precisely what is this vibhu, vibhuti suggests madam I’m a small worker, anita says forget about it lets go property, vibhuti suggests no madam, anita suggests vibhu I know u are harm but plz occur dwelling, vibhuti states no madam no I’m n employee allow me to perform n leaves.anita appears to be like at tiwari in anger n claims This is often all bcoz of u.anguri claims u are so correct n equally leave, tiwari states this type of big dramebaaz Is that this vibhutiji.
Another worker asks vibhuti what drama is this u are pulling empty bins n performing as When they are complete, vibhuti bribes him n claims u wont understand.

Precap:tiwari suggests sorry to anita, anita suggests bcoz of u vibhu is sensation so small,disgusting.
Anguri woes tiwari.

Written Update By Sahir


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