Beyhadh 24th October 2016 Written Update

Beyhadh 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 24th October 2016 Written Update

Saanjh waits for Arjun on her scooter. He comes down. She gives him bouquet and says it is for Maya. He jokes he did not know she is so fast. She says shut up yaar and asks him to reach office on time. He says nobody can stop him from reaching office on time and lure Maya. Saanjh says so funny. Saanjh leaves after their usual nok jhok. Someone drops garbage on Arjun from balcony. He scolds him. He then reaches office 5 minutes late. Peon collects bet money from colleageus and tells Arjun if he coms late daily, they can share bet money. Arjun sees Maya and walks towards her. Assistant briefs Maya about her today’s meetings. Arjun shows her boquet. She reminisces yesterday’s lift inident. He says Maya..late..sorry…dusky… She asks assistant to fix a meeting with client at 2 p.m. and leaves. Arjun says dusky’s plans always fail and gives bouquet to Maya’s assistant. Assistant gets happy.

At Saanjh’s office, boss Malkani asks her what is going between her and Maya, why Maya is so interested in her. She reminisces Ayan and Arjun taunting her that she must be interesed in Maya and shouts no…Boss scolds her and she walks back to her desk and thinks she is always in trouble because of Arjun. Arjun calls her and calls her makhi/fly. She asks if he told Maya. He says it is not easy to tell truth and asks what is happening between her and Maya. She says shut up and disconnects call. He says definitely something is going on.

Arjun then goes to Maya’s cabin with coffee and cookies, but Maya shows she is already sipping coffee. He tries to speak. She reminisces lift incident and leaves. He then tries to speak durring meeting, but she walks out. He calls her and tries to speaks. She disconnects call and walks to washroom. He gets into washroom. She asks what the hell. He pins her to a mirror and says cockroach, ghost, etc,, he is afraid of like she is afraid of dark. She says she is not. He says she is a normal girl and is also afraid, they can face it or run away. She leaves. He holds her hand and says she should not tell about his fears and he will not about hers. She leaves. He says he is a too cruel.

Arjun’s mother Vandana at Saanjh’s house helps Saanjh’s mother Suman in cooking and asks if Saanjh knows cooking, else Arjun has to fast after marriage. She says she is waiting for Arjun and Saanjh to accept their love. Dad says he is afraid that Arjun should also love Saanjh, else Saanjh will be lost.

Saanjh reaches Arjun’s office to meet Maya and asks Arjun if he told truth to Maya. He says not yet. She scolds him and enters Maya’s cabin. Maya is busy over phone and signals her come in. Saanjh says Malkani..meeting. Maya asks if she needs water. Saanjh says yes and gulps water in one go. Maya checks file and says Saanjh that she is efficient. Saanjh says thank you. Arjun signals her and she signals back. Maya notices it. Arjun enters and introduces himself to Saanjh and says Maya he needs to talk to her, but how in front of stranger. Maya says Saanjh works for her and he can speak and then asks Saanjh if he is mischievous since before and asks Arjun if he fought with model for Saanjh. He says no. Saanjh nodes yes. Arjun also nods yes. Maya asks since when they know each other. Sanjh says from childhood. Maya says their friendship should not interfere her work. Arjun says not all and nothing can interfere between their friendship also.

Arjun then walks out keeping his hand on Saanjh’s shoulder. Maya notices it. Arjun then takes Saanjh to cafeteria and they both enjoy. Maya notices them silently. She calls Saanjh’s boss and says she needs to talk about Saanjh. Arjjun and Saanjh get out of lift and Saanjh says he should have told truth to Maya. He says no.. She says she will go and inform. He pulls her back and she falls down and asks why did not he hold her. He says why should he. She shows Maya’s birth certificate and says tomorrow is Maya’s birthday and he should tell truth then. He asks how does she know and continues taunting her. Their nok jhok continues.

Maya reaches home and sees Maya working humming song. She sits on sofa chair and reminisces lift and bathroom incident with Arjun. Mom asks what happened, she had played music, decorated table, prepared dishes, she did not notice anything. Maya says I am sorry, let us have dinner. Mom serves food and says she prepared all her favorite dishes. Maya asks why all these today.

Arjun says Saanjh that we will take white boquet with white cake and white balloon to give birthday surprise to Maya. Saanjh says they can go tomorrow. He insists.

Maya gets up from dinner. Mom says it is already 15 years since that incident. Maya reminisces her 9th birthday and her father locking her in a room and says some incidents cannot be forgotten.

Precap: Arjun with Saanjh reaches Maya’s apartment building with cake and gifts to wish her birthday and walks towards her apartment. Maya opens door and panics seeing her father. Father shows her cake and says happy birthday to you. She shivers in fear. Mom pleads from behind to let Maya go.

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