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Begusarai 8th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Bindya goes to her room and lies down there. She sees priyom and says you are here they were saying you.. He says where would I go. And sings ‘tu jahan for her’.
Suddenly she realizes blood on his chest. She steps vback in bewilderment. She screams and wakes up. And sees her hands. Bindya runs downstairs. Everyone is crying there by Priyom’s deadbody. Badi amma says how will I respond to Phulan? I couldn’t handle his children. Badi amma says tell me Poonam who did all this? Who killed my son? Who did all this? Badi amma asks mitlesh what happened there? Tell me. Who took my son from me. She is shocked.
Badi amma says who took Bindya’s husband from her? Tell me. Mitlesh says I did. Khera betrayed me. I went to kill him. priyom came in between to save me. He got my gun’s fire. Badi amma slaps him. She says you are a brother? he showed you the path always and you killed him? I would have killed you if God could return me priyom’s life. why did you do this? She hits him. Lakhan controls her. She says dont stop me. This type of son should be killed right when they are born. He has killed my child. lakhan hugs her. Mitlesh goes to Bindya.
Bindya sits with Priyom’s dead body.She recalls her time with him.

Lakhan says we want to be alone. Please leave all the guests. and i request you all, lit a candle in name of Priyom in your houses. He says badi amma please control yourself.
The song ‘jag suna suna’ plays in background.
Maya is crying in her room. Mitlesh recalls Priyom trying to stop him. Lakhan and Bhushan are crying. Guddi sees the handkerchief. Rekha is crying looking at Bindya.
bindya says he will wake up. i think he is deep asleep.
Poonam says he is not between us now. Look at him. He has left this house. You know what was his last wish. He wanted to see you talk to you. Say something. he wont ever come back.
Lakhan and all the men do Priyom’s funerals.
Rekha comes and tells Badi amma bindya is nowhere. Bindya runs in jungle and reaches the funeral. She screams Priyom’s name. Poonam, Bdi amma and Choti are looking for her. Lakhan is about to fire the deadbody.

Precap-Bindya says I want justice too. And i promise unless I get him justice I wont put his ashes in ganga.

Written Update By Atiba


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