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Begusarai 7th October 2015 Written Update

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Scene 1
Bindya takes plate from Poonam and is about to eat food which has bhaang in it, Rekha shouts that i need water, she points Bindya to not eat that food, Bindya eats it, Poonam eats from other plate and thinks that Bindya got trapped in her own web, lets see what will happen to her after eating this food, Rekha thinks how to stop Bindya eating from Poonam’s plate, Badi Amma ask Rekha why you seem worried? Rekha says no i have problem, Poonam have made good food, she thinks nothing can happen now, Bindya will be drunk after eating this bhang mixed food and Dadda will not leave her.
Rekha is going to her room but Maya stops her and ask why are you going against Poonam and taking Bindya’s side? Poonam is with you from 10 years and Bindya has come just now, Rekha says you are forgetting that i am your mother in law not you, mind your own business, Maya leaves, Rekha says we did so much to make Poonam eat bhang filled food but she got saved.
Bindya is laughing in her room, Rekha sees her and prays to lord that Bindya should not do much drama, she closes door and ask Bindya to not laugh much, Bindya says nothing has happened to me, Poonam is inebriated not me, Rekha says you think everything is in your favor as you are inebriated, you ate bhaang filled food, Bindya says i have so much poison in me that bhaang cant affect me, now listen what i did, flashback shows Bindya mixing bhaang in Poonam’s food and Maya saw her, fb ends, Bindya says i knew Maya has seen me and she would do something to exchange Poonam’s plate so i mixed bhaang in my plate and in Poonam’s plate both so when Poonam exchanged her plate with me, she was not saved, she has eaten bhaang mixed food, Rekha says this means Poonam has eaten bhaang too, your mind work so fast, you deserve to be queen of Begusarai, Bindya says you are right Bindya deserve to be praised but people dont respect me, all call me dancer but now Poonam will dance and people will insult her, she forced Dadda to insult me and now till i dont see Dadda insulting her, i will not get peace, everything is fine now.
Poonam is laughing in her room and taking rounds, playing like kids, Lakhan comes there and is confused to see her behavior, he says why she is acting like this? did she eat something unhealthy? Poonam falls in Lakhan’s arms, he ask what are you doing? Poonam says why you keep trying to scare me by opening your eyes wide open, i will make you afraid today, she shows him big eyes of hers and says you must be afraid of me, Lakhan tries to control her but she pushes him away and stand on bed, he ask her to get down, did you drink something? Poonam comes closer to him and i am inebriated because of you, Lakhan ask what did you drink? what? Poonam shouts like and mimics him, he is stunned,Poonam syas why you retain ordering me? why dont you talk with me lovingly similar to a husband does to his wife, in lower tone, in loving way, Lakhan states i will do that but initially you can get down from mattress and choose bath, you’ll really feel much better, Poonam says no and falls on bed, he question did you can get damage? she says Certainly, you have got harm me alot from childhood, soon after marriage, everytime you get angry, you pour it on me, Lakhan ask what are you undertaking? she claims I’m exhibiting you my soreness, you bear in mind whenever you had built me stand below cold h2o? i obtained very unhappy and I had been emotion also cold, I assumed you can modify just after marriage but you didnt go away to harm me even right after relationship, you remember if you took me to your house for pag phera and Manjeeta didnt bless you, Then you certainly punished me by building me operate on ft from my home to yours, my toes had been paining but you didnt hear me, keep in mind i stood on ice block while you questioned me, Lakhan feels undesirable, Poonam suggests i stored standing on it until ice melted, Lakhan thinks i always punished Poonam as a result of my anger, she never ever did any blunder, i was so Completely wrong, i did Improper, Poonam suggests to Lakhan that if i preferred, i would’ve concealed The very fact from you which i commenced loving Priyom prior to our marriage but i didnt want our relation to get dependant on a lie however, you didnt understand my truth, until now you keep doubting me, why? you’re keen on me, right? you already know you should not damage the 1 whom you’re keen on as seeing them harm provides agony to you personally as well, Lakhan thinks about it and gets unhappy, he turns away, he says till now i have not claimed it to any individual simply because i under no circumstances felt it but currently i want to say this to you personally, forgive me, intentionally or unintentionally I’ve offered you much suffering, forgive me for that, i hope that you will give me probability even In spite of everything my errors, he turns to locate Poonam lacking from home.

PRECAP- Poonam question Dadda What exactly are you accomplishing On this residence? Dadda suggests sufficient, Poonam shouts silent, all are shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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