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Begusarai 7th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Soni sees from lock hole that Adarsh is talking to some girl and there is kid there too. soni says girl and child? what relation Adarsh have with them? She takes picture of them from lock hole.
Soni shows picture to Ananya and says i tried to follow them but Adarsh left with girl and child in taxi, i couldnt hear them talking too. Ananya says i feel.. Shakti comes there and says its time to go to mandir, lets go. ananya and Shakti starts leaving, Shakti stops her and says take off your slippers, Ananya takes them off, they sit in car. Shakti looks at Ananya then looks at bindya who is standing on terrace, he leaves with her. Garv sees them going and is little angry.
Shakti brings Ananya to jungle, Ananya thinks that we had to go to mandir then why he brought me to jungle? Shakti stops car and says car cant go ahead so we have to walk, ananya looks on, he says dont be scared, i will not shoot you, i didnt shoot you earlier so why will i shoot you now? Ananya and shakti starts walking in jungle, ananya is barefoot and pricks hit her foot but Shakti ignores her, they come to Shiv’s iodl, Shakti says this idol was stolen years back from mandir so we pray to this idol every year, you have to clean this idol and pray to it for maa. Ananya cleans idol and prays that God you know what i want, make me succeed in my mission. She asks Shakti where is water? Shakti says there is river 15minutes away from here, you can bring it from there. Ananya starts going but Shakti says its not that easy, you will have to rinse idol with water till dawn of sun, Ananya says this nothing infront of the painful life you have given to me, and i can give my life for sasumaa. Ananya starts walking barefoot towards river. She fills water, someone is keeping eye on he, she feels someone’s presence and turns to see but man hides. Ananya fills water and brings it to idol, Shakti is sitting there calmly. Ananya rinse idol with water and chant mantras, she goes to fill water again. Shakti looks at her. Ananya comes to river and fills water, she is tired. Ananya brings water and rinse idol again, she keep repeating this while Shakti eats banana. Ananya falls down while bringing water, Shakti stares her and looks away, busy eating banana. Shakti looks at Ananya through his glasses, he sees that she is tired. Ananya continues washing idol, she is not able to walk properly but keeps moving, she prays that God give me strength to please you and reach my destination too. Ananya brings water, Shakti thinks that i dont understand why Ananya is doing all this, why she is bearing all this, ananya starts washing idol with water, she is tired and feels dizzy, she faints and is about to fall on floor, Shakti shouts Ananya and runs to hold her but… he stops seeing Garv already holding Ananya in his arms, Ananya sees him and says Garv? she faints in his arms, shakti is angry seeing him there. Garn turns and looks at Shakti, he takes Ananya from there in his arms, shakti thinks that what Garv is doing here? Maa asked me to come here only, Ananya looks at Shakti while lying in Garv’s arms. Garv leaves with Ananya, Shakti goes behind them.
Garv brings Ananya home in his arms only. shakti comes there too, Garv stares him. Bindya looks at Shakti from balcony. Shakti goes in, Garv looks at Bindya and smirks, Bindya smiles at him too. Ananya thanks Garv for helping her, Garv throws Ananya on floor, she is hurt, Garv leaves from there, Ananya is stunned, she gets up, Bindya looks at her with proud and leaves.
Ananya comes in her room, she is tired and thinks that why did Garv leave when he saw Maa Thakurain, he didnt even talk to me. Soni comes there and says i will apply cream on your wounds. Ananya says my wounds will heal only when i will be succeeded.

PRECAP- Ananya says to Soni that before Adarsh gets alert, we have to know his truth. Soni says its not easy to know his secret, Ananya says i have an idea, she tells something to Soni which is muted. Adarsh comes to meet mysterious girl at her home.

Written Update by Atiba

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