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Begusarai 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one

Lakhan talk to Poonam you needed to do Pooja now start out my pooja, Choti Amma states Have you ever long gone mad? you will acquire God’s spot? Lakhan suggests dont occur inbetween partner and wife and this residence’s rule is the fact that spouse can come to a decision nearly anything for spouse, Bhushan suggests you communicate like this with elders? Lakhan says elders should also keep on being in restrictions and dont come in all the things, Priyom sees this from terrace, Lakhan says I do know you all have many answers, i have only one answer, she is my wife and i am her Pati parmeshwar so she can do my aarti and there shouldnt be any challenge in it, he stares at Priyom, receives up from seat and suggests to Poonam that go and do aarti of one’s lover, Poonam is stunned and looks at Priyom standing there, Lakhan ask her to go, she’s in tears, he claims you will be worrying about family members? they will not say anything at all, they realized your relation was fastened with me from childhood however you had been acquiring really like affair with Priyom and nobody said anything at all in opposition to it, infact they ended up building you marry Priyom, he claims i offers you yet one more likelihood, lets see whose aarti will you do, your spouse’s or your lover’s, all seem on, he sit infront of her and glances at Priyom, Poonam moves infront of Lakhan and starts his Pooja, Phulan tries to cease but Badi Amma states Permit his soreness ease, dont say anything, Phulan and Bhushan leaves, Poonam does his aarti, Lakhan smirks at Priyom who’s harm, he suggests its pious detail to provide spouse, now do bhog to me, Poonam is stunned, Rekha thinks by viewing this i bought peace, Poonam will make Lakhan eat parsad, he states now just take ashirwad also, Poonam touches his ft and it is in tears, Choti amma, maya leaves too, Lakhan states following Pooja God gets content but i am not content with your pooja, seems like you didnt do it along with your heart, How are you going to get it done from coronary heart as your heart is thrashing for someone else, he receives indignant and throws aarti plate absent, Poonam scream, Badi Amma is shocked, Lakhan presents a damage glance to Poonam and leaves, Priyom sadly appears to be at her, Lakhan will come back again to Poonam and claims from now on this pooja of God will not likely occur, the Woman whom i loved, this God designed her like someone else i dont accept this God and additionally, you will not take it, this was last Pooja of your lifetime, i should not listen bhajan from the mouth, he leaves, Poonam cries.

Scene two

Guddi arrives on terrace in morning and sees Dolt standing on one toes and emotion sleepy, she states he is basically mad, i asked him and he kept standing on just one feet, Manjeeta comes on terrace and inquire Dolt why you’re standing on 1 toes, dolt suggests i am not listening something, Manjeet says joking with me, wait around i is likely to make you communicate, he goes to provide hunter, Guddi thinks now he will check out medical center, Dolt thinks if i get overwhelmed up then my foot will go down and I’ll eliminate then Guddi ji will never come to cinema with me, he sees Guddi there, she ignores him, he suggests I used to be standing complete evening on 1 toes, the place were being you? conclude this obstacle, Guddi claims i havent end it, could you stand such as this when Manjeeta will conquer you, Dolt states i have you in my coronary heart so i will keep standing, allows see what that Satan can do, Manjeeta comes there with bat, Guddi frees him from challenge, he runs just before manjeeta could hit him, Manjeeta states i is not going to leave you now, you may comeback to dwelling, then i will see, he leaves, Dolt states to Guddi that I’ve booked ticket for Motion picture, while you are in temper, notify me We are going to go, Guddi thinks i could make movie of yours plus your sister and brother in law will see it.

Poonam is gathering aarti plate, Badi Amma question Rekha to go and make split fast, she leaves, Maya aids Poonam, Badi Amma suggests to Poonam that Phulan could prevent Lakhan but I ended him because we could quit Lakhan for sometime but You should Reside everyday living with him, Poonam states if someone like Lakhan receives to recognize that his spouse cherished some other person then he would kill that gentleman but he didnt do nearly anything like that, i have minor hope and i have to move ahead using this hope, Badi Amma states you should not leave your way, at some point Lakhan’s hatred will disappear, dont let this hope split, she leaves, Poonam drop tears.

Scene 3

Priyom comes in his place, Drugha arrives and states We’re going to drown that Lakhan in lake, just notify us what to do, Priyom states go away me by yourself, he leaves.

Lakhan is taking bath, Poonam is in space, Lakhan suggests i forgot my towel exterior, he opens doorway and sees Poonam there, she has back again on him, he sees towel on chair beside her, Poonam thinks why he didnt come out? she turns to find out him, he closes door, Poonam is puzzled, Lakhan thinks the best way to go, she is standing in the vicinity of towel, he opens door, Poonam question do you want just about anything? explain to me i will give it, Lakhan states do one thing, flip your back again to me, she inquire why? he says dont concern me and shut your eyes far too, she turns and closes eyes, Lakhan arrives out in boxers only, he comes close to Poonam to consider towel, he seems at her although taking towel and will get misplaced in her, he will take towel and goes in bathroom, Poonam opens her eyes and finds h2o drops on her neck, she is confused.

PRECAP- Rekha ask Lakhan to see, he sees Poonam offering tea to Priyom, her pallu will get caught in pillar, Rekha claims so items have absent that far, Poonam inquire Priyom to leave her pallu as she has again on him, Lakhan receives angry seeing all this.

Written Update By Sahir


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