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Begusarai 5th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Bindya buy cars for all her sons.All brothers try to do exercise, Shakti teaches them. They touch Badi Amma’s feet, Bindya comes there, they all greet her and touches her feet, she blesses them. Bindya asks Shakti if they are doing exercise properly? shakti looks at brother, they nod him no to not tell truth to bindya, Shakti says they are exercising nicely, Bindya asks them to drink milk, all drink milk, Shakti asks her to give them gift, Adarsh saw you bringing something for us, Adarsh says no, they are framing me, Bindya shows them keys, they say car? she says you all should drive carefully, car can destroy but you people should be fine, they thank her. Soni comes down and says to Maya that i am going college, she is messaging someone on mobile, Bindya stops her and asks her to come to her, she gets tensed and puts mobile in bag, Bindya says will you not take my blessing? Soni touches her feet and is afraid of her, she says i was in hurry for college so forgot to take blessing, Bindya says you should not forget rules of this house, you are going college then why you are so dressed up? Soni says my friend’s birthday today thats why, Bindya says its not your birthday, i read somewhere that when is educated then she gets more responsible towards house, i want you to become our pride in inlaws house thats why i am giving you education, you dont need to dress up, dress up for husband in future only, Soni nods and leaves, Bindya says to Maya that i know you care about Soni alot but we have to be careful with girls, if soni does something like Guddi then she will have to regret it, Maya gets tensed listening this.
Ananya is watching tempo filled stuff, father comes and says i am getting transferred to Begusarai, Ananya says when Mayank or i will become officer then we will comeback to our village, Mayank is shifting things in tempo, he mistakenly breaks his mother’s picture, father scolds him, Ananya says i will get it repaired.
Adarsh is playing game, Garv comes, Adarsh asks which girl you are eyeing now? Garv says i am always behind queen, they run behind each other and bangs with Shakti, Shakti scolds them and says my jacket got spoiled, Adarsh asks where is he going? is he in affair with girl too? Shakti says i dont have time for all this, i am going to grab money from some man, Garv says you have applied perfume and all, something is different, Samar asks him to tell truth, who is the girl? Shakti says i will beat you, Samar says you are looking handsome, i am telling you, you will find a girl today for sure.
Ananya, Mayank and father are going in car, father scolds Mayank for always on phone, Mayank puts cotton in air and says go behind some real criminal instead of me. driver says that we have reached Begusarai. They see some goons running behind policeman, father says how is it possible that policeman is ahead and goons are behind him? driver says this is common in begusarai, father asks driver to stop car, driver does, father gets out of car, he comes to goons. goon asks who is he? father says i am Rakakant mishra, Goon says get lost, Mishra slaps him and says i got transferred here, goons start beating him, Ananya asks mayank to go and see, Mayank goes to goons, goon slaps him, Mayank goes back to Ananya, ananya says how can you leave him, he is our father, goons catch Mishra and beats him, ananya tries to free him but they catch her too, she shouts to help, is there someone, please help. Shakti comes there on bike, Ananya comes to him and says please help me, they are beating my father, i request you, she folds her hand, Shakti takes off his glasses, ananya asks why are you staring me, please help me, Shakti comes to goons, goon says how come you here? is this policeman your relative? shakti says no but girl asked me help so i thought to help her, she slaps goon, goons leaves, Ananya starts leaving with her father, Shakti says i helped you and you are leaving? Ananya says sorry and thank you, shakti says i dont take sorry and thank you, i have helped you and i charge for it, you have to give me money for helping you, Ananya says you take money for helping people? Shakti says my whole family do it, Ananya says i dont have money to give you, shakti takes off her locket and says this is my reward, she says dont take it, this is my mother’s locket, Shakti says tell your mother that you gave locket to save your father, he leaves.

PRECAP- Ananya finds Shakti’s purse, she finds his address. Ananya finds shakti in market and says give me my locket back, he says i wont, Ananya says then i will go to your mother to complain about you.

Written Update by Atiba

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