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Begusarai 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Lakhan says to Poonam that you simply didnt do great with me by loving Priyom and i cant overlook this, i test, i try alot but i cant enable it, Poonam claims the quantity of time do i have to state that Priyom is my past, i am yours now, Lakhan claims that you are mine but i became yours when our mariage acquired fastened in childhood, i applied to think about you constantly, flashback displays Lakhan admiring Poonam at school, fb ends, Lakhan suggests to Poonam that i have liked you alot, i have proofs as well, allow me to provide you with, he delivers items from cupboard, he demonstrates hair ribbon, Lakhan claims you remember this? no? i don’t forget it, flashback exhibits Poonam heading again from school and Lakhan pursuing her, her hair ribbon drops, Lakhan operates driving it and will take it, he claims now Poonam’s thing will remain with me, fb ends, Lakhan says from that my most loved coloration was pink as this ribbon is red, you cant comprehend depth of my like, from ten years, you will be in my coronary heart, day to day i utilised to stand under Solar, close to your university or close to your own home, i used to overlook my course to reach your college and find out you heading from there, then i utilized to get scolded by Rekha for coming late, you accustomed to arrive on terrace to dry your wet hairs, i utilized to see you, I’ve gathered a lot of memories in these a decade, its all in my coronary heart, Poonam seems to be on in tears, Lakhan claims i utilized to recollect these memories and invested sleepless evenings, you wont have an understanding of, for me it had been only you in my lifestyle, i desired to become respectful person like Phulan while you respect him so i started out respecting him to, i started out admiring him as my idol but for You merely.. hamari Adhuri kahani plays, Poonam and Lakhan glimpse each other Regrettably.

Scene two
Priyom is awake, Bindya request what are you thinking? communicate please, she states Alright allows Engage in a activity, i will say a phrase and you need to inform word in return which is available in your head first, will you Engage in? Priyom question will you blackmail me for this as well? Bindya receives silent, he claims start off, she question Haveli, he suggests loved ones, she inquire money, he suggests have to have, she inquire King, he says Phulan, my father, she ask Poonam, he claims like, she stares him and states did you say adore? you still really like her? she cheated you and ran to Lakhan, for her contentment, you enable me to accomplish just about anything, why you’re keen on her a great deal? whats in her? Poonam is Blessed that someone loves her a great deal but she didnt worth this enjoy, if somebody has cherished me that Substantially then i would have sacrificed my all the things for him, Priyom states to obtain enjoy you initially want to become deserving of it, in adore you dont really feel like requesting everything, you merely want to provide your everything, you wont have an understanding of, for you personally money and power is every little thing but this income and ability cant Supply you with pleasure if you dont have a person to like, another person with whom you are able to chat, with whom you might have relationship, you already know why Poonam got really like? mainly because she is quite great, in the event you at any time turn into like her then additionally, you will get somebody who will enjoy you, he sleeps, Bindya appears to be on Unfortunately, she lies down and thinks that you’ll be i am not superior as Poonam, i would have excellent Women of all ages far too if Phulan had not killed my father, i might have been very good if this Haveli wasnt snatched from me and manufactured me dancer, i would have been very good if my life was not wrecked but now.. now i dont wish to be excellent simply because i dont need to have goodness but revenge from Phulan and this family, she wipes her tears and gets up and states to Priyom that you simply wont rest with me, she wakes him up and request him to acquire up from mattress, she talk to him to go away home and rest exterior, he claims however , you claimed I’m able to slumber here, she claims now i dont want you below, go from here, he takes pillow, wine bottle and leaves from there, Bindya seems on Unfortunately.

Scene three
Lakhan says to Poonam that i have a lot more items for you, he opens cabinet and provides out a crimson saree, he claims i desired to provide you with reward so i went to Patna, i searched several retailers to obtain gift in your case but i didnt like everything then at a person store i received this saree, i felt in the event you have been donning it, I believed that you’re going to arrive as bride in my residence donning this saree, he involves her, opens saree, Poonam in tears continue to keep investigating him, Lakhan places saree on her head, she smiles at him, Lakhan admires her, Poonam suggests Lakhan thakur.. he suggests shh.. i choose to see my Poonam in saree from the time I’ve bought this saree, he usually takes off her saree and tends to make her dress in his crimson saree, Poonam closes her eyes as he will come near her, he addresses her with saree, Lakhan holds her hand and provides her to dressing table, Aa humnava mjhe apna banale.. performs, Lakhan touches Poonam’s confront, set her hairs, fills her forehead with Sindoor, Pooname glances at him and thinks that till now i was so wrong about Lakhan thakur that he just planned to get me but right now i understand that it was his love for me.

PRECAP- Lakhan and Poonam are in balcony, Lakhan ask Poonam what are you thinking? she says nothing, Lakhan puts her hand his heart and says what now? Priyom comes there and falls being drunk, Poonam runs to him and helps him to get up, Lakhan is heart-broken seeing all this.

Written Update By Sahir


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