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Begusarai 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Poonam is sadly standing on terrace, she recalls Lakhan’s harsh words and cries, Vimla comes there and ask why are you crying? Poonam says no, Vimla says i understand you, tell me what is it? Poonam says i am fine, there is no way to end pain, Vimla says God is not on earth thats why he sent women, happiness and pain are part of life, Poonam says i just want little respect and trust from my husband, Vimla says God is seeing everything, he will set everything, Poona lies her head in Vimla’s lap, Vimla sings lullaby for her, Poonam sleeps, Vimla puts her on bed and leaves from there, Lakhan comes in terrace and finds Poonam sleeping there, he stares her.
Dadda comes to Badi Amma and scolds her, he says Mitlaish is elder but Priyom was chosen as heir, he says wrong thing is happening here thats why i had to come here, you all have lost your minds, one son got married forcefully, other son got married to a dancer, Priyom is chosen as heir and what he did? he misbehaved with me and took pheras with Bindya infront of me, where were you when all this was happening? Choti Amma comes there and says i have brought medicines for her, Dadda says she will not die if she doesnt take it for sometime, Choti Amma leaves, Dadda says to badi Amma that we cant change what happened but we have to think about bright future, he ask Mitlaish will he be on his side? Mitlaish agrees silently, Dadda says he is our bright future, only he has mind, dadda leaves, Badi Amma is tensed.
Lakhan comes to Bindy, he sit near her bed, he keep looking at her, Lafzon se jo tha pare.. kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan plays.. he tries to set her lock of hairs but doesnt touch her face, he blows air on her face, Poonam turns and her hand falls from bed, Lakhan holds it and places back on bed, Poonam feels cold due to winds, Lakhan notices it, Lakhan lifts Poonam in his arms and starts taking her to room, Poonam sleeps on shoulder, Lakhan gets hurt by prick on feet, he walks with Poonam in his arms, blood flows from his feet, Lakhan brings Poonam to room and puts her in bed, he set her hairs, he is about to leave but his locket get strangled in Poonam’s Mangalsutra, he frees it, glances Poonam and moves back, he covers with blanket and is leaving when Poonam wakes up and finds him crumbling due to wound in feet, Lakhan looks at her, Poonam thinks he is miffed with me still his love defeats his anger, one day you will trust me too, there will be no doubts but love only in our lives, she finds blood stains on floor and is shocked.

Scene 2
Priyom is sleeping on sofa when Bindya is lying on mattress, she seems at Priyom and recalls how how Priyom took Pheras along with her, how he reported that she’s spouse and may be highly regarded, how he loaded her maang with Sindoor, she weeps and is not able to snooze, she opens window and stand by it, Priyom wakes up and ask what transpired? will you be obtaining slumber? she nods in no, he talk to why? bindya says a matter is just not allowing me snooze, why did you help you save me from Daddaji? why did you secure me? Priyom claims ignore it, snooze, Bindya says make sure you explain to me, its vital for me to learn, Priyom states if you get peace by listening it then hear, i shielded you as Dadda have no right to behave like that with you, you were caught In this particular fake marriage because of me so I’d to protect you, Bindya says what about marrying me? using vows with me? taking pheras with me, it was not needed then why did you try this? you understand from exactly where i originate from, individuals dont provide us for their homes as they think we have been filth, Priyom states lotus flower also bloom in filth as well, Bindya is stunned As well as in tears, she appears to be at Priyom with gratitude, Priyomc concerns her and claims if lotus can discover location in toes of God then why cant you be in household of anyone? I’ve uncovered something that human is just not very good or terrible, great or terrible are cases which make him do superior or undesirable point, Priyom suggests it absolutely was your past, this is your current, he wipes Bindya’s tears, Bindya is in tears and states to Priyom that you’ve killed previous Bindya in me and you have given everyday living to new Bindya and this new Bindya is all yours, only yours, Priyom suggests i cant come to be yours, i have currently provided my heart to another person(Poonam) and now this heart cant defeat for any person else, Bindya is damage listening this, she’s angered from Poonam.

PRECAP- Poonam does Lakhan’s feet bandage, dadda scolds them and talk to them to go to their area, not sit on terrace.

Written Update By Sahir


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