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Begusarai 2nd May 2016 Written Update

Shakti beat goons and comes to ananya, she has covered her fae with her hand, Shakti sees her face carefully. He angrily looks at goons and says to ananya that dont worry, Ananya gets up, her face is safe. Shakti ask goons who told them to do it? man says there was water in bottle not chemical, we were just trying to scare so that she takes case back against Maa thakurain, shakti says i am her son, you dont need to do it, man says we are Haveli’s loyalists, Shakti says thats why you are alive, court will decide about this case, nobody have to come inbetween all this, if anyone tries t misbehave with this girl then i will show my real anger. Man comes to Ananya and says sorry, he whispers that what she has done to him that he is protecting her instead of looking at his mother’s pain? all goons leave. Shakti brings his bike and asks Ananya to sit, its not good environment here, Ananya is in tears, shakti makes noise, Ananya sits on his bike and puts bag inbetween them. Shakti is riding bike, Ananya recalls how Shakti said that he has come to save her, not to kill her, she recalls how he protected her from goons. Bike jerks, Ananya falls on Shakti, she gets conscious, Tu hi dua plays, Ananya glares him from corner of her eyes, Ananya puts her hand on his shoulder to not fall from bike, Shakti notices it, Tujh mein laga hai mera mann plays. shakti bring Ananya to her destination, she gets down from bike, Shakti says i am leaving from here, call me after you give tuition, i will pick you up, he starts to leave but Ananya stops him and says you said your mother is your God then why you are going against your God? Shakti says you called me devil then why you care about devil? i have told you earlier that you saved my life so i am in your debt and just paying it off, i think is Soni and Mayank returns and says sorry to Maa then Maa might forgive them and may forgive you too, i am just saving you from my mother’s anger, shall i leave or will you teach me tuition only? he leaves, Ananya is confused about him, Shakti looks at her from far and leaves. Garv sees all this and thinks that Shakti lied to Maa in jail, his promise was fake and he is lying to maa for a girl.
Ananya comes home, she asks Ramakant if she should trust Shakti or not? will maa thakurain forgive Soni and Mayank? Ramakant asks if she is thinking to take her case back? Ananya says i dont understand anything, Ramakant says the guy who wanted to kill you two days back, how can you trust him? Ananya says you always to give chance to person if he wants to rectify his mistakes, Ramakant says but you cant put yourself at stake, only justice can be served through law, you should remain away from Shakti’s shadow too, he leaves.
Lawyer calls Garv, lawyer says that Maa will be saved only if girl takes back her case, Garv says some own people are helping that girl but dont worry my mind is planning something, he ends call.

Scene 2
Its morning, Ramakant asks Ananya if she is not going to tuition? Ananya recalls how she was attacked yesterday, she says i will go later, Ramakant asks if she is afraid of something? she says nothing, door bell rings. Ramakant opens door to find landlord of house there, he greets him, landlord syas that you have to leave my house, you think you can live here by going against Maa thakurain? you have only 10minutes to leave this house, i have brought men to take your things out, he calls out his goons and ask them to throw their things out of house. Men start throwing his things out of house, shakti comes there and hold things, landlord is surprised to see Shakti there, Ananya is stunned to see him, landlord says dont worry, we wont let them live, how dare they go against Maa thakurain? Shakti comes in house and says to landlord that i am counting till 10 and you have to keep everything back at place, landlord says i am doing all this so that this girl(ananya) take her complaint back, landlord put things back and leaves. Shakti says to Ananya that i told you to call me if you are in trouble then why didnt you call me? you both can live here, nobody will bother you and call me next time, he starts to leave but Ramakant says we all know you are faking this goodness, i know what you want, you can try as much as you want but we will not take complaint back being afraid, Shakti says i didnt come to request you to take complaint back, if i wanted then this complaint would have never been filed or the person who complained would have gone but i wont do anything like this, Ramkant says we dont need your help, Shakti says when i kill someone, i dont ask them and when i save someone even then i dont ask them, he leaves, Ramakant says he is goon, dont trust him Ananya, Ananya is confused.
Lawyer says if ananya gives statement against Maa thakurain in court tomorrow then it will be difficult to save Maa, she will be jailed for 3years, Adarsh says we can save maa only if that girl takes her case back? Garv thinks that how will this happen? Shakti is involved with that girl but he cant stop Garv’s attack, Garv says to lawyer that dont worry, Maa will be freed tomorrow, you do paper work, that girl wont give statement against Maa.
Ananya comes in market to buy things but no shopkeeper gives her things, one man says she will understand soon that its not good tgo against maa thakurain, Ananya says where were you people when she made my father roam around with her slippers on his head? wheere were you when she kidnapped me and tried to kill me? dont fake this loyalty, man says you will be afraid of her too soon, Ananya says i will fight back, man says you have become rebel, Ananya says if something like this had happened in your house then you would have been a rebel, man says you can say anything but we wnt give you grocery, Shakti comes there and says if you dont giver her gorcery then all shops will be closed, Ananya is surprised to see him there.

PRECAP- Shakti brings Ananya to place where Lakhan and Poonam died. She asks why did you bring me here? Shakti says maa is right that women become weakness of man, i should have killed you that day and would have fulfilled my mother’s order but maa is right love makes people blind, ananya is shocked to listen his confession.

Written Update by Atiba

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